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  1. Dour game but grateful for three huge points and a confidence boost.
  2. Great stuff absolutely wonderful. Our Tom and round three of the FA Cup.
  3. They will be paid now, following the fantastic away support from Port Vale supporters.
  4. We were a weakened side through injury on Saturday, Crookes was badly exposed with Lloyd and that is my opinion. From what i can see Taylor is learning and appears to have ability. Questions were raised over Lloyd and its my opinion he was a poor signing and there is little evidence to suggest otherwise. I hope i am wrong.
  5. With regards to Ryan Lloyd in this instance my opinion may not be popular but i thought his performence was awful. I believe he tried to the best of his ability but from what i witnessed he simply is not a league two player. Lots of running little practical input and no ability. On this occasion i feel Lloyds inclusion against Mansfield was wrong and unless he rapidly improves it seems it was a mistake to sign him in the first place.
  6. Midfield needs strengthening and not just because of Manny it needs to be a priority and done as soon as possible.
  7. I like what i have seen so far. Impressive.
  8. Ricky had his heart in the right place but his head in the wrong. Good luck in the rest of your career.
  9. I somehow doubt anyone is going to be influenced to buy or not to buy season tickets because of a fan based debate on One Vale Fan. Most people will purchase a season ticket based on their affordability and their own opinions. To be fair this forum is intended to discuss agree and disagree we dont all feel the same and i find it interesting seeing everyone debating right or wrong. the Purpose of a forum. How sad would life be if no one disagreed.
  10. We should be positive about the season to come this is great news. Hopefully plenty more to come our way during the weeks ahead.
  11. Never thought i would commend him for anything. Let us be reasonable he got one thing correct, he sold the club. Well done Norman.
  12. Totally delighted. So much bad news of recent times. This is the best thing that could have happened they love the Vale its like a wedding meant to be. I am over the moon as i am sure we all are as a united Port Vale family. Fantastic.
  13. Scott Brown by a country mile next best for me Clarke.
  14. This has been coming for a few games, thought last week at Notts County we laid the foundations for this result. Over the moon tonight proper football today, i don't think Mansfield expected Miller today.
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