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  1. You can't believe your own eyes. Someone on FB said he was out for 8 weeks. Nuff said Well he wasn't training this morning. Make of that what you will!
  2. Why has the club allowed the situation to develop whereby Gibbo is available on a free?
  3. Sadly passed away on Saturday April 23rd aged 66. Born in the North East Francis's family moved down to Stoke-on-Trent in the late 1960s when the mines closed in that part of the country. As a pupil he attended St Joes at Trent Vale .He spent his working life at the Sentinel. A Newcastle fan by birth he adopted the Vale and was a season ticket holder for many years. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer 12 months ago but still purchased a season ticket and attended matches until very recently when he became too ill. He leaves behind wife Susan. There will be a minutes applause in the 66th minute at the match on Monday against Newport. RIP Fran
  4. Agree with this .Hopefully there will be a better ball winner signed and he will be a back up signing.
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