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  1. There’s a story in the national media that John Askey is growing frustrated with contract talks and could be snapped up by Norman Smurthwaite if he buys Bolton or Notts County.
  2. Now what are the odds on any new manager being liked by the fans?
  3. I have a match pass and its live on TV now.
  4. I had problems because my vpn was connected. Once it was disconnected everything OK.
  5. So if things go well for the remainder of the season you will give the credit to Norman and not Aspin and Ruge then?
  6. Rate the players is rather pointless when many of the people voting probably have not even been to the game.
  7. While Aspin was under contract at Gateshead it would not have been right to officially approach him without their agreement
  8. When you have made a couple of mistakes in the past appointing a manager it is common sense to take your time and get the best possible person available.
  9. All day and only one reply to this post Re tuesdays game. Everyone is too busy slagging off the as yet unknown new manager.
  10. From what I saw of his teams time wasting tactics at the recent Vale game I would not want him. The goalkeeper was blatantly timewasting from the second minute onwards.
  11. Perhaps the interviews took place in Birmingham and thats where Norman was.
  12. Whoever the new manager turns out to be he wont last 48 hours before he starts getting slagged off on here.
  13. If it says so on Facebook it must be true!!
  14. Another administration would prove fatal for Port Vale FC and Norman would walk away with the ground.
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