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  1. What the hell is this performance? Utterly terrible
  2. He may of wrote that then Jean, but turns out he would of been right though !
  3. Awful performance again, it's simple to see they are not good enough and the most worrying point is that the effort isnt enough either! Worrying
  4. The lack of passion and effort at Walsall was most concerning though.
  5. What a dire team we are ! Been coming for ages ...
  6. What a <ovf censored> pair of teams...who is going for promotion and who is in relegation? You cant tell, this is awful to watch
  7. Same old crap we have been used to for last 20 years.
  8. Andy Caroll would be a good signing....would smash league 2 Offer some route into coaching, you never know.
  9. I am broken! He was such a great guy!
  10. Thanks for the tip, I'll look out for that one.
  11. Enjoyed watching bellow and haye last night. Don't worry I used kodi before anyone says I have been mugged off ! Strange fight really, haye would have gone earlier had in been in with a proper heavyweight. But it was still gripping, credit to both fighters. Bellow would be better suited trimming up and dropping back to his natural weight. I think Joshua could have this weight sown up for years if he applies himself right, at the moment there is nobody near imo.
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