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  1. Yes looking at Conlons second how quick he sorted his feet out before lashing it home was a joy to behold! If we can play like this next season we should walk this league. We really need to be out of this shocking division how Barrow can get away with there tactics is unbelievable.
  2. Another clean sheet ! Well done lads!
  3. After a tough test at Carlisle which we did well although not creating much, let’s hope we continue in the same vein and hopefully be a bit more creative. Another clean sheet would be great.
  4. What ever the situation I will renew my season ticket ! I am 100% behind our owners and will give them all the support I can. We are so lucky to have fantastic people at the helm. I am sure the good times are going to return and I want to be there to see it!
  5. We do really need a player like Grant in midfield ! Someone strong with a presence we have never really replaced him I suppose Many would have filled the bill but if you can’t play forty games a season it no good.
  6. Just thinking on some of the comments on defenders launching the ball anywhere, I remember when Simon Mills joined us ! Absolutely astounded when he used to nutmeg the forward and then place a inch perfect pass to one of our players. We thought to ourselves who is this man! A true footballer at right back he was outstanding and he could cross a ball.
  7. Sorry to bang on about it but the teams that get promoted from leagues one and two have the bulk of their players on thirty plus games, there is no way we can afford players who cannot do thirty games plus. I suppose again players need managing correctly re fitness and training, hopefully we will be ensuring that happens next season.
  8. Well personally very happy with a point, we are at least giving 100% effort so really can’t ask for more. If we are to progress we do need a bit more quality and balance, which without doubt is clear in our managements thoughts. It’s a credit to the likes of Morecambe with there supposed low budget that they are up at the top. They have had all season a great work ethic that has put them in the position they are. It is something we must aspire to next season if we are to challenge at the top.
  9. I think we all hopeing that last week was just a blip and down to the terrible condition's, however we still found a way to win. DCs in game management is something else .
  10. Well here we are Saturday! For me it’s going to be a defining day! Any result and I will be very happy. Not really expecting much but hopefully we can turn up and take the game to them. Come on you whites! 100% effort and we can do it!
  11. Exactly we do not know all the facts! Carol ethos is to bring on and develop young talent, and I put my faith in our management to build the squad with the right players both physically and just as important mentally to progress the club. We have already invested in Hurst and maybe not quite ready but he has shown some potential ! So in my opinion it’s a good decision.
  12. The Morecambe work ethic is one we must aspire to ALL season ! No big names just all eleven working hard. Looking at them against us and the Scunny game they always had two or three players chasing down the ball. If we can keep up the intensity against Carlisle then we may be in with a shout but we certainly need to be much better with the ball, I just hope the last games poor ball retention was down to the conditions. If we are going to give the ball away so easily against these then our run will come to an abrupt end. This game is going to be a good test for us ! If we can get a result I would be a very happy chappie.
  13. We really need to have players available for thirty plus games a season! We really have signed some sick notes over the years. Ultimately if you cannot play thirty plus games you are dragging the club down, this is becoming more important with the reduced size of squads. As said many times before if you look in the lower leagues the teams that get promoted have quite a number of players on thirty plus games. I would say that we are looking to be far more professional! If we want success then these decisions have to be made.
  14. Yes good to see not afraid to sub and when he does t has an impact. With the amount of subs now allowed it’s becoming an important tactic using it. Plus the fact we quickly can change formation seamlessly.
  15. A tad harsh with your marks ! Very difficult conditions we weren’t at our best far from it. Scotty never really had a save to make but we weren’t any better. They have a very good work ethic and matched us for effort. You can see why they are were they are, if they have played like that all season. Not sure what Brisley was doing for there pen shout the ball should have been in row Z , probably got the benefit due to the fact he got the ball and the poor conditions. It evens out for the dodgy pen at there place. We do with out doubt need a little more quality but if you give 100% that’s all we can ask of the current squad.
  16. Just thinking at one point in the season I was going to say we would be better conceding a penalty than a corner. Now we are defending corners really well ! I suppose all aspects of our defending has improved, which is vital.
  17. You can see why they are doing well matched us for effort! I think we dug in today and got the rub of the green a bit, saying that Scotty never had a save to make. Balances out that defeat at there place. Very happy with the points good to see we can see these games out. Well done lads and DC made my weekend again .
  18. What we have seen of DC I really can’t any sentiment coming into play. I hope not anyway As said some of the mid season performances just cannot be forgotten or forgiven I still have nightmares thinking about some of what we have witnessed.
  19. A few months ago winning 6 at Bolton I was still hiding behind the sofa for the last few minutes. Feel a lot more comfortable now when we are winning ! We just seem so much more professional I don’t think what DC has instilled in the team can be down played. UTV
  20. Like most Vale fans if we turn up and give 100% then that’s ok . At the moment we are our of the traps fast and pressing well DC has us well organised so hopefully we will get a result. Hope we get the rub of the green as they have been very fortunate ten 1 nil wins quite a few pens. I suppose credit to their manager for being up at the top with apparently a very low budget.
  21. I think the club has been more than fair to our players under our new owners, not all that fairness has been reciprocated. I am sure that both DC and DF will be hopefully making all the right decisions to ensure we have a balanced and fit squad capable of challenging at the right end of the table
  22. On there budget Morecambe have done very well, however they have also been very lucky a lot of penalties quite a few 1 nil wins. Although we have had a number of real poor performances we have really been unlucky in a few games, maybe not deserved to win but most certainly not deserved to loose. I think with the defence sorted we are now finding ways to score a few, in this league we can beat anyone Hoping for a good win because we certainly were cheated at there place, come on you whites do them!
  23. For league 2 she was excellent we have had some poor refs . Think she will do very well.
  24. I think that this is where our management are going to earn their corn. Got to have players able to play thirty games plus and at a decent consistency.
  25. Just looking at Guthrie’s goal I thought of Leon Constantine never scored many net busters but got his shot away quickly into the corner
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