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  1. So hundreds of Vale fans don't want a pre match pint, they then don't queue together to get in the ground. When inside they then sit apart as instructed and wouldn't dream of tearing up any tape that indicates a seat shouldn't be sat on, even though they've sat on the same seat for 25 years. When Vale score they don't jump up hugging and shaking hands. They don't chant, shout at the ref or sing at any point and completely ignore Glad All Over if Vale score. At the final whistle they all leave the ground seperately whilst social distancing and don't all spill out at the same time to mingle fr
  2. Didn't think there were any transfer fees at Port Vale.
  3. Very strange. Kevin isn't hardly featured in photographs lately, whereas not long ago it was always the two of them???
  4. What happened to Kevin? Not long ago it was always Carol & Kevin, now its just Carol.
  5. Couldn't agree more. I've thought this for some time.
  6. Not as scary as the Bury new Road area, Strangeways. Its like the wild west with its own laws and courts. Shops with shutters down full of fake gear, fake ciggies and doormen controlling who goes in. A vile place.
  7. So horse racing and rugby league can carry on for a few days? Don't get it.
  8. The way I have always thought I am sure Bradford Fans still say Valley Parade. If it generates money then I am all for the blah blah Stadium at Vale Park etc. Exactly. I don't care what they call the stadium, it'll always be Vale Park to supporters , but if it means bringing in a load of money then go ahead
  9. When I phoned I heard that too. Why have a mailbox if you're not going to listen to it?
  10. Be very careful. My wife wanted to help with a bucket collection for a local charity last year but at the last minute they had to call it off due to rules and regulations and a threat of prosecution. Briefly from what I remember buckets must be sealed, must not be shaken, a licence must be applied for, a letter giving permission must be carried and available for viewing by the police or council and there was something about the buckets being opened under supervision. I suppose it was all to do with fraud. So if there's a jobsworth council official or policeman snooping around, then w
  11. Absolute nonsense. I took a nephew along for his his first game in 2011, Gary Roberts at the time was making the headlines for the wrong reasons. His parents didn't question their son's visit to VP in spite of headlines about alcoholism and gambling in the Sentinel and on the net. In fact they came along themselves a few weeks later, and still do. Some people really should find other things to get wound up about. For example the threat to freedom of speech and the humourless society that some want us to turn into.
  12. You mean the historical connotations regarding the Rothschlds being a successful family who are one of the richest familes in the world thanks to their own hard work? If you see something else in his tweet then that's your problem. I don't, and I'm sure TP didn't. And as for your remark about Vale fans having a lack of intelligence , then I am offended at this. Now, how does it feel to be accused of offending when maybe, just maybe, you didn't intend to cause offense?
  13. I went to a do there a couple of weeks ago. They're doing their best and we had no problems at all. As the main hotel in Burslem I wish them well.
  14. How do you know 'HE'S BEEN SUSPENDED FOR REPEATEDLY SWEARING, ACTING UNPROFESSIONALLY WITH HIS ENGAGEMENT WITH FANS, AND NOT ACTING IN A WAY BEFITTING ANY PRO FOOTBALLER?' Do you work for the FA or are such a dedicated follower of his posts that you memorise every one of them? Surely if you don't like what he says and risk being offended, then don't read his posts. I don't read articles, newspapers or watch programmes on TV I don't enjoy, the choice is yours. According to The Sentinel he has been fined 'because of comments on Twitter.' No mention of what he said.
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