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  1. I once did two weeks training in Germany in a hotel which I am pretty sure was the set for 'The Shining'. I was the only guest in this very large hotel. It had an abandoned swimming pool and was generally a scary place to be. The was even an odd room that was like a childs room rather than a normal guest room with no child to be seen, Anyway, the Wifi in the hotel was crap, and I mean crap. So the only place I could get enough signal to follow the game was in the bathroom next to the shower. Safe to say I dragged the scummy pillow and quilt and listened to the game there.
  2. We have to get 3 points here. Poor side and as we can't quite seal the deal away from home continuing to win at Vale Park is vital. Bennett has to start I believe. I love Popey but Richie is the form striker and we look dangerous when he is at it.
  3. If you think Gibbons is a Stoke fan now, you're mad. The farce of a derby and his twitter disprove that.
  4. http://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/290170/port-vale-message-board
  5. I thought the same. You can watch the whole episode from Quest online
  6. On my block list now too, sick of him ruining every thread! I couldn't make the game so come here to read opinions on how we played, not his dross.
  7. 4-0 now. Amoo scored and Manny scored a second
  8. What a spectacular form of thick you must be.
  9. Of course. We need to buy ST, not be saying ooooo I will wait and see who we sign before I get one. Oh I don't like this rumour about Lloyd I won't bother now. It's so obviously counter productive. Just like people who say they don't like Stoke and their Premier League success,then throw away their earnings into a Bet365 account.
  10. Stupid. Carol and Kevin have put their money where their mouth is. It is up to us to fund this squad now not the other way around!!
  11. So you are telling me that if Sam Morsy and Craig Davies became available and approached Vale you wouldn't want them? There's levels to everything and a sweeping generalisation like that is daft. What about if Forest offered us Tyler Walker? Would it matter that he previous appeared for us?
  12. I'd love Jack Grimmer to return.
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