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  1. I know that isn't true as a couple of years ago I rang in and was told I would get a call back. Meanwhile they were saying 'not one Vale has rung in'. And no , they didn't ring me and I've never bothered since.
  2. Why instead don't you buy a copy and help keep local newspapers afloat? If The Sentinel continue to lose readers then all we've got left is Radio Stoke. God help us then. So for less than £1, buy a copy, you might not like it all, as I don't, but it's better than nothing.
  3. Quite agree and I can't understand how anyone can possibly defend a player who was red carded twice in a matter of days.
  4. He doesn't seem to learn very quickly. Chesterfield?
  5. It happens every week. Don't give the opposition any chance of calling for a red then it won't happen.
  6. Employment lawyers will be coining it in.
  7. If there's a testimonial I wouldn't miss it for anything, I'd even drag along my Stokie supporting neighbour.
  8. Yes, Thursday 24th June.
  9. Of course he has and I'm sure we'll see him back at VP next season
  10. I just hope Pope doesn't score against us next season.
  11. One more season, please. Couldn't bear to see him lining up against us, as he probably would be snapped up by another L2 club.
  12. Agreed, but what went wrong in the last 2 games? It's a real mystery, and losing like that to Mansfield again!!
  13. A good win/performance today would have helped sell a few more season tickets. Oh well.
  14. Sorry, but 12 months ago JA was being hailed as a great manager. None of us could have imaged what was to happen - I for one couldn't anyway.
  15. If you don't want stupid comments don't ask ridiculous questions and it maybe an idea look back to see what was said previously.
  16. Yes, emailed and received no reply. What are you going to suggest next, that I camp outside a near empty building in the middle of a close down until someone asks what I'm doing there?
  17. With no answer from the ticket office there was nobody to ask and at the time there were more important matters to worry about rather than money.
  18. Neither did I. I just assumed it was lost money and agree that an option would have been welcome.
  19. Really? Homophobic comments are what you're resorting to? Is that even allowed on this forum? Really? Why on earth is quoting a comment made by a Vale player not allowed?
  20. I've given up on ifollow. It's never worked 100% so its RS for me - and they're not as bad as some seem to say.
  21. Should have put it on Potters Corner for this afternoon.
  22. Agreed. To say Philip had any sympathy at all with the Nazi's is the craziest thing I've ever heard.
  23. Just had a call from someone in Burslem saying it's snowing!
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