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  1. I agree. Today he made a big difference and actually retained the ball and made it work for us. DC said that we are a better team when we are passing the ball and retaining possession. If that is the case, which it clearly is, wanted Jake in the team.
  2. Amoo upfront... he has never done anything upfront! Ridiculous. We need Proctor on to make the ball stick up front.
  3. Needed a stronger ref. Their captain was running the ref. Our injuries are starting to take their toll now. We looked shattered and devoid of ideas late on. Decision making was poor at times. Still in our hands and we need to re-set and come back like we did after our last defeat.
  4. Unless I miraculously come across a couple of tickets (the wife actually wants to go an away game!!!), does anyone know if any pubs in Burslem will somehow be showing the game?
  5. We have quality players but why why why does he play 3 4 3.....it doesn't work. It creates nothing. We lose midfield. The strikers need to work together and when they are 3 up front they are too far apart. Wrong team selection today!! Needed 3 in midfield, one of which should have been Walker. How does Cooper get a shirt?? This loss may give them a kick up the back side they need.
  6. And let's not forget quality and tactics that we also lacked. They are a poor side and we looked like a school team with the boot and rush approach. No where near playoff performance.
  7. He wouldn't be in my side, especially when we play 3 4 3. His awareness of others is clear to see. Every time Hussey gets the ball down the wing Amoo runs into his space. Hussey's delivery has been excellent, when Amoo is out of the team. I would only suggest Amoo starts if we pay 4 3 3, when he has looked useful. He is not a striker. Its not happened for him. You can't, however, fault his effort.
  8. He arguably cost us points on Tuesday. I would expected him to have saved that.
  9. Game of two halves. First one was awful and the second was better, but still not up to standard. There was very little football played First half, we just launched the ball in the channels, missing out the midfield. First half Wilson and Garrity were poor but good second half. I though Garrity's energy grew as the game went on and he, along with Wilson, became more influential. I don't like 3 4 3. The wide midfielders have little space in front of them to run into as the wide forward players take up their space. Amoo kept running into Husseys space which was very frustrating. I like Charsley's energy. Jury is out on the keeper but its early days. Feel sorry for Stones. Overall we are a very disjointed team at present. Lets hope Clarke can settle on a team and we can get a run of positive results together.
  10. Have you been drinking again to get over your bad day?
  11. Probably isolating as he is not vaccinated
  12. As the Vale is a seated venue i believe it is 10,000. May be an issue for the 3rd round of the cup but not for any league games just yet
  13. We battered them today with the exception of set pieces! I thought Gibbo and Amoo were great, especially the second half. Devante was better than last week but frustrated me with staying out wide. We were desperate for a centre forward to be in and around the centre rather than out wide. Both Amoo and Devante were like the wide men in a. 4 3 3 formation. Wilson would have had a hatrick today. Also in midfield, there was massive gaps on the left. In the past when we had players breaking from midfield we had one player left and one right. I just didn't see anyone filling that space which meant that Devante kept drifting into it. Clearly the issue was the defence. Not sure what to do about that. Over to DC... Oldham are garbage and they certainly didn't deserve to get anything out of the game.
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