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  1. Given the financial constraints due to COVID do supporters agree that it would make sense to abandon all restrictions on signing new players during the season. It would allow managers to forget about having cover for all positions and start the season with smaller squads, knowing that injuries could be covered as and when they occur
  2. Brilliant. https://www.facebook.com/AudleyBrass/videos/2638787753057812/
  3. Got the same message. iFollow is very frustrating at times.
  4. Exactly the same. Got my location spot-on.
  5. Anyone remember Arthur Longbottom. I remember going to a night match at Vale Park, buying a program and wondering who the new signing Langley was. Arthur was so disgruntled with his nickname that he had changed his name by deed poll.
  6. Ifollow not working in UK either. Message says technical difficulties!!!
  7. Thanks George. That worked perfectly.
  8. According to iFollow Terms and Conditions "Full match replay is available with a subscription for both domestic and international fans from 12 noon the day after the game (all games)" I am a domestic subscriber and can't find any way of watching the full match. Has anyone else tried successfully?
  9. http://www.chesterchronicle.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/chester-fc-v-port-vale-13403559 Live updates from Chester Chronicle
  10. Gunning has signed - official site.
  11. Stan Turner was right back and Reg Potts left back.
  12. I never missed a match during the 1953-54 season and have seen all the goalkeepers since Ray King. Ray has to be the best by some distance ( from Kenny Hancock in my opinion) due to way he commanded his area in an era when goalkeepers received no protection at all. Does anyone out there remember the man mountain of a centre forward Arthur Rowley from Leicester City. "Younger" supporters may remember Arthur later becoming player manager of Shrewsbury Town where he converted to centre half and was always a pain in Port Vale's side. He scored 434 goals in 619 Football League appearances - the later of these at centre half. I recall him knocking Ray out twice in the same match - first by barging him into the goalpost as he took a cross into the box - you didn't have to wait for the goalkeeper's feet to be on the ground in those days before you tried to knock them over the line with the ball in their hands. A few minutes later he repeated the medicine, but this time against the other post. Credit to Ray because on both occasions he held onto the ball and stayed the right side of the line. No substitutes in those days and Ray had to carry on. The post script to this match is that Ray got his own back in the return fixture. Another high ball into the box that Ray came to punch, missed by a mile but caught Arthur with both fists right on the chin. It took the Leicester trainer ten minutes to bring big Arthur round. Does anyone else remember these incidents? More recently I remember Chris Martin playing for the Vale at Valley Parade. Bradford had a corner on the left in front of their own fans. Big Peter Thorne (ex Stoke) was centre forward for Bradford and as the cross came in high to the far post the experienced centre forward put his body between Chris and the ball to allow the corner to reach colleagues coming in at the far post - he had no intention of going for the ball. Rookie Chris went straight through Peter and it took the physio some time to bring him round. He didn't try that trick again against Chris. Unfortunately Chris never showed the consistency required to become a regular - but I will forever remember him for flooring Thorne.
  13. What an encouraging start to the season. A very competitive game which I watched from the East Stand and therefore probably have a slightly different perspective than most Vale fans. Before discussing individual performances, the organisation of the team the team from back to front was as good as I've seen it since the days of Freddie Steele. Every player knew his role and performed it , both when we had the ball and when we didn't. As a result, Bradford were reduced in the second half to lumping hopeful balls into our box - which Streete and Smith just gobbled up. Despite several long range efforts that whistled narrowly wide, Alnwick had very little to do. I think Bruno deserves a lot of praise for the way we were organised against a very competitive Bradford - even the substitutes knew their roles and slotted in when they came on. The back four were very, very solid. Streete won many great headers and one clearance for a corner from a dangerous cross in the first half was as good as it gets. 10 out of 10 for me. Smith was equally good and had the unenviable task of marking Hanson, who despite having his hands all over Smith and never being penalised by the referee, got very little change. Smith also has a mean streak and I liked the way he put Low into my lap in the stand with one very heavy late touchline challenge. The language from the Bradford player was unprintable. Knops also won several important headers and moved into the centre to cover Streete and Smith when they went up for corners and free kicks. I think we have a very competent player there who reads the game well. Despite playing out of position he certainly wasn't a weak link. In midfield Grant ran his socks off for the full 90 minutes. At times he worried me with his tendancy to hang on to the ball when the last man. However he didn't get caught out - this time. Foley also stood out with a very workman like performance. Tavares was very creative with his ability to go past people and pray long accurate passes forward. He has a footballers brain and seems to see and play the dangerous pass. Will be a key player this season and provides a creativity in midfield that we haven't seen for years. He is no shrinking violet and put in lots of meaty challenges - so much so that the referee ended up booking him. Upfront Cecilia caused the Bradford back line all kinds of problems. He won nearly every long ball in the air - all to little avail as he was completely isolated. However, when the ball was played to feet he held off his defenders well until support arrived from midfield. an encouraging start for the lad. We didn't half miss him when he went off with what looked like a head injury. I thought Mbamba knew his role well when he came on and got himself into very dangerous positions on a couple of times - in fact had his leg been a couple of inches longer he would have bagged all 3 points late on. To summarise. We have a very good tactician as a manager and are very strong defensively and in mid field. We will be difficult to score against and if we manage to get that elusive forward could be in for a cracking season. See you all at Carlisle on Tuesday night.
  14. The most memorable save I have seen at Vale Park was by Frank Swift. A Port Vale forward was through one on one with Frank. He took the ball round Frank and was about to slide the ball into an empty net. Frank did a backward flip, grabbed the ball with both hands and then somehow managed a reverse flip to land back on his feet with the ball in his hands. The Vale player was left completely mesmerised. Frank retired in 1945 and was killed in the Munich Air disaster on the 6th February 1958. Does anyone out there remember the match. It must have been after his retirement and I would imagine it must have been a Freddie "Nobby" Steele All Stars eleven. According to Wikipedia:- On 29 March 1954, the Vale team played an "All-Star XI" in order to raise money for former Port Vale playing staff who had given long service to the club. The All-Star team was as follows: Frank Swift, Bert Sproston, Andy Beattie, Bill Corkhill, Les McDowall, Joe Mercer, Sammy Crooks, Raich Carter, Freddie Steele, Tim Ward and Peter Doherty; the All-Stars won 2–1 with both goals coming from Steele, making the club's manager the first player to score two goals against the Vale in one match that season." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Swift
  15. The best goal at Vale Park that was never given. I was in the Lorne Street paddock and the Vale were attacking the Bycars. John was about level with me when he hit the shot from his right wing position and I had the best of views and saw it hit the back of the goal and come out as fast as it went in. All the players stopped for a second until the opposition (I can't remember as well) realised that the ref hadn't blown and continued to play. The referee must have been in a position where he was right behind the line of the shot and assumed it had hit the woodwork - which you can understand because of the unbelievable speed it came back out. I don't think it made any difference to the result - Vale won - and because of this there was not much controversy afterwards.
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