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  1. Does anyone know if this is available on NowTV. I don't want to buy a 24 hour subscription for £11.98 and then find it's not on.
  2. I've been offered the opportunity to buy a video match pass for this one by iFollow. Unusual as I reside in the UK and normally only get this offer for mid-week fixtures. I take it that it must be an international break weekend or something similar.
  3. v Squad limits Managers in Leagues One and Two will be confined to using 22 professional players, not counting goalkeepers or those aged under 21 (born after January 1, 2000). Count Don’t Count 1 Gibbons Holy(goalkeeper) 2 Smith Covolan(goalkeeper) 3 Martin Stone(goalkeeper) 4 Hall Robinson(under 22 on 1 January 2021) 5 Jones Edmonson(under 22 on 1 January 2021) 6 Benning Harratt(under 22 on 1 January 2021) 7 Walker 8 Pett 9 Worrall 10 Garrity 11 Charsley 12 Conlon 13 Taylor 14 Hussey 15 Wilson 16 Proctor 17 Cooper 18 Hurst 19 Amoo So by my reckoning we have 3 spare places that we could potentially fill with players out of contract as of the 31 January 2022.
  4. Just heard that Darlington expect to lose Luke Charman to a league 2 side. No information on which side. Could fit our profile.
  5. Never mind about Covolan and Stone. Joe Collinge saved all 3 penalties that Walsall took. All good saves but the last one was out of this world.
  6. Yes. Gone off completely. That Lardie at Radio Stoke has pulled the plug again.
  7. Anybody managed to get commentary on iFollow yet?
  8. Foundation thrash our rivals from across the City at Newcastle today. Did anyone go?
  9. Anybody got the iFollow stream working? Just got rotating wheel.
  10. Thanks for that. The thought will give me nightmares tonight!
  11. 1 Port Vale 2 Bradford City 3 Mansfield Town 4 Tranmere Rovers 5 Salford City 6 Forest Green Rovers 7 Exeter City 23 Harrogate Town 24 Scunthorpe United
  12. I don't think it qualifies as "best" nickname, but Arthur Longbottom got so irritated with his that he changed his name by deed poll to Langley just before a home game. Most supporters thought the Vale had signed a new player until the team ran out.
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