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  1. Squad needs refreshing as it simply cant be good enough as JA doesn't make substitutions or change the team. He has his first 11 and they have played the vast majority of games. Joyce must be knackered. He either needs to put some of the fringe players in or ship some out. We don't have anyone who come on and changes the game.....actually generally we dont have anyone coming on at all. We definitely need a striker. Loan out Archer. The last time Bennett played at home he was awful and lazy and Cullen appears to work better if supported by someone else. Pope has scored one in the league since October. 1 or 2 quality players should make a big difference. If that's not happening lets try something a bit different during a game.
  2. Conlon is our slowest thinking midfielder who needs far too many touches. It has to be Atkinson for me
  3. Let me clear this up, you are talking absolute nonsense. It was a perfectly timed good tackle. He was under control, won the ball cleanly and didn't use excessive force. To me the injury occurred because of how their player fell after the tackle was made. I was amazed he booked him as he didn't blow for a foul. It was only when he saw he was in distress that he booked Leon. Never a foul.
  4. Nothing wrong with our right back. Man of the match on Saturday.
  5. I watched it for 10 minutes and I saw two chances in that time. Great save by their keeper to keep Pope(I think out).
  6. Well actually Pope hasn't started much at all. Bennett has been playing up front but I do think he is too weak. Shame we couldn't mix Pope's strength with Bennetts movement and Cullens finishing, however that player would be in a far higher division.
  7. Poor team performance today. Gibbons Legge and Smith only ones who merit a wage. Amoo was so poor, Conlon poor (he needs to watch Taylor and Burgess play - far more direct and quick, the front 3 were poor, so little movement which was evident every time we had a throw in. Walsall were awful and its shows how bad we were when they beat us. The players need to have a serious look at themselves and prove next week it was a one off.
  8. Odd that he is a defender so you would expect him to be a better defender but defensively we have been stronger with Monty playing there.
  9. On Saturday of the 14 players used, 6 were Askey signings and only 3 Aspins (Brown, Joyce and Legge). It could be argued we have a new signing in Worrall too. Askey is clearly a far better man manager than Aspin and tactically superior. There will come a time when it goes pear shaped and let's hope he doesn't panic into wholesale changes like Aspin. He is doing a very good job and my main worry is we all get a little too excited and our we over heat our expectations
  10. Cheaper squad, better results, more hope. I am very happy with JA as I feel we are moving in the right direction.
  11. Considering where we are with horrendous injuries, our home record and generally how we are playing I am content with where we are. Its chalk and cheese to last years dross. I struggle to see how anyone can compare this season with the last 2 years. With a little but of luck (and game managenent) we could have turned a couple of those draws into wins and the picture would look very different. We will definitely finish higher this season than last.
  12. Watching a different game to me. Bennett was awful. How many times did he lose the ball or get knocked off the ball? He couldn't keep possession of it which is one (there were many) of the reasons why we never had any sustained possession in their half if the pitch.
  13. Pope was marked out of the name by 2 players because we didn't stretch their defences with our forward play and create more space. This was primarily due to lack of width and movement by the while team. Their back 4 had their easiest game they will have all season. I thought Bennett was awful yesterday. He was hardly ever first to the ball, other than his goal, and gave away possession far too easily. I am certainly glad Popey was in the starting 11 last week when he scored 2!!
  14. Having an off day as there is no one to pass too. Desperately need some width. Diamond formation not working at all.
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