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  1. I've given up on ifollow. It's never worked 100% so its RS for me - and they're not as bad as some seem to say.
  2. Should have put it on Potters Corner for this afternoon.
  3. Agreed. To say Philip had any sympathy at all with the Nazi's is the craziest thing I've ever heard.
  4. Just had a call from someone in Burslem saying it's snowing!
  5. Agree with you100%, it's incredible what they've achieved.
  6. Very sad, I feel very sorry for the Queen especially. RIP
  7. They do it often enough if they don't like what the caller is saying
  8. I quite like Bowers with his references to Star Wars and comics, of which I have absolutely zilch interest, but I still find mildly amusing.
  9. Hope we''ll be celebrating instead of drowning our sorrows at full time, for a change. Come on Vale.
  10. I'll have a pint of whatever you're drinking
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