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  1. Thanks for kindly trying to help Doha, you’ve helped so many with these IFollow issues. No we are using the same computer and internet browser that has worked perfectly well the last few weeks. Tried it on other devices too. I will just have to ask for a refund.
  2. Not working for me today either! The black screen strikes again!! Worked the last few times OK. No response from the IFollow help desk. Such poor customer service!! staying on point it’s disappointing Smith isn’t in the side!! Hope he’s OK!
  3. Hello!! I’m struggling to access the match today. Purchased the match pass yesterday but it just comes up with a black screen with a white circle. Trying to access IFollow support but no response at all. Anyone else had similar problems today?
  4. Hi everyone If I’m a season ticket holder and I want to watch the Crawley match on Saturday do I just need to register for a basic membership and then just use the unique code that I’ve been sent?? (I might purchase away games in the future on a match by match basis but I don’t want to sign up for a yearly memebership or anything) The instructions on the website aren’t very clear to me- maybe it’s just me not being tech savvy!! Would we need to input our credit/debit card info and then put the code in to get the £10 off?? The instructions in the e-mail aren’t very clear to me.
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