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  1. I thought it was completely over the top and I just cannot understand why there were so many stewards for such a low profile game. It must be costing a small fortune, but why, what is this all about? A club statement is definately due to explain.
  2. Can't understand it either. Stewards said they couldn't let anyone through the new gate,yet people have been going through for years and years. Why? Only a small point, but not what I'd expected from the new regime, and please don't say 'health & safety'
  3. Just watched the ELF highlights. Why wasn't the lead up to their disputed corner shown?
  4. Official supporters coach for me. Far less problems and door to door. Can't understand why anyone wants to take a car with all the parking problems.
  5. . Prosser has been a nuisance ever since he left us. Didn't he score against us for Southend or someone just after he left?
  6. Does anyone know if they've available yet?
  7. Not getting upset, just wondering why? It's a football match not a night at the Lord Mayor's ball.
  8. Seems a lot of people guessed wrongly, but surely they could charge themselves whatever they liked to put their name on the shirt. They paid millions for the club so what's to stop them charging themselves £1 for the shirt deal? Not saying they did, but they could if they wanted.
  9. Someone told me the Red Lion is being painted and will reopen soon. Never the best pub in Burslem but would be good if it was open for the Northampton game. I could never understand why it didn't do well as a tourist venue with its Robbie connection.
  10. Surely the visiting club gets a share of the gate money, not a set fee?
  11. Very noble of KS, but wouldn't it have made more sense if he had said he'd settle the debt if the court case failed? I don't like the thought of Smurthwaite getting away with it and other people paying his debts.
  12. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Couldn't make my mind up either so bought both. Didn't get 10% off though as haven't got new season ticket issued yet. Never mind, it's gone to a good cause.
  14. I did not degrade myself, I went to support my club and I shall do so again this season. If you don't want to go then that's fine, but please don't use such over the top language.
  15. Yes, the figures are disgusting, but remember hundreds if not thousands of children sexually abused in towns as far apart as Bradford, Oxford, Rotherham, Bristol, Telford, Newcastle and so on, were white children abused by men of Asian heritage targeting white girls. A fact that the 'left' tend to ignore when quoting figures of abuse against children.The BBC especially hardly ever use the word 'Asian' when reporting these cases. For example only last week BBC Radio Stoke news said that a man had tried to take down the trousers of young boys in Burslem Park, it was only when The Sentinel reported it that the man was identified as 'Asian.'
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