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  1. I can't help think about all the sweeping changes, investment, appointment of a director of football and scouting improvements since he left. Think it might be harsh to say he's never a league manager. Maybe he's never had football league quality support network at the club. Thinking about Macc, when he first arrived at Vale and job he has done with York he clearly is good at making an impact. I personally hope to see him in the league again (maybe with York). That list of signings ia shocking mind.
  2. We've sold what we had on sale. I don't believe the north side of the lower tier was ever on sale for us. A random guess but i wonder if the main tv cameras are on the north side so they prefer to fill up the south?
  3. Am i right in thinking that Quinn will be the Coutts, Johnny Williams type who will attempt to ref tbe game? Really funny how that's been a feature of the run in. Keep coming up against these wiser old pro's who anchor themselves in CM, dictate play and the ref
  4. So what do we all reckon about mansfield then? I thought they looked really good when we stole a draw at their place. High press and passed it really well. Wasnt suprised that they surged up the league. It'll be a completely different test to swindon who I felt had a soft core. I prefer our strikers, but without conlon & walker think they might have more skill in midfield than us. Think it's another of those games where we will need to earn the right to play further up the pitch. I dont think we have the pace or skill to hit from deep so this is essential. Worral vs Mclaughlin feels like a key battle. I hope proctor isnt beyond repair as his experience could make the difference for us.
  5. I think that now the buses are sold our ticket sales will slow down. I saw a lad on twitter tweeting the club about how to get a refund on his match ticket as couldnt afford the train ticket costs. Times are tough and probably a lot of people in a similar situation.
  6. I listened to the swindon equivalent of ale & the vale today as was interested in how swindon fans see it. Was pretty condisending stuff tbh, saying that they were going to send us a certificate from their local agricultural colleague due to our style of play. In fairness they did then go on to say we were hard but not dirty, and that swindon are overly snide with gamesmanship. Thought it was interesting how they did think our midfield nullified theirs. They also went on a big old bit about flitcroft and his swindon team being solid/pragmatic with little flair which they think is basically the vale blueprint. Ultimately I got the feeling that they think they are at wembley. Kind of an arrogance / dismissive undertone to it all. The fact of the matter is we didnt play great in the first leg. It leads me to think that maybe they might underestimate us.
  7. It's great for football and hopefully it encourages other footballers to feel free to be themselves. I must say though it shows how far football has to go that it's so newsworthy. I mean imagine coming out and it being a segment on the 10 'o' clock news. It happened to Jake. On the one hand the media attention i've seen has been very supportive, but on the other hand it's another added pressure for coming out as a footballer. Hopefully Jake's bravery makes it an easier path for other footballers to follow.
  8. One of the reasons we liked Tom so much as a player was that he is also a fan. He no longer plays for the vale but is still a fan. I have no issues with him voicing his football opinions like any fan can and variety of opinion is a good thing. This might be a bad comparison, but think about all those ex man u pundits that never say what they truly think about their old club. Then there is roy keane who goes in two footed on everything. Pope is somewhere in between. Whatever you think of him now, he is his own man.
  9. If proctor is fit he needs to start. We just play so much better when he is up top. He is strong, pretty decent technique, can find the net, but more than anything he can work league 2 defenders and really good at bringing others into play. So here is an interesting one for you all: Charsley or Taylor? Seeing as we finished better in 2nd half tempted to start taylor. Thought he did alright.
  10. Swindon fans mention their team having a lack of height and being susceptable at set pieces / crosses (sounds familiar). Anyway this might be an area that proctor can exploit
  11. I don't think we can read too much into our games against them this season. Their team originally had a lot of loans and it has changed a lot throughout the season. I mentioned it in a previous post but their midfield is very strong (williams, Reed, Payne, Gladwin). Seems to be the one consistent thing throughout their season. I've posted their lineups from our two games and their most recent game vs wallsal. Interesting how they have used a variety of formations. Also although the circumstances were very different i'd argue that both swindon and vale have had the biggest churn of players at the start of the season and throughout. It's a credit to management that we are both in the playoffs. FIRST GAME SECOND GAME THEIR MOST RECENT GAME
  12. Swindon have a particularly strong midfield three and they can all play a bit. Let's be honest we are not going to change formation are we? How well we do hinges on winning those personal battles and what that then means for how far up the pitch we get. Be interesting to see who starts out of Benning and Hussey. Also I quite like edmonson for an away game. Relatively quick, determined and a physical presence. Seemingly quite adaptable too if you think about the positions he has played recently.
  13. I think a good example of redeveloping an existing stadium is Ashton Gate. They've so far improved three stands which all have connected concourses (like a big U). The concourses are huge and you can get into the stadium through any entrance by scanning your ticket. Went to a game once with a friend and they have little spaces for bands to play post game (getting people to stay and have a few more beers). I think the parallels with vale park are that its also quite residential. If we do it right i would see no reason to move. I think vale park as a more authentic ground is a USP, when you consider our neighbours have done the souless new build next to a dual carrigeway thing. I'd hate that.
  14. We will definetely be in for another keeper. I think i heard that Covalan was our 5th choice pick for the number 1 shirt and Stone was 1st choice for back up. I don't understand the let smith go comments. Most teams would love a player as reliable as him. Also has had so few injuries. My priorities would be to give us more attacking options. So another attacking CM who can pass. A striker with raw pace.
  15. If we make the playoffs i really hope we put in a battling performance vs exeter that can jolt us out of the funk we are in. In terms of the game itself I really hope Gibbo is fit enough to start this one. In the home game their LB/LWB caprice ran the show and basically made us play like we had a back 5. Gotta win that battle and earn the right to play higher up the pitch. I think this has been our undoing in recent weeks. As others have said without Conlon/Walker we have less creativity in the middle. If our wing backs get nullified we have little threat. We don't have a skillful player / pace as an outlet option either so are quite one dimensional. I'm going to avoid thinking past this game. Been doing that for weeks and so far it has just led to sadness.
  16. This might be a wild comparison but this vale team kind of remind me of the england team at the Russia world cup. I remember being filled with joy at that england team, they did better than expected, but folded when it counts. Also the 3-5-2, difficulty breaking down teams, try to play a pressing game, ocassionally akward in possesion etc... Anyway despite all that I still have faith. We seem to be a streaky team. We go on runs of winning or losing. It might suit us being even more of an underdog at exeter. We seem to be better when we expect nothing.
  17. Makes you wonder how the season would have gone if we kept hold of politic. Think we've lacked a genuine potential game changer since he left. Our team must be so easy to scout as it's so obvious the formation we are going to play and who will be playing. I think the squad has a pretty solid core, but as others have said a bit of pace and stardust would take it further. Obviously on that note such a loss to be without conlon.
  18. It has to be 2 wins for automatic. Theres bo way bristol rovers wont smash scunthorpe
  19. Hitcher

    The run in

    Looking at the final fixtures i worry about Bristol Rovers the most. If they beat Rochdale their final game vs scunthorpe feels like a given. Anyway the only time it will be remotely possible to pick out permatations is at 17.00 this saturday. Be much clearer what we need.
  20. Our system really does depend on a dm that can pass. It actually helps our wing backs get higher up the pitch having some adept at picking the ball off the defence and spraying it wide. Pett has great positional sense, disrupts play and is very good at recycling the ball and making himself available. Walker gives us more of a physical presence and can stretch play abit more from deep with his long range passing. In terms of our known 'fit' players: Garrity would be the best at tackling. Would pick him if we expect a game where we are up against it and need to grind out a result. However i dont think he would be good enough at spreading the ball about and getting us moving forwards. Taylor is the best on the ball but would only play him at DM if we are playing a team we can dominate everywhere else on the pitch. Compare his cameo vs hartlepool and game vs rovers. Walsall will be fiery and attritional and the danger is that he is too lightweight to do the defensive side of how we play a dm. Which leads us to Charsley. In my opionion i think he is the most similar to a pett or walker in that he has more of an 'all round game'. Not sure whether he has played DM before though. I'd be trying it out in training this week.
  21. I think this is a problem for us. Both reds were very justified but as you say rovers will be aggrieved and appealing stuff from the off. Even though the ref should start the game with a clean slate, it's hard to avoid the subconcious desire to even things out a bit with marginal calls if we get ahead in the game.
  22. Biggest suprise for me in that list is Exeter. I don't know why but i always thought they had bigger crowds. Maybe it's cause the last game i went one of their stands was being rebuilt so other seats looked busy and their terrace behind the goal is huge
  23. Two recent ones 1. Marcus Harness - Obviously has since gone on to have a good career, but felt at the time he was trying to do the right things in a poor team. 2. Tyler Denton - yes not great defensively but when he played i thought he was tidy on the ball and looked alright going forward. No idea where he is at now?
  24. What a great performance. Such a pleasure to see us carving teams open. Teams don't know what to do when Hall or Smith bomb on. Granted they dont always get on the ball but it creates a lot of space for our wing backs. Anyway so many things impressed me. One aspect i did like though is how we adjusted to the ref. After the two early yellows for proctor and walker we didnt have one till that benning nudge late in the second half. In between salford must have got 4-5 yellows. Anyway just great professionalism and a credit to the lads that the intensity didnt seem to drop too.
  25. I read that Barrow haven't won at home since 15th December. Clearly they will be desperate for a win and committed but hopefully we grab an early goal, quieten their fans and nick a few more goals as they become more open searching for an equaliser. I dont think a point helps either of us. It's really difficult to not get carried away but we've come unstuck in these kind of games too many times.
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