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  1. I completely agree with this. Clarke is being far too negative with the staff. We all agree that the squad is not good enough but are they this poor? His approach is similar to that taken when Clough went into Leeds. I thought his after match interview was awful. This team needs confidence and he is draining it from them. Even better players like Conlon and Rodney are looking poor. I have witnessed his approach to training. He basically shouted do it my way or f off. This approach to is diametrically opposed to that of Carol whose approach is to basically put her arm around people. I can't be
  2. I'm afraid Carol is disappointing at the moment. When she talks about Danny,Frank,and Billy she talks like a supporter. They may have been half decent players but they have no experience whatsoever in management. Indeed Sinclair has been at so many clubs trying to get into management and all have ended in failure. Ok to sack Askey but what was the plan 'B'.Has she spoken to Rudge? What's the point of him being there if under these circumstances she doesn't discuss the way forward. There are many examples of successful business people failing at football. I really hope Carol does not end up fa
  3. Whatever anyone thinks about JA can we stop thinking about MA. We should not be even thinking about that possibility. He was disrespectful to the club saying something like 'the only phone call I receive at the Vale is from my wife wondering want I want for my tea.' Also more importantly his last job in the football league was at Tranmere and he took them into the Conference!
  4. Mckirdy is an an individual as opposed to a team player. Askey clearly prefers team players. So as has been stated why did he sign him? Was it because he was available, local and relatively cheap? Not sure, but his signing was always a mystery to me. The fact that he cannot get into a team so bereft of ideas going forward seems to suggest that his signing was a waste of money.
  5. Looks like they don't want him. Not a good sign.
  6. Yes. I remember Albert and Billy Bingham coming to the club.I think Tom Talbot was chairman and the Vale were very ambitious at the time. Great games versus Liverpool.To be fair spending spree didn't really work out for the club and following Talbot's death I think the club were left in debt. RIP Albert. Thanks for the memories.
  7. Overall I think we'll do ok. However I am disappointed that neither Clarke or Taylor have returned on loan.They were a class above Div 2 and would have made a real difference.Not sure what's happened there?Presume it's to do with salaries or their availability. I'm sure Vale have been in contact but will they end up on loan in Div 1 somewhere? What would really disappoint me if they ended up on loan in Div 2 at another club. If Fitzpatrick,Mills or Whitehead had to play regularly I think we would be play offs at very best. That would be a lottery and we have to get out of this league asp
  8. I don't think they can be collected yet. Certainly that was the case last week.I'm waiting for confirmation when I can collect mine.
  9. This brings back awful memories.Thank goodness for Carol and Kevin.We have really been through the mill as supporters and if you can afford it buy a season ticket to support the club go for it!
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