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  1. That was a disgrace, non of the players turned up, Cambridge were no better than we were. Long high balls an inability to carve the opposition open and yet again no goals in open play. Nothing in the final third when it matters. Down to 13th and although early in the season its an early warning league one remains a distant dream.
  2. Short in midfield and feel we have missed both Joyce and Conlon. Is Robinson on?
  3. Downloaded Microsoft edge stopped working on Google but works on Microsoft edge. So heres hoping i can watch the second half as missed the first.
  4. Horses for courses and today some of the horses were missing. We will play and beat easier sides than Harrogate. They are awkward and did their homework on us. Thought too many long balls lofted in hope rather than belief. Roll on next week.
  5. Not quite the same as being there but still fantastic to watch our beloved club. Come on Vale.
  6. Apparently Durrell moved twice since he was at York now with Wrexham.
  7. This decision makes it even more imperative we get an experienced striker in soon.
  8. Absolutely wonderful news. Elated.
  9. Aintree cancelled earlier my bets all refunded and i guess the three days at the meeting to follow soon.
  10. vale@rocks


    319 cases now UK.
  11. What a great result almost unexpected. leaves us on the fringe on goal difference. On to Forest Green tuesday. Well done to the players and Brown once again particularly sor the result. Crewe late winner unfortunately.
  12. Interesting few hours have now passed based on the transfer window. Peoples emotions running high and only time will tell if the lack of spending will be in the best interests of Port Vale and their fortunes in the years ahead. We are close to an extended season via the playoffs and Salford today may well indicate our direction. Irrespective of promotion we are in a much better position and in safe hands our future no longer depends on frittering away our assets and i suppose we should all be grateful.
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