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  1. So young and such a terrible shame. I'm sure he'll be watching games from high above. RIP
  2. Hate to agree, but just what I was thinking. Why would Bradford let him go if he was anything like as good as some people think. Hope I'm wrong.
  3. Because he was asked for his opinion.
  4. But how is that jumping on a bandwagon?
  5. Why shouldn't he have said it? It was an interview for him to give his side of the story, and he did.
  6. I didn't hear him jump on any mental health bandwagon?
  7. 100% agree - especially having to put up with ifollows on/off moods.
  8. And who do you think told Tideswell to block people en masse?
  9. Exactly - Someone will fail somewhere, walk into another club and turn fortunes around. Thats what happens, thats why its exactly the same names time after time.
  10. Exactly. And of course you can only watch when ifollow decides to function properly.
  11. To concede 4 goals in the second half is just unbelievable. Wholesale changes needed.
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