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  1. 6 less this year if we consider Burgess and Whitehead out of the squad The replacements are: Covolan - Brown Stone - Visser Cass - Mills Martin - Brisley Johnson - Crookes Jones - Fitzpatrick Benning - Monty Amos - RCG Walker - Joyce Pett - Oyeleke Garrity - Trickett Smith Politic - McKirdy Proctor - Pope Wilson - Guthrie Lloyd - Swan Not replaced: Scott, Burgess, Whitehead, Cullen, Olagunju, Theo Different people will have different opinions on which team has the better players this year vs last. But Im giving it a clear clear win for this years squad in terms of who I would rather have.
  2. The comments on Doncaster's release list tweet are dominated by people disappointed that Amos wasn’t offered a deal.
  3. Could be him as Left back cover and move Dan Jones more firmly into the Centre Half team
  4. Posted on another thread but probably fits better here: Good to hear DCs version of the Pope events. They seemed reasonable and fair. Hopefully that draws a line under it completely. However, I fear one half of the Pope vs Management team argument won’t be able to let it be
  5. We beat 4 other league 2 sides for Lloyd. They must all have also been using other criteria than “as he scored loads” when assessing him.
  6. Conformation from Bradford reporter that we did have to pay Theo off but reading between the lines it doesn’t sound like a big payoff.
  7. Oh good... this again. Honestly. Ignore list.
  8. In other news not sure what’s happening at Crewe… a second summer signing of theirs has retired today. Strange coincidence or something strange going on?
  9. We can all have a vote at the end of the season on how many points we want to hand back to say sorry if people’s feelings got hurt. I vote none but it should be fully democratic.
  10. Under the FAs new “you have to be extra polite to interviewers” rule, Shrewsbury are in danger of being given a 12 point deduction and handed a 2 years transfer ban. The Antichrist DC needs to be careful… we can’t afford a points deduction.
  11. I notice that Manny is unfortunately but unsurprisingly injured for Chesterfield at the moment... he has missed their last 2 games. A fully fit Manny would be a top top player in league 2, but without that guarantee it was a gamble too far. Hopefully he can get over his injuries and have the successful career he deserves.
  12. Sounds like some positives and some things to work on after tonight! And that’s against a strong Bolton side who tore our league up in the second half of last season.
  13. No attack whatsoever... I have simply asked who you would have preferred. Lets hope young George isnt as delicate given what he may read about himself. The only player similar to what you describe I can think of is Nevitt at Tranmere... Big lump of a forward who will put himself about. He lives close to them and has been given first team opportunities to be the main man up front. Not something we could have offered him. I cant think of any other goal scoring target men in the lower leagues, certainly not any who would have been willing to come and be 4th choice.
  14. I’m happy to wait and see what he brings to the squad and trust the management team to have thought this through concerning what they see in him and what they thing he can bring. You are the one expressing concern over his stats and question what he brings to the squad. You must have some criteria to judge these players by… using those stats and your judgement criteria, who would have have been happy with instead as our 4th choice striker?
  15. My guess is that one of the players missed out on will be Scrimshaw (the lad that’s loves scoring against us). He has gone to Scunthorpe who will potentially have been able to offer him and his parent club Bournmouth more of a guarantee of starting games. We were after a 4th choice striker that offers us something different. Looks to me like that’s what we have got.
  16. Speaking of Askey, he will have a smug look on his face tonight given Macc beat Popey’s Congleton 1-0. I wonder if he said hello in the bar afterwards 😂 3,500 fans for the 9th tier is an impressive number!
  17. It always baffles me… why would people be negative on a forum he might read (Twitter). I have tried to ask the people who do it everything we sign someone and they go in… all I get is a thoroughly idiotic “because I can” When pressed why you would WANT to start a vale players career off by making him feel rubbish about the prospect of playing for us then can’t give me a straight answer. Surely, SURELY giving the lad some support to boost his confidence is the best thing for the club… surely? So why would anyone want to harm the club? It grinds my gears clearly. Idiots.
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