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  1. Regarding Wilder. There was a poll for fans who wanted him to be sacked or not 6% said yes. Says it all really. This is modern day football in a nutshell though. All about the money nowadays
  2. Harry Kewell sacked at Oldham. I actually thought he went ages ago !
  3. Good payday for Yildrim. But a fight that shouldn't have happened really. I believe he was mandatory though? Canelo-BJS now confirmed. Wonder if BJS will take it this time. Biggest fight of his career and needs to take his chance If Canelo does beat BJS. Who's next? GGG III possibly? I'm not his biggest fan and feel like the drug scandal kind of got swept under the carpet and the decisions in the Golovkin fights were wrong. But he has to go down as one of the greatest to grace this sport especially with his only defeat coming from Mayweather. Not a bad record at all.
  4. Local lad Heaney on the undercard on Saturday night BT boxing. I believe Tommy Fury is the main event/Co main event. While he is a Sjoke fan, it's always good to see local talent especially on a televised event. The last stoke lad who was on sky didn't do any favours for himself with that post match interview. Fair play to him for turning his life around though
  5. Done in 1-2 rounds easy. Pointless fight You have to imagine BJS is next for Canelo
  6. Working in hospitality. Part of me is worried about opening up especially with the Euro's round the corner , the idiots will be out in full force and God help us if they bring eat out back. On the other hand I can't wait to see family and friends and just be able to have a pint like the normal days. Long way to go yet and I'm always skeptical with this government but man this second Lockdown has broken me.
  7. Brutal defeat for Kelly tonight. Good call by the corner to throw in the towel especially after the Warrington fight. I like Kelly but could tell straight away he was gonna tank early on. Went for it in the early rounds and paid for it especially against a quality fighter like Avaneson.
  8. Everton lose two nil to Fulham. Strange team are Everton. Can look brilliant one minute and then look like an average mid table team the next game. On paper they have a decent manager, alright squad and a fair few quid yet can't get to the next level.
  9. Big upset against Warrington tonight. Fair play to Lara , everyone wrote him off from the start and he absolutely dominated Warrington. Not sure what was up with Warrington tonight but being out for so long did him no favours. You could say he should have been pulled after the first knock down.
  10. United 1 spurs 6 Villa 7 Liverpool 2 United 9 Southampton 0 West ham and Spurs above Chelsea and Arsenal in the league. What a strange season.
  11. Southampton lose 9-0 for the second season running. The manager will be famous for being in all future pub quizzes
  12. Big fan of Campbell, he did well against loma as well. Garcia has a bright future ahead of him if looked after and has the right fights picked. Critics are already hyping him as the next de la hoya (minus the outside antics) Ryan Garcia, Gervonta Davis and Shakur Stevenson. Some serious decent young talent from America at the minute.
  13. Think the season being cancelled now would be a blessing !
  14. I was supposed to be starting my new job on Friday as well. Bugger Looks like its netflix and getting fat again
  15. Scrap that ,elite sport to carry on. Swear the bloke said it was suspended on sky news. Lockdown part III it is. Stay safe everyone
  16. Did i hear that right , premier league suspended?
  17. Jimmy floyd hasselbaink back as manager at Burton
  18. Recent performances aside. Leon has been a great servant to the club and for me a fine captain. There's no doubting his passion Great bloke off the pitch as well and a role model to be proud of. Congrats to Leon for his 100th appearance
  19. True but you could put pulis down as stoke greatest manager in their history. Even if we were to afford him I don't think he would jump to us out of loyalty to the lardy lot.
  20. No way would he drop down to league 2. His stoke connection probably wouldn't go down well either
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