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  1. Just wondered if you managed to find out what this means? I've booked tickets marked restrictions apply without knowing what it actually means! Hope it's nothing too restrictive.
  2. Thanks for the update, I’ve now been able to choose the Railway Stand in the online booking system and buy my season ticket seat! For any others in the same position you should be good to go now. Fair play to the club for sorting this out without too much delay.
  3. I’m a season ticket holder in the Railway Stand who currently can’t book my seat online. I’ve emailed the ticket office, also emailed Janet Ellis, tried phoning the ticket office but not had a response from anyone up to now. It looks like I’ll have to make a trip up to the Vale. This is a relatively minor inconvenience for me but what about people who live out of the area, they seem to be well and truly up the creek? It just seems a bit mad that a season ticket holder can’t book their seat. This is not a criticism of Carol and Kevin by the way, I’ve never been more optimistic about the future of the club with them in charge. (Apologies if this is a duplicate post, I’ve sent it previously before realising I wasn’t logged in)
  4. I’m a season ticket holder in the Railway Stand. Seeing how busy the system was this morning, safe in the knowledge my seat would be reserved until Sunday, I thought I’d leave it and try on Friday. Now I notice the Railway Stand is sold out and the online booking system will not let me choose this area. I presume (hope) my seat is still reserved but how do I get it, does this mean I have to go Vale Park or hope someone eventually answers the phone and sorts it for me? I’ve always bought online for cup matches where season tickets didn’t apply so sort of feel a bit let down in this situation.
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