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  1. That was a short summer break. We’re back with Dan from the media team
  2. What a day. The Wembley review is up.
  3. Latest pod is out and we’re too nervous talk much about Saturday what better way look forward to it than an interview with the last manager to take Vale to a final. Brian Horton is our guest
  4. Ha ha ha. Most nights mate when he asleep. ha ha I can see how that could read either way I mean Jonny speaks to me more than Jonny speaks to his wife 😂😂
  5. Cheers mate. Appreciate it. Recording again tonight the preview for weekend. Jonny is speaking to me more than his wife at the moment with the amount of Tuesday, Saturdays we’ve got.
  6. We couldn’t get to it Tuesday mate so recorded last night
  7. Will pass on mate. I use a headset with a mic. Be fair we also record on Skype which there maybe better apps but none of us are technology people
  8. Love Gibbo mate, probably my favourite player. Hussey gives a better delivery and Gibbo out injured. But I think Gibbo should push Woz for the starting place on the right. Keeper is question if upgrade but defo no downgrade, hall is upgrade on Legge, Hussey upgrade on no recognised left wing back or Benning, Charsley upgrade on Burgess and Whitehead, early to say if copper upgrade on polotic but what I’ve seen he’s an upgrade, Harrat and Edmonson upgrade on Rodney. all my opinion of course
  9. We can’t sorry mate. But if you go on podbean I believe you can there. Think my favourite is probably Jon McCarthy. As you could tell how much Vale meant to him and could also tell talking about the memories it was first time he had really allowed himself remember them and look back
  10. It cracked me up when Jonny said he had a godfather who was a sprinter, I couldn’t help it. Turns out his godfather is Linford Christie. Defo wouldn’t want the lunchbox in your wife
  11. I personally like Yates on the radio but thank you I appreciate the nice words. I enjoyed doing the commentary with Phil who I also think does a great job on there.
  12. Thank you that’s really appreciated. I really enjoyed the experience of doing it and glad I didn’t call anyone dogshit live in air 😂
  13. More than happy to eat humble pie given his latest performances (not just last night) I thought he was excellent last night and head and shoulders above everyone. I think the ‘false 9’ suited him very well as the main part of that job is run, put pressure on the defence and make a nuisance of yourself. Took his goals well and got into the box timing his runs well. Long may it continue
  14. sorry it was not meant personally. Emotion was high he comes across as a very committed and decent bloke if I am honest. Personally I don’t rate him as a footballer. It’s a game of opinions and I don’t really see what he offers at all. Give me Walker or Taylor or even burgess before him who have some technical ability on the ball. I will give you he works hard and runs and there maybe games we need that, but a game where we have more of the ball we need technical footballers on the pitch for me.
  15. Cheers, I’ve told Lucas he was overjoyed with the feedback. 😉
  16. Good shout. I’d forgotten about Johnson. Although what I saw of him preseason I was really impressed, he’s just not been able carry it into the season
  17. It’s too early to talk about it lads. I aren’t okay
  18. We have had some feedback on the swearing and in all fairness I think I have been the biggest culprit over the last few months so I am trying tone it down a bit but i agree your going get some swearing when we’re passionate and it’s just after full time, but by my own admission I have been a little OTT in the past 3 months
  19. Only just come back on OVF Yeats after been on here as a teen so read through and thanks for the comments folks, apart from the Alan Carr ones 😂😂, The pod was very much Stu’s brainchild which he asked me be a part of and I took some persuading but got say really enjoy it and glad we bring others some content they enjoy in these darks times. I will try be more active here, however as you’ve heard on the pod my technology knowledge is the best, and now it seems this wants to keep Quoting Wrex 😂
  20. Oi. Less of that Alan Carr 😂😂
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