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  1. 5 hours ago, PV1973 said:

    I don’t see Lloyd getting back in yet tbh after his appearance at Sutton. 

    it’ll be interesting to see what formation we go with at Mansfield. Nice that we have different options. If proctor isn’t fit we can go 3-5-2 or even 3-4-3 to get politic and Worrall up front alongside Wilson. Or we could go with the back 4. Either way I think we should be starting our strongest team and not being tempted to go with a bit of squad rotation. 

    DC makes the point over and over that you can’t judge a player after only 10 games.

    So I doubt he would do it after a 25 min sun appearance.

  2. 47 minutes ago, Doha said:

    Yeah, but Phil is making a very fair point that while no one is actively waiting for Wilson to fluff something, unfortunately there's a few about who just can't let it go regarding Covolan and are poised ready for him to make a mistake. I'm not saying you are but it's all over that daft facebook group, and was aired on P&G yesterday. 

    That's just how it is though. We were only 17 odd minutes into this 46 game season when the anti Clarke/Flitcroft abuse started at Northampton remember. I remember it well because I was stood in front of three muppets at it for about 80 minutes of the game, it does your head in listening to that constant negative drivel. DC has said in a few interviews now that he's a good manager up until he loses two games and then he's crap and he's right, some of us are too fickle. Won 7/8 in a row last season, won 6 out of the last 8 this season, there's a few around who need to hold their hands up instead of disappearing to try to save face. Again not you. 


    This. 100%

    Its the psyche of the football fan in general, but I do think the vale are particularly bad at it.

    We revel in targeting one of our own players.


  3. 26 minutes ago, toyahw said:

    DC is very passive aggressive in interviews.  He is not a likeable person on the face of it. But as he says, it is about winning games of football. Which we did. So good luck and all the best to him.

    I think this is part of the problem… judging him as “likeable” or not based on the 3 mins he gives to the press every few days, rather than how he treats people (players, reporters, supporters, staff behind the scenes all day every day) seems like a particularly poor way of judging someone’s character.


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  4. 3 minutes ago, andy jones said:

    As someone who was critical of Clarke's appointment, and his big man interviews, I have to say his interviews this season have been far more honest and constructive and easier on the ear.

    I find this really interesting… I genuinely don’t see any difference in his interviews this year vs last.

    I think a lot of people over reacted last year and now they are realising it was a bit over the top?

    Not having a go at you personally as I think a few will be in the same boat… but honestly, he hasn’t changed his interview style at all.


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  5. 5 minutes ago, valiant_593 said:

    Also, those questioning Pett. Did he not get get the assist for the first goal and play worrall in for bennings goal? Mental to say he’s not performing 

    It’s only one from what I can tell.

    Let’s all not make this out like loads of vale fans don’t rate him.

    One bloke has given his opinion which is quite incorrect based on the vast majority of responses

    Pett is brill.


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  6. 13 minutes ago, Mario said:

    That Wonder of you Facebook page putting the boot in because DC cupped his ear and his comments after the game the bloke has every right to answer back he's the best manager since Adams stop trying to cause trouble we're on the up come for the ride or get off the bus

    Wouldnt read that pile of garbage if someone paid me.

    The fact you can’t tell if they are on a wind up or serious demonstrates the level of thought that goes into most of the bile that gets posted on there. 

  7. 33 minutes ago, 1 said:

    Do you think we’re live tracking stats? Not saying we’re not I’m genuinely asking, because that would be a lot different from past approaches!

    I don’t know is the honest answer, I know they wear the vest during the games but not sure if they get any immediate / live feedback

  8. 33 minutes ago, Beech said:

    Was he actually injured enough to be brought off though? His reaction to getting subbed didn't suggest so.

    One thing is for sure, you can't bring on someone like Lloyd for Proctor unless you absolutely have no choice. They were always going to get well on top of us without having someone up there who can make it stick.

    Aren't all of the stats and in game numbers are being tracked these days?

    My guess is they saw his output fall through the floor and coupled with the injury didn't want to risk him.

    Hindsight and emotion makes it easy to say "That was the wrong thing to do"

    Cold hard assessment is what's needed... it wont work every time, but its the better approach.

  9. One reflection having been there is the oven that was the metal shed behind the goal...

    A huge advantage was gained at the coin toss.... Originally I thought the Vale had won the toss and turned them around. But on reflection, did they know just how hard it would be to pick out a high ball with the sun low in the sky in the 2nd half?

    I lost count of how many times they hoofed it up into the glare of the sun and it must have been a nightmare for the defence and Cov to pick it out of the sky.

    Small pitch, low sun, hoofball, up and under..... nightmare.


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  10. 5 hours ago, bomber said:

    There is one thing for certain you are going to find it very difficult to football your way out of this division. It’s all about height and pumping long balls into the box, we did not press enough yesterday to stop the barrage of long balls. Yesterday is a little reality check hope we can learn from it and push on, not too despondent but Barrow will be a good yard stick.

    Is this is true though?

    Aside from Cheltenham’s long throw being a factor, we’re the teams who went up last year “big, long ball merchants”

    Bolton, Cambridge and Cheltenham I would say no.

    Even Morcambe we’re more boringly organised than long ball brutes.

  11. 30 minutes ago, butt lane vale fan said:

    Quoted as now being the richest club in Europe or even the whole of Football. So I would image their whole squad including the first team are now classed as Peasants that the Club can now afford to get rid of. Lol

    Add up the wealth of the owners of the ten next richest clubs and it still doesn’t get anywhere near to the same level as Newcastle.



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  12. 21 minutes ago, philmpv said:
    1 hour ago, Iron Curtain said:

    That's a defeat for us tomorrow then

    I’m hoping that our recent run of hoodoo breaking can continue!

    Swindon away - no problem

    Scunthorpe away - no problem

    MoM wins next game - 🤞🤞🤞

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