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  1. Great five wins on the bounce ,started before that very unlucky against Bolton. How this has been turned around is astonishing to say the least, after being so embarrassed being a Vale fan I am now so proud. I have been expecting a damp squib performance but the boys continue to confound me! So happy so chuffed thank you DC and staff well done you whites. Carol and Kev deserve this so happy for them.
  2. There is one thing for sure some of the performances of JAs tenure in front of a crowd would have caused a riot. I am sure our management are going to look very closely at our current squad and weed a few out and hopefully bring in a bit more quality and consistency. I think it’s going to be a very busy summer this is where our management team are going to earn there corn.
  3. How all the team have been playing under DC you would sign them all! However this has been a difficult season many of the past performances cannot be forgotten. I trust our management to sort out who has potential to play 30 games plus and perform consistently at a good level. The job of retaining our league status is almost complete , we now have to assemble a promotion chasing side nothing less than play offs would be acceptable.
  4. When we are confident of a win we have always disappointed and played poorly. I am hopeful that these traits are slowly being put to bed. If we continue to play like the last few games then with a little more composure we could really give someone a spanking. I would just be happy with a result but a win would be the icing on the cake. UTV
  5. I think one of the biggest gaffs we made was letting Sam Morsey go a lot of people I spoke to saw a lot of potential in him from a young age. This was one of M Adams biggest mistakes, I suppose this was the biggest fault of MA not really into developing youngsters, still did ok for us for a while.
  6. If we continue to play like we did against Crawley then we should be OK. I hope the inconsistency of the past have been put to bed. Win ,loose or draw if we give our all then fine! But hoping we smash them ! UTV
  7. That's a brutal assessment one which I completely agree with to some extent. I am sure that some of the performances in front of a home crowd would have caused a riot.I put my faith now in DC and I am hoping that we will not see the likes of some of this season's poor performances again.
  8. You have to have a squad of players capable of giving you thirty games plus a season. I suppose this is done by getting the right players and ensuring they are managed correctly and with the right level of fitness. It would seem DC demands this! Looking at the Crawley game we were all over them surrounding them when they had the ball it was so good to see after some of the turgid performances this season. After some of the most depressing performances I have witnessed over the fifty odd years I have watched the Vale I have at last got some hope, and looking forward to better times.
  9. So good to see us hunting them down when they have the ball two and three players never giving them a second on the ball. If this is the future Port Vale then we are in for some exciting times
  10. I suppose ultimately we may have to sell a few players on. I just hope when we are in a position to sell on firstly we get a decent price secondly and most importantly we have a replacement lined up and ready to go.
  11. Just looking at the replays for the umpteenth time so good to see us with so much energy two or three players surrounding the opposition when they have the ball, never giving them a second on the ball. The last goal just like the one we conceded to Alfie May at Cheltenham . Wozza full of running taking a chance on there hesitation. Just like Scotty the goalie should have put the ball over the stand along with the defender. The other strikes first class ! So chuffed with the energy and effort put in ! wonder where this has been previously. Maybe down to missing our best players or the leadership. Anyway things looking a lot brighter now I just hope these kind of performances and efforts will continue throughout next season, and not till the next contracts are due.
  12. DC is beginning to look like a very inspiring appointment. U TV
  13. Ditto for me also. We look so organised and energetic getting all over the pitch. DC looks an inspirational appointment UTV
  14. I suppose this game is another test of our progress so far, I hope we don’t disappoint! I would take a point now, but in reality we should be hammering these sides. I think it shows how far we have fallen. Anyway lads please try to make my weekend with a result.UTV
  15. It’s all well and good talking of a massive turnover of staff , but fundamentally it’s about correctly coaching and ensuring optimal fitness of what players we have. I am sure our management will be assessing what we have and what we need.
  16. Whichever way we go the defence needs sorting to concede 19 goals more than Stevenage is worrying to say the least, they were very lucky to even be in the league. Again many of the players may be better under a strict training and fitness regime so we have to put our faith in the management to sort this. Re Stevenage I wonder what or who the difference is defensively, I can’t imagine that any of there defence is on big money.
  17. When you look at the tables our problems are quite clear! We have conceded 19 more goals than Stevenage, considering they were lucky to be in the league it’s rather a poor showing on our behalf. If we are to get out of this league then shoring up the defence is a priority. We only need to find a few extra goals in the rest of the team then we will do ok. It would be interesting to know what Stevenage defenders are on wage wise!
  18. I think with out question there will be a big turnover of players, there certainly needs to be! The mentality of some the players needs to be questioned, we desperately need some steel and a few captains! A few of the games when we have played with a half hearted attitude cannot be forgotten or forgiven. I hope some of these poor performances are a thing of the past.
  19. I think with the squad cap it’s very important to have 40 games a season players! However as an add onto this players need managing correctly and the fitness needs to be right. We also need a few young lads who would be able to step up or be slowly brought on. Our recruitment has been very poor for sometime, we have let a few players go who are doing ok elsewhere. This is going to be where Flitcroft and DC are going to earn there corn, much to be done as soon as our league status is assured.
  20. Only a bit nervous I was sat with my hands covering my eyes Always a bit nervous when Vale play but the last few games it has been a bit easier as we seem more focused and professional.
  21. So good to see up for the game and not disappoint! Beginning to look at lot more professional a good all round performance . Well done lads and DC you have made the weekend UTV
  22. I just hope we have turned the corner with half hearted displays after a good result. We really need to be well up for this game and hope we can get a decent result.
  23. I just hope that the standard we set on Tuesday can be maintained. One swallow does not make a summer! It’s really up to the players to finally show us what they can do consistently. The football on Tuesday was really good and exciting it would Most certainly have got the fans on there feet. Let’s just hope there is more of the same and not a return to old ways.
  24. If we can play like that every game then we will be more than OK . So pleased for Carol and Kev ! Let hope this is just the beginning of a much smoother journey. Well done to the boys and to DC who seems to manage the game well. Knowing Newport seem do well at the death the result never seemed to be in doubt.
  25. All the boys gave there all for the cause! I cannot ask for more ! At last we what we deserved from a game . So pleased for all UTV
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