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  1. You mean the historical connotations regarding the Rothschlds being a successful family who are one of the richest familes in the world thanks to their own hard work? If you see something else in his tweet then that's your problem. I don't, and I'm sure TP didn't. And as for your remark about Vale fans having a lack of intelligence , then I am offended at this. Now, how does it feel to be accused of offending when maybe, just maybe, you didn't intend to cause offense?
  2. I went to a do there a couple of weeks ago. They're doing their best and we had no problems at all. As the main hotel in Burslem I wish them well.
  3. How do you know 'HE'S BEEN SUSPENDED FOR REPEATEDLY SWEARING, ACTING UNPROFESSIONALLY WITH HIS ENGAGEMENT WITH FANS, AND NOT ACTING IN A WAY BEFITTING ANY PRO FOOTBALLER?' Do you work for the FA or are such a dedicated follower of his posts that you memorise every one of them? Surely if you don't like what he says and risk being offended, then don't read his posts. I don't read articles, newspapers or watch programmes on TV I don't enjoy, the choice is yours. According to The Sentinel he has been fined 'because of comments on Twitter.' No mention of what he said.
  4. Football is not like any other business, as we all know. Barry Bennell was kept on as some clubs chose to ignore his activities, Dario likewise and many others. And as for even suggesting he might get the sack for giving his opinion, that is completely crazy and sounds similar to what the Government in Iran is doing now. For goodness sake this is England, it was an opinion , no one was hurt or injured, get over it.
  5. How? If he makes comments against the communist party or the KKK, is he a bigot?
  6. Quietly confident, so much so got a car full going.
  7. No it doesn't. It just makes him appear to one of those who doesn't support the LGBT cause. He doesn't have to, this isn't N Korea, yet.
  8. But I want to go straight to the game and back again. I don't want to spend hours in a pub, risk being refused admission to the ground due to the smell of beer, then miss part of the game having to find the toilet. Nor do I want to risk a fine being on a coach with alcohol. Official coach every time for me, but if you must stop at a pub for 2 or 3 hours on the way , then do otherwise.
  9. Brush it under the table then, that's been the problem all these years...
  10. I've never understood why anyone would choose to travel to an away game on any coach, other than the official one/s. The profit goes to the club, and surely that's a good thing. There's plenty of free parking at VP and good company too. And the risk of getting a hefty fine for having alcohol on board doesn't bear thinking about.
  11. I thought it was completely over the top and I just cannot understand why there were so many stewards for such a low profile game. It must be costing a small fortune, but why, what is this all about? A club statement is definately due to explain.
  12. Can't understand it either. Stewards said they couldn't let anyone through the new gate,yet people have been going through for years and years. Why? Only a small point, but not what I'd expected from the new regime, and please don't say 'health & safety'
  13. Just watched the ELF highlights. Why wasn't the lead up to their disputed corner shown?
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