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  1. Oh dear. Looks like its been washed a 1000 times.
  2. I'm sorry that is nonsense. How do you know these new players can play at league 1? One certainly couldn't get into a league one team on a regular basis and the general consensus of Shrewsbury fans is he is a nice guy and has a great shot but that is about it. Garrity is a complete gamble, as was Manny. Manny was the best central midfielder we had and he definitely had the talent to play at a higher level, it just appears his body wasn't up to it. I suspect he left knowing he would be released, as everyone else was, and wanted some security especially with having a young family.
  3. I have no faith in Clarke. He reminds me of Lee Sinnott, talking a good game but manages like a headless chicken. I don't buy into "it is not hid squad" theory. He had his own players at Walsall and only won one more game than John Askey yet we thought we should pay a six figure sum for someone who was doing no better. The recruitment was poor under Askey but I feel that if he was still in charge we would be in a better league position, probably the case with Pugh too. DC seems to have completely knocked any confidence out of some of the players. To be fair some players look better, primarily the defence, but our creative players look shadows of their former selves. Conlon is probably the obvious one. From the evidence we see it was a poor selection and I have no faith in him. I really hope I'm proven wrong very quickly.
  4. I feel your pain. What a difference 12 months makes. I didnt expect to win today but we just look toothless and we are so desperate not to lose that we don't look like winning.
  5. I would like to hear what Askey has to say. Clarke has won one game more than Askey this season yet he is considered a better option. The Walsall team was his own team and it was not pulling up trees. Our players last season seemed extremely fit, certainly compared to those playing under Aspin.
  6. Exactly. We need our best team out rather than constantly making changes to the team and formation. We all know we have several players that shouldn't be getting near a shirt. Our first 11 is definitely good enough to move up this league. Lets hope we get them back soon and he plays them in a formation they know and will win games.
  7. Its a lottery the way he is picking teams. Players won't know what is going on.
  8. I thought he was one of the Directors now?
  9. How do you know the owners have not said we will stick with Pugh unless someone comes in for less money. From what I know, those obvious replacements want more than Askey was on and we have already lost £1million due to Lockdown.
  10. Couldn't agree more. Everyone is desperate to point the figure. It won't be long before Speedy or the owners are the next target. People actually admit they don't know what he does but think he should be sacked. You couldnt make it up.
  11. I cant agree with that. I thought Tranmere were the better team throughout the game. We were never in control as can be seen from the possession and shots. Askey is the right man for the job but I need to see more from the players to boss the game more and not to give away the ball cheaply.
  12. I should have listened then. He ruins my Saturday night with his negativity.
  13. I'm not bothered if you don't believe it. It didn't affect you so why would you be interested. It just affected hundreds of other people
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