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  1. One thing is for sure we need to at the very least hit the target! I think shooting practice is the order of the day. Far to many wide or over the bar at least work the keeper.
  2. I have to agree ! Be totally amazed if we have much over 5k.
  3. I understand the situation ! The club have apologised what do you want them to do! We can all moan ! I had to park miles away and walk I have mobility issues I have been on the list for a parking season ticket for two years ! For heavens sake get behind the club nobody wanted this situation I am sure lessons have learned.
  4. When I sat down in the Lorne street at 2.30 the Railway paddock looked empty. Issues to be addressed yes! But we need to help not moan! I am sure the club will quickly address these issues but let’s give them a fighting chance. Get in early!
  5. Well I enjoyed the game and I though we did enough to win. We should be at least hitting the target a lot more regular over the bar far too many times. Very impressed with Dan Jones we have a great player here. I think once we find the net a few times then we will push on. I am very optimistic for the future let’s hope we have a bit on luck as well.
  6. Obviously there are issues to be addressed, but come on guys first game for a lifetime and people still chipping up at 2.45 hoping to walk straight in. Let’s get real here give the club a chance ! Get in early have a beer enjoy the game quit the moaning.
  7. Without any doubt Top Pope was a legend! did fantastic for us, I would always thank him for what he did for us and buy him a pint. Tom as with a lot of our 20/21 squad there time was up ! We move on as they do.
  8. It’s a vindication that not many of the released players have found a better position apart from Scotty . Most seem to have gone to non league which is where they would have taken us. The total clear out was both needed and justified. Let’s hope we are never in that position again we’re we are looking at the trap door to oblivion. Very hard to get out of the National league there are a lot of ex league clubs still there.
  9. Sent my dosh . Forgot to put e mail. But any player for me
  10. Well it seems DC and co have done there homework a left footed centre, a lot to prove but had plenty of good experience. To me seems like a very good and positive signing.
  11. There is likely to be some movement of players as all the out of contract and released players have now had there last pay cheques. The better players are going to have to make there minds up or risk not getting anything.
  12. With Vaughan retiring that means we should concede four fewer goals next season! Scored against us for fun.
  13. I was making regular donations at one point, but with the pandemic things got in the way and out of mind! I would be behind this again if we could get it up and running again. I am sure if we all chipped in with a little each month we could start to make a dent in it. I think we need to help our owners where we can and give them the backing they deserve.
  14. I have said many times we have lacked steel and mental toughness. When Bob Hazel said jump you jump! We have been to nice, we need a few more winners with a tough mental attitude.
  15. Most of the teams in our league are going to have much changed squads,so we won't be on our own in that respect. As well as all the other attributes we will need from players there is also value for money. We can't sign players on big money to play just a handful of games.
  16. Football like everything else is moving on! The need for more professionalism is evident, the fitness needs managing the players coming in need to have had due diligence done. So many things now ! We are going through a big change there is no guarantee it will work but a massive step up in the way we operate is important for the way forward. I think the building blocks are being put in place for a better future.
  17. All clubs seem to be releasing loads. I suppose the best will be quickly snapped up . I think there is going to be a few on the dole!
  18. I am sure we have the players we need targeted ! And due diligence done as we don't need ten games a season player's. It may all seem a little brutal but upto the last ten games the players never respected the owners or the fans. In DC we trust.
  19. Well I found it so difficult to watch I switched at half time. The result and the performance just sums up the season perfectly. Just completely not good enough after a good run it’s quite clear that we have far to many players who are not up to the job. I really do hope that we can bring in the personal who want to play for us and are at a decent standard. So a very disappointing end to a very disappointing season. Many of the home performances with a crowd in would have resulted in a riot! Truly a season to forget in every way.
  20. I think one thing we have all learned it’s not just about players! It’s about organisation application and desire, DC has turned a dispirited and disorganised bunch into a decent side. With a few additions and tweaks would could have a very good season next year.
  21. Exactly DC has got us working as a TEAM attacking the ball every time always two or three player chasing down. Which is what Morecambe have done all season that is why they are up there with no great players, and supposedly on the lowest budget.
  22. At the end of the day we have a proper manager who knows how to get the best out of the players he has. One who can change formations to combat any team and enthusiasm to encourage the players to do better. All this recent success is down to the manager and in turn Carol!
  23. Well if we continue to play like we have done for the last ten or so matches then we should hopefully win! If our forwards could find there shooting boots that would put the icing on the cake. Come on you whites three points please!
  24. I always thought the team lacked a bit of steel and mental toughness, however I wonder if it is down to the management. We have most certainly got a bit tougher under DC so yes we need a bit more quality in the squad, as to wholesale I am not now so sure. Like many more on here I struggle to forget some of the abysmal and truly shocking performances mid season. DC has shown us the way forward so I put my faith in him and the management team to improve the squad and hopefully take us to better things. There is no way on this earth our mid season blip would have happened under DC without a lot of blood being spilt.
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