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  1. We need a experienced manager that is tactically aware and shows passion on the touch line rather than having his hands in his tracksuit trousers for 90 minutes.
  2. You conveniently forget both Aspin and Brown worked under a terrible chairman and both would have done better with the support Askey has received under the Shanahans. We can thank Aspin for assembling most of the better players at the club which Askey has relied on rather than the 21 poor signings he’s made himself !
  3. Totally Agree 6 points out of a possible 33 now
  4. With all the discontent with the clubs fans and the alarming situation of the teams performances it’s about time Carole issued a statement as to the managers situation and what her plans are for the future of our football club. She has received 100% backing from the Vale fans and we deserve better than the silence since the team has plummeted down the league and also got knocked out of the FA cup by a none league side in recent months as relegation is now looking a probability.
  5. Shanahan must ACT Now before it’s too late !
  6. We could have had both if Askey had loaned out another of his poor signings !
  7. There’s no chance of any change unfortunately we have a owner who’s main interest is to plough all the money the club generates ie Man City / tv money plus checkatrade trophy etc into the pot to pay the outstanding payments to Smurthwaite. Secondly we have a none league manager whose recruitment is dire and has been fortunate to inherit most of his squad from previous managers and reliant on Phil Sprostons contacts. In brief the club has had no ambition for years despite having a core base of loyal supporters and is happy to make do with second rate managers and players alike.
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