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  1. Really? Peter Foster. Cheriegate. Miss Caplin. The buying of an offshore company to avoid stamp duty. TBA Associates. His property empire. Windrush. Firerush. Kazakh Government. Mid East oil companies. Etc etc. And you haven't a clue?
  2. Why, don't you know? Tell me why you don't know.
  3. Yes, Iraq was an absolute disaster. But let's not forget how he dipped his fingers in so many different money making pies.
  4. Not at all. I was simply answering a 'such as' question about Tony Bliar.
  5. And Germany had the defensive Siegfried Line. A complete waste of money as it was built to defend against the French. As if?
  6. Not turkey again? I'm getting sick of it but seeing as it was 75% off at Aldi on Christmas Eve I shouldn't grumble. It's the strangest shortage due to Brexit I've ever known. Happy New Year anyway.
  7. I was wondering where he went. What did he say that was such a crime?
  8. Didn't it happen under Nobby? I seem to remember him complaining about having to play so many games in a matter of days.
  9. Potatoes 49p for 2.5kg, carrots 19p per kg, Sprouts 19p Kg etc etc. All fresh and all UK grown.
  10. No queues at petrol stations either. Plenty of Christmas trees and strangely there's tons of UK veg at Tesco, even though we were told there weren't enough foreign workers to pick the stuff.
  11. The cash he 'pocketed' was his salary. The same cash 'pocketed' by every other MEP. Unlike the £500K stolen by Labour MEP Paul Skinner who served 4 years for the offence. And unlike the 55billion Euro tax fraud 3 years ago committed by the EU on taxpayers.
  12. The same Farage who was elected as MEP in 1999, 2004, 2009, 2014, 2019 as both Tories and Labour were humiliated in embarrassing defeats.
  13. Again you're putting down a popular brand, Heiniken. If you don't like it then don't buy it, but don't put down people who enjoy it.
  14. Judging by the popularity of their premises, they must be doing something right.
  15. Maybe so, but didn't Spurs and Liverpool FC amongst many others, do the same?
  16. It's no better in the 2nd test, so far anyway.
  17. So says DDN, supported by writers including John McDonnell, Owen Jones, Ken Loach etc. I'd rather take note from Russia Today.
  18. I've just watched it and thought it was v good, and it's really changed my opinion of Savage who I think has done a great job.
  19. That's exactly what I was thinking. 30 seconds for the Covid check, then presenting a season tickets or whatever, it could take nearly a minute per admission.
  20. So it took 30 seconds to get cleared, I presume that doesn't include the time spent showing season ticket or whatever at the turnstile? If it happens at VP I can just imagine the queue's and the moaning, especially if its bad weather.
  21. There was a very interesting item on Euronews last week that showed hundreds of asylum seekers in EU country member Belgium being denied just about everything - shelter, food and of course asylum. It pointed out that was why they then decided to cross the Channel where they are fed, given shelter and money.
  22. Some Government officials also thought unemployment would greatly increase, interest rates would rise, multi international companies would quit the UK, house prices would crash, etc etc. Yes, they did lie mate.
  23. For once I completely agree with TT. I know England have had hardly any practice time, but even so....it was awful. I'd love to hear Boycott's opinion on it, but I think I can guess,
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