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  1. Cheaper squad, better results, more hope. I am very happy with JA as I feel we are moving in the right direction.
  2. One result is not a massive step backward!!
  3. Considering where we are with horrendous injuries, our home record and generally how we are playing I am content with where we are. Its chalk and cheese to last years dross. I struggle to see how anyone can compare this season with the last 2 years. With a little but of luck (and game managenent) we could have turned a couple of those draws into wins and the picture would look very different. We will definitely finish higher this season than last.
  4. Watching a different game to me. Bennett was awful. How many times did he lose the ball or get knocked off the ball? He couldn't keep possession of it which is one (there were many) of the reasons why we never had any sustained possession in their half if the pitch.
  5. Pope was marked out of the name by 2 players because we didn't stretch their defences with our forward play and create more space. This was primarily due to lack of width and movement by the while team. Their back 4 had their easiest game they will have all season. I thought Bennett was awful yesterday. He was hardly ever first to the ball, other than his goal, and gave away possession far too easily. I am certainly glad Popey was in the starting 11 last week when he scored 2!!
  6. Having an off day as there is no one to pass too. Desperately need some width. Diamond formation not working at all.
  7. He definitely hasn't ruled out a return to the Vale. He thought the same about Smurthwaite, completely out of his depth, as we did hence the transfer request. It was nothing to do with the fans or the club just the chairman and the manager, who also didn't have a clue. I would have 100% wanted to leave my job if I was employed by them.
  8. At the turnstile I use they were asking children their age and only checking 16 and over. Don't see what the issue is. There is usually stewards standing there doing nothing. At least this time they were earning their money. There always have to be something to moan about on here. At least people arent moaning about the performance.
  9. What I was trying to post was.... Game of two halves with the first half being very similar to an Aspin performance. Second half very different. Great energy. Conlon frustrated me. He needs to only use his right foot in training and he definitely needs to work on his speed of decision making. Too many times he took too many touches when a simple quick pass was available.
  10. I have been fortunate enough to watch football within the Corporate Hospitality at various grounds. It's fair to say that the Vales has been the worst by some way. That's both in food and the surroundings. I congratulate the new owners for try to improve standards in all aspects of the club, including this important part of revenue generation.
  11. Great idea. It's a simple step to help improve standards throughout the club. If we want to target large corporates I believe they would want to see an element of professionalism and standards. Previously it was like a school canteen.
  12. Must be watching a different player to me. He infuriates me with the number if touches he has to have. He invariably holds on to the ball too long and was guilty of this causing us to lose possession on several occasions season. If he could just move the ball quicker he would be an excellent player.
  13. Personally I think Whitfield has sufficient skill to be a fantastic player in the right team and with the right manager to bring him on. I know JA has his own way of playing and if Ben doesn't fit into that way then I understand his reasons for letting him go. Personally I felt we tended, on balance, to look more dangerous when he played. There is probably a stat out there to disprove that. What I do find strange is the criticism of Ben's attitude. Have I missed something or are we just assuming he has a bad attitude as he struggles to make an impact in some game or have things gone on behind the scenes that show his attitude is poor?
  14. Remember that you can also buy/renew season tickets over the phone. 01782 655821 I've just renewed 2 from the comfort of my back garden.
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