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  1. 16 minutes ago, DoiDoiDoi said:

    Just looking at the transfer announcements on the BBC from last year and by the 24th June we already had Covolan, Jones, Martin, Wilson, Garrity and Walker signed up (Stone, Pett and Benning joined in the last few days of June), so it was a lot more active... Although admittedly, the squad needed more work last year.

    But we had released 15 players last year. 

  2. I’m actually quite pleased we haven’t signed Telford. Up to February last season he scored 24 league goals.  In the last three months he scored one more. In the 7 seasons since his debut prior to last season he had scored 13 league goals. So does the process allow us to sign a bloke who has a good six months but is a non scoring striker for the rest of his career??  I very much doubt we were even after Telford with a record like that so to suggest ourselves and every other team in Leagues One and Two can’t afford to compete with Crawley is just daft in my opinion!

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  3. 24 minutes ago, Idreamvalepvfc said:

    Have we run out of funds? what on earth is going on? Starting to worry now with no real signings of note. So can we not compete with teams like crawley now? How TF are we not competing with crawley? I wish id held off on my season ticket now


    And we’ve missed out on that Mane youth from L’pool as well. Bloody disgraceful. 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, TreacleValiant said:

    I find it strange that a local home grown player who has been with for a number of years and is a guaranteed starter when fit would rather sign for a league rival that are miles away from his home town. I could understand a move if it was to a championship club or a championship club that has just been relegated to league 1 but for him to want to move to a club managed by Joey Barton that are miles away. Stone the crows. 

    Is his lass local?

  5. 1 minute ago, TreacleValiant said:

    If you let your better players run down their contracts then unfortunately you run the risk of losing them. He should have been offered a new contract ages ago. It’s sad that we can’t offer a home grown player who has been with us nearly 10 years and has close  family in the area a contract comparable with Bristol Rovers who are going to be in same division. The same will happen when Wilson’s contract runs out next season. Lessons need to be learned. 

    Perhaps we didn’t think he is worth the risk of matching Rovers offer?  Perhaps we offered what we thought was the best deal in view of his injury record?

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