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  1. Anyone know where I could get a copy?
  2. Excellent Geo, that made me smile
  3. Spoken like a true CEO old chap
  4. Jimmy the dog was spotted in the asda carpark at wolstanton with Blue rinse Beryl swopping oatcake recipes, now thats all new news
  5. just hope Biggleswade Town win :ghost:
  6. OMG, I agree with you completely, Now theres a first
  7. to quote mark twain “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” goodnight, up the vale
  8. and all 4.4 thousand wolves fans were al angels,obviously no idiots element in their fan base so all wolves fans were looking to console all vale fans on the result, which no doubt the police thought that they should be allowed to share their concerns and so thought that it would be beneficial to allow them all out of the ground at the same time as the home supporters so that they could all exchange notes and opinions , pimms o'clock ?
  9. Andy 23 supporters were arrested, 0.2 percent of the attendance, this is not as far as im concerned a major issue, your riots comparison has now bearing, my point is that shallow and uncontrolled policing methods on the biggest game of the season will now allow the police to control the required police presence for the rest of the season, adding to the costs etc, and the club are allowing the police to predict on a rather small percentage and not taking the failures of same into account, therefore the police are controlling the future costs by their own actions, thoughts?
  10. ?,thats always the same at every game, its the percentage that drives the response surely?
  11. so lets just look at this 0.2% of the crowd were arrested, and this is crowd trouble? all i can say is well done to staffs police, you have built this up into something that you were solely responsible for, allowing both sets of fans out at the same time is really rather poor practice, hands up how many times vale fans have been kept in until home fans have dispersed on away games? well done to the club for allowing the police to call such a meeting so that they can now control the policing presence for home games going forward so the police budget will increase experientially due to the concerns of said police who actually caused the issue in the first place, think we may have been here before, or is it just me? *** someone at the club needs to grow a pair, "smurf" i thought you were better than that tbh
  12. Bet you used copy and paste eh Rob? pmsl
  13. You have been drinking more than PG tips me thinks
  14. didn't know Micky had a dog tbh, learn something new everyday next comp oh here should be, "Guess micky's dogs name"
  15. Gezza is a god, end of, i feel a knighthood is required
  16. You been going through your grammar phone collection again james?
  17. What another great result today, not seen the stats, but 0-2 at forth place exeter or whatever they were, great result, have that all day, god wish i was there, bet it was a great atmosphere. Shame the home games have lacked somewhat in the last few games. Imagine the gate and atmosphere if we played as well at home, would get a real buzz about the place, and the next home game is??????? “SKY CHANT” “were port vale, we win when we want”
  18. often wondered how the ex was doing
  19. fair opinion, i know you all hate bratty, and all feel you have the right to, no argument there, each to his own and all that, but the facts speak for themselves, only tried to highlight them. not defending bratty, just my take on what i know
  20. no, I'm not defending Bratt at all, he and his board were not going to take us forward, but he did not bring us down, may have done who knows, but didn't. Bratty was not the answer, but Lloyd was the cancer
  21. have a look http://www.up-the-vale.co.uk only my opinion
  22. missing the point a bit there my point is that when the current incumbents are gone, we all pledge, which would resolve the operating cash-flow, giving interim/admin the cash to negotiate the debt etc
  23. Lloyd was seen replacing it with an IOU
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