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  1. I cant agree with that. I thought Tranmere were the better team throughout the game. We were never in control as can be seen from the possession and shots. Askey is the right man for the job but I need to see more from the players to boss the game more and not to give away the ball cheaply.
  2. I should have listened then. He ruins my Saturday night with his negativity.
  3. I'm not bothered if you don't believe it. It didn't affect you so why would you be interested. It just affected hundreds of other people
  4. Definitely not. I did try it on a second device so not sure if that messed it up.
  5. Positive. Tried it lots of times and double checked.
  6. I just keep getting invalid code. Am I on the right screen?
  7. How did you do it. Getting on my nerves now!
  8. Its all about opinions....but you are 100% wrong. He is most definitely not garbage.
  9. I think the decision is a mistake for various reasons. Covid may be here for a long long time. The future of football (and life in general) may be different for some time, not just this season. This was an opportunity to see how football could be structured in a way that was safe for all, both players and supporters. To demonstrate we had an immediate future. Why prioritise next season over this and the decision to promote but not relegate is one I am struggling to get my head around. It appears that the other leagues are anticipating returning so why are we differentiating ourselves fro
  10. Squad needs refreshing as it simply cant be good enough as JA doesn't make substitutions or change the team. He has his first 11 and they have played the vast majority of games. Joyce must be knackered. He either needs to put some of the fringe players in or ship some out. We don't have anyone who come on and changes the game.....actually generally we dont have anyone coming on at all. We definitely need a striker. Loan out Archer. The last time Bennett played at home he was awful and lazy and Cullen appears to work better if supported by someone else. Pope has scored one in the league sin
  11. Conlon is our slowest thinking midfielder who needs far too many touches. It has to be Atkinson for me
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