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  1. Same old crap we have been used to for last 20 years.
  2. Andy Caroll would be a good signing....would smash league 2 Offer some route into coaching, you never know.
  3. I am broken! He was such a great guy!
  4. This club is great at everything apart from football. Maybe football club should be taken away from the title, and we should be called 'port vale meals on wheels'! Would be more appropriate
  5. Dont worry everyone, colin garrick is a good man...
  6. this guys was put in place amongst the shambles years ago, never had any faith and never will
  7. JJ will always be a legend, one of the only players in recent times who had you off your seat. This guy could of played so much higher. God how we needed a JJ out there today! Discustiing how no tribute was made....RIP our wing wizard With regard to the game today, I am still down about JJ, and I dont give a dam about the result today, as its obvious we need a complete clear out.. none of them today are fit to lace JJ boots!
  8. Saying free transfer Jean, so a sell one fee makes sense I guess.
  9. The must surely of been a fee. Interesting
  10. Great work....now just need Danny boy.
  11. I am just amazed how the decline as come so fast. I recall watching the exeter match, the bench was full of experience and the team looked quality. I just thought we would be very close to top 3, and compairing that today is unbeleivable!
  12. we look awful! wow, how bad has this gone! time for a change!
  13. i would be fuming if senior players were being left out, theo and mckirdy will be paid decent money.......askey signed them and shouyld have the ability to man manage personalties, particuarly the ones he signed!
  14. simply they arent good enough, nothing will change
  15. I wish ricky all the best, before anyone posts they should read and checkup his health issues, which he has admirably dealt with himself over the last year. He is a great guy, and I truly he will end up scoring loads again. Good luck Rik, you deserve it.
  16. I called this a few games in, simply the players arent good enough. This wont change this season. Glad I dont watch anymore
  17. Thanks for the tip, I'll look out for that one.
  18. Enjoyed watching bellow and haye last night. Don't worry I used kodi before anyone says I have been mugged off ! Strange fight really, haye would have gone earlier had in been in with a proper heavyweight. But it was still gripping, credit to both fighters. Bellow would be better suited trimming up and dropping back to his natural weight. I think Joshua could have this weight sown up for years if he applies himself right, at the moment there is nobody near imo.
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