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  1. Retained List The main reason s for the Vale team not performing to the levels of last season are the newly introduced rule limiting squad size to 21 and the compression of the season leading to more mid-week fixtures. Once the heavy pitches came then the older players i.e. Joyce, Legge and Pope couldn’t sustain their standard of performance. This was exacerbated by having several players whose injury records are suspect i.e. Montano, Cullen and Amoo. I hope and pray that Gibbons is not going to fall into this category. Next season the squad cap falls to 20 and Hurst, who was clas
  2. Did you see Bill McGarry play at the Old Rec? Was he as good as my father said he was? He thought he was the best header of a football, given his lack of height, he had seen. He had the rare ability to hover at the top of his jump.
  3. Two of the above squad were killed in motor car accidents while still playing professionally. Can anyone name them?
  4. No I never saw him play for the Vale. I saw him play against the Vale on at least three occasions. My father saw him play for the Vale and he was the best centre forward he'd seen in a Vale shirt. Allen and McGarry would have been in my side if I had seen either play for the Vale.
  5. Sorry meant Mark who was a winger. Neville of course was a centre forward.
  6. I saw all the home games during the 1953/54 season and must agree with your assertion that it is the best Vale 11 that I have seen by some distance. The best 2 goal keepers, again by some distance from the rest, were Ray King and Ken Hancock. In my opinion Ray was better than Ken. Next would be Neville Southall – I still remember his save from Tommy Gore on his debut for the Vale at Gigg Lane. In terms of defence, none come anywhere near to Stan Turner (right back), Tommy Cheadle (centre half) and Reg Potts (left back). Roy Sproson again stands out as a left half. I think
  7. The Vale chose to fill their squad list with 22 players at the end of the transfer window. We are stuck with those 22 players until the end of the season plus any aged 21 or under (e.g. Hurst). We could have opted to not declare Robinson and leave an empty slot in the squad list. Any empty slots can be filled by out of contract signing made during the rest of the season. Once filled you cannot change that player. Presumably Southend left 2 empty slots for Ranger and Holmes.
  8. iFollow just frozen. Anybody else having problems?
  9. Last season I saw Alex Hurst play for Bradford Park Avenue at Darlington. Bradford won 1-0 and Steve Thompson (remember him?) missed a last minute penalty for Darlington. Alex played in central midfield and very much controlled the play – a role similar to Luke Joyce, but with a license to get forward more – he produced a very good save from the Darlington keeper in the second half with a well hit shot from 25 yards. The Bradford fans seemed to think that central midfield was his natural position. Watching the match against Wolves U21s on Tuesday, I kept wondering why the Vale were pla
  10. It’s nice that some things never change at the Vale. I remember being in the Railway Paddock many years ago. The Vale were cruising to a home victory with ten minutes to go and looked very much like promotion candidates for the top tier of English football. The Vale supporter immediately in front of me turned to his mate and said “We’ll have to get rid of Rudgie if we go up”. “Why is that?” responded his mate. “He has no experience at that level” – not quite true as I remember Carlisle spending a season in the top tier and being at a rammed St. James Park when they beat Newcastle 1-0, Olli
  11. Paid by PayPal for all games this season as iFollow will not accept my debit card. Tried four times to pay by PayPal for Cambridge game and all were unsuccessful. In the end tried credit card and that was successful.
  12. Has anyone got iFollow working? Just got black screen.
  13. The streaming of the Blackpool friendly was professional and much better than iFollow, which was frustrating more often than not last season.. I hope It is the club that will be doing the streaming of Vale's home matches and that all fees go to the club.
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