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  1. Nice easy post tonight, simply well done to the whole team players, Management, Owners. We are heading for safety. Confidence exuding. Our yardstick Theo.
  2. Nine points on we are looking like a side capable of winning and scoring goals. Great performance lads. Credit too to all the management team for turning things around. Onwards and upwards.
  3. Personally i would play Robinson who knows a little consistency and playing against his old club where he scored goals could reignite his appetite for goals.
  4. Three of the most important points we will earn all season, absolutely massive. Well done to all our players.
  5. That is provided we can score a goal or even two
  6. But for the comedy of errors earlier in the game ironic as it is this could have been a much different result. Confidence is going to be the key to avoid the trap door. We still have time. We must believe as the other option doesn't bear thinking about.
  7. Most of this team has been in relegation circumstances previously. With this information already available, we extended contracts and added to the mayhem with inferior additions. These circumstances were overseen from higher up. Blaming the players or current management is pointless now. Damage done. We are in desperate trouble.
  8. The ghost of Askey haunts us.. DC dabbles and chops and changes players formations etc I have said repeatedly we should play to our strengths the best players with the formation they know to get points. That is what we need right now POINTS. First result Paul Hurst will look for is ours . Stop the experimenting now and lets get results time running down.
  9. Said in a earlier thread the strategy of simply defending by the managers methods could cost us. Its a gamble and with two tough away games we are in real trouble.
  10. It has suddenly just come to my attention what Clarke has said. We are effectively a one horse pony. His comments were aimed at our inability to play anything other than 443 formation with the use of wingers. We now find ourselves in a very vulnerable position just 8 points out of the bottom two. Is this the time to use a strategy that Clarke believes in that produced the performance last night? Surely now we need to play the best players we have in an attempt to get results not toy with systems and gamble on the basis of his beliefs. Next season all well and good. Worrying glad i'm not the ma
  11. Ultimately he has the same group of players judge him in twelve months time.
  12. Darrell Clarke got some good coaching qualifications and his win ratio as a manager. He's young and hungry. I think a shrewd move by the Vale. One thing is certain now though we can prioritize our league league status by winning some games we needed a manager in place to do that. Hope now as supporters we get behind Darrel, David and Carol and help our players drive forwards . Good appointment in my book.
  13. Would have put pressure on us had we played and then lost!
  14. We have been crying out for ambition maybe finally we have some.
  15. Biting the hand that feeds springs to mind. We need to wait and see what Carol does, at the moment lots of unanswered questions. I think we all need to take a step backwards and give some time and thought after all its the Shanahan's running the club not us. When it is clear what is happening the opinions will have more validity. Meanwhile let us all get behind the football club and give 100 percent support not criticism and await clarification.
  16. Same old mistakes inability of certain players, same managerial tactics. Not surprised Guthrie released by Bradford. The managerial current circumstances enhancing the problems within the club. The rot needs to stop now not at the end of the season. Totally frustrating and tiresome.
  17. What are we doing in the week? Time and space for Tranmere to have their own party. Surely Pugh can see what we do. Week after week yet still lessons not learned.
  18. Far more positives today and optimism. It was clear the difference in halves duly noted i guess by our incoming manager. Really looking forward now, still plenty of games to get behind the Vale and provide the momentum to boost confidence and points. Very impressed by Rodney who continues to shine and i thought an unselfish performance by Guthrie.
  19. Said I wouldn't pay to watch again but i did. It is so very depressing watching this month after month, year after year. We all love the club and that's why we continue to support the club financially, i just hope we turn this proverbial corner. A difficult night to say the least, we are crying out for some professionalism. Carol now needs to act to bring in a manager who can stop this freefall as soon as possible. The reality is non league football beckons. to be fair it has been coming for the last 3 seasons. So sad to see we are in this position.
  20. I don't think whoever manages this lot will improve them. Utterly atrocious. Apart from Conlon they should have their wages removed and refunded the poor people witnessing and suffering this debacle.
  21. A sneaky confidence booster for a side not quite at the races today. In many respects we should have been beaten but hung in there. Its a point to build on and a ship steadied.
  22. Lets give Kurtis Guthrie a chance and welcome. Personally i think both Jake and Kurtis are positive signings and both have a good proportion of pedigree and quality. It is indeed positive news after all the negativity over the last month or so. Three points now at Forest Green tomorrow.
  23. Well for once lets hope there is no conflict on the forum this should bring us all together, A massive boost and says a lot about Jake choosing Port Vale. We should all be delighted with this signing . Get behind the lads and lets push on.
  24. Some positives immediately with the caretaker. He makes plentiful substitutions in good time, changes the formation, Replaces players out of favour and has created an aura of confidence. Early days but done himself on this showing a lot of favours. The players appear to be playing for him.
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