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  1. I seem to re call that at the time Harratt was being targeted to join in the summer but was that impressed with the presentation that he asked Huddersfield's permission to join in January. Don't know if I have remembered correctly.
  2. I have just watched the game back and to be honest I think my original opinion was coloured by standing in that awful away end getting soaked. We played a lot better and had more of the game than I first thought. Thursday nights up for grabs Swindon have it all to lose.
  3. Four or six points from the next two games is a must, if that means play offs so be it but we need to re capture a semblance of form and confidence. I thought that if we recovered after the Colchester game we would be on a roll entering the end of the season but unfortunately it was unsustainable. It's all about mental strength now, making the play offs at the start of the season seemed a possibility the fact that we may miss out on automatic must not be seen as a negative outcome to the season.
  4. To be fair I didn't advocate dropping Garrity. What I did say was that if a more defensive team was to be played either Garrity or Charsley would miss out to play Walker. Also would the drop off be that great? as they both bring the same energy and commitment, the only thing missing from Charsley is goals, which he nearly put right last night. When we did have to counteract Mansfield's change that is what happened Charsley was withdrawn. I never questioned any of the points that you raised in your post and it is pretty nailed on that Garrity will be player of the season.
  5. If everyone is fit and because I would not have to explain in the media afterwards if there is not a win I would play the same 11 as Saturday although there is a case to be made for swapping Garrity or Charsley for Walker to be more difficult to break down. A performance is due in an important game as we have a tendency to under perform in these type of fixtures. The result against Crawley could well be the turning point of the season after conceding first in the manner that we did the wheels could have come off quite quickly, so to win the game in that manner may turn out to be significant. 2 0
  6. A return to 352 that worked reasonably well after a slow start and before the injuries and enforced covid break. Holy (can't see a change) Smith Martin Hall Worrall Garrity Walker Pett Hussey Proctor Wilson The only positive that I am hoping for is, if we do somehow manage to turn our performances around and re capture our early season form we will enter the play offs on a roll and could be quite dangerous.
  7. To be fair Brexit doesn't really start until Jan 1st when the transition period lapses and custom checks implemented. There is a lot of information available regarding the extra paperwork that will then have to attached to all goods that are imported and lead times could increase from 1 week to 8 weeks. That could prove problematic for fresh goods. The Government knows what is about to occur and so does Lord Frost which may explain his recent resignation.
  8. Thought he was being put forward as the answer to the car crash that Brexit has become, so he will have to be a leader of a political party, get elected to parliament and form a government with enough MP's from said party. I was just pointing out that his record is not great.
  9. The same Farage who has failed seven times to be elected as an MP including once beaten by a man dressed as a dolphin.
  10. If there are going to be many more mild cases that may only require a short hospital stay then why were the Nightingale hospitals decommissioned? Surely they would be perfect as a place to keep Covid out of hospitals, release the pressure and free up the hospitals to become something other than the national Covid service? You can have as many Nightingale hospitals as you like, there are not enough staff to run them, they were a PR stunt and an excuse to launder public cash to Tory donors.
  11. This is why I think this is a bit of a free hit considering our selection problems. Many fans would have been happy with 2 points from these two games so that total has already been surpassed. A defeat is not a major issue and any points gained are a bit of a bonus.
  12. Any ideas on who would take penalties with Tom Conlon being out?
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