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  1. That's your opinion, but I was merely replying to your message that said 'No other country acts like this'
  2. You've somehow got the wrong impression, it's the corrupt EU I don't like, nothing wrong with Europeans..
  3. Strange that. It took me about an hour at Manchester, but 3 chaotic hours at Palma on return with the blame given as staff shortages
  4. Australia and Israel do, Denmark amongst others are planning to.
  5. Can't agree more. I'll be there, as will other family Vale fans.
  6. You should be a football manager with insights like that. Easy ain't it?! So what did the Swindon manager do that ours couldn't?
  7. He should have been made to be arsed, then we'd now have a 22 goal scorer on our books, and not on Swindon's.
  8. How do you know the money hasn't gone to the NHS. The NHS did a great job during the covid crises, extra funds were made available, testing kits were widely available and 3/4 jabs were given to the whole population. None of this comes cheap. So are you trying to say all this was paid for on the pre Brexit budget?
  9. So you clearly do not agree with 'I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it?' Maybe the writings of Putin are more to your taste.
  10. Heard it, couldn't believe my ears. Great radio though.
  11. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Imagine taking the Mick out of the Tories as some of them went to Eton, then realising that a recent Stoke Central Labour MP was also educated at the very same place.
  12. Past posts have overwhelmingly suggested it's purely a Tory problem. Hence my reply.
  13. Typical left wing response, closing eyes when it suits whilst bringing up the subject of Eton again, whilst completely overlooking the fact that Mark Fisher, ex Stoke Central Labour MP, happened to be educated at - guess where?
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