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  1. Pfffffft call you self a vale fan! Start the underhand comments now, he might read them so we have a chance to really make him feel unwelcome! Get stuck into him like the knuckle draggers who have started in the Twitter feed on which he has been announced… you know, the one he is most likely to read. Idiots. Genuinely moronic.
  2. Welcome George. Like most clubs we have a bunch of fans who will instantly take a negative view of your signing… but don’t worry they all “hope to be proven wrong”… so a super supportive bunch! 😂
  3. Reckon it could be 2 in, cover for Legge too 🤞
  4. League table if games were decided on xG… shows we are creating more and better chances than the teams we are playing. Overly defensive my @rse. Well played DC.
  5. Bit more analysis and we have only conceded in 12 of those 23 games. 48% of the games he has managed us in the league we have kept a clean sheet. 60% so far this season. We have only conceded 16 goals in those 23 games. But he doesn’t let George Andrew’s finish his sentences in interviews so we should probably burn him at the stake 🙄
  6. He didn’t let Garrity finish his sentence … evil bloke. 😂
  7. DC has only lost 7 of his 23 league games… 3 of those were against the teams who got promoted last year and one was a dead rubber at the end of the season. He has certainly made us harder to beat and that’s a good platform to build on.
  8. Tom Pett won 19 tackles today… second highest in the league just behind Spearing on 20. Swarming all over them. Lincoln used him as a Defensive Mid in their promotion season. He is a cracking player to have in the squad! Lovely Jubbly.
  9. Brilliant today! Cracking result! Special mention to Proctor for his goals… will he go for a pint with the fans though? That’s apparently what’s important! 😉 UTV
  10. Fact is Vale fans need (and I use that word purposefully because its way more than a want) a boo boy. It's a seriously weird and strange quirk of English football fans. You would have thought that providing him with confidence and support would be beneficial to the team, rather than slating him and potentially putting him on edge. But hey ho.
  11. Bogle to Bradford hit a stumbling block apparently as he wants a bigger pay off from Doncaster as well as his contract at Bradford Source: Alan Nixon on Twitter who is usually spot on about stuff … I think he is / was the sports editor at some national rag
  12. Covolan the 7th best keeper so far from preventing goals that would ordinarily have gone in.
  13. Bogle is a funny one, never really kicked on from when he was the hottest property in the lower leagues back in his Grimsby days. Had plenty of moves to some higher league clubs but never scored the goals I always thought would come. Dropping. Back to league 2 might be the answer for him. Can’t see us being in for him though.
  14. To be fair that new rule that the FA has introduced where you get points deducted based on interview question answer response time etiquette is madness. Carlisle fans are seriously worried. 😂
  15. Have I read this right? If we lose next Saturday, our 5th game, we cannot possibly catch up with the top 2 in the next 41 games? It’s a 60 pointer
  16. One thing I find interesting is a lot of the people who don’t like the management team because they don’t trust them we’re clambering for Derek Adams… a man who did the exact same thing to Kevin Ellison and spent his entire career at Morcambe apparently applying for other jobs. Guess it’s just what suits your narrative isn’t it!
  17. I don’t think it will. Especially given the dramatic swing in Popes opinion, from Flickers being someone he thoroughly recommended be brought to the club, to “scumbag”. And the reason… because they has the audacity to not ask Tom his opinion on the players. I think it will vindicate Flitcrofts view that Tom wasn’t someone that would be helpful in the new era… someone who is clinging to the past… someone who wouldn’t embrace the change from “5 pints down the pub and try dead hard” to professionalising the club… someone who has been the king of Burslem and wouldn’t give up his influence easily.
  18. They say at the start of the pod that they have asked the club if they want to comment. Tom calls it himself in the pod… people will say it sounds like sour grapes and in that respect he is right. There are two sides to every story and there is no need to keep going back and forth on who was right and who was wrong as all it will do it divide the fan base. The best thing the club can do is not get involved… Tom is a legend and is allowed his opinion. He has voiced it, is no longer at the club and it’s time to move on.
  19. Just finished listening... its clearly something that is very painful for Tom. He sounds like someone who knows the game has moved on past the style of player he was and is struggling to accept it. Sounds like dealing with Askey did a real number on him mentally. Whether that has impacted him to the point of being in such a bad place he cant come to peace with the way things ended I don't know. Case in point... "Flickers was brilliant and I recommended to everyone that they get him on board... hen he didn't ask me my opinions on players so now I hate him." Doesn't feel like a proportionate response to me. Everyone is entitled to an opinion on people though and Tom is more than entitled to his given its his truth... Pinch of salt on his ability to judge someone maybe given 2 people he had positive things to say about were Norman and Artell 🙂
  20. Whether you like xG or not we have the highest of all the teams that are yet to score. It has some flaws but in general it says we should have scored 3 or 4 goals so far this season. It’s a shooting problem… not a creating problem.
  21. If it’s any consolation, we are not the only teams who have struggled to score against Northampton and Tranmere.
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