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  1. Totally agree, the spine of our team is so slow it's untrue especially in midfield. We have no ball winner and no box to box midfielder. How many times this season has a midfield player got past any of our forwards? I can't think of any. We are desperate for pace through the spine of the team!
  2. I suppose the total unhappiness within the club causes its decline . So unhappiness
  3. The only reason I for brown for the garbage football that was being played. Im only interested in the football being played on the pitch not the politics off the pitch.
  4. My point is that we seem to move on from one ousting to another and once Smurf either walks or sells their will be someone else who will be eaten at. For Port Vale to succeed we need to take small,steps and progress through stability rather than change after change.
  5. No , the fotball has been awful since October last season and has got worse under brown, and believe me Brown new what I thought on numerous occasions! But at some time this merry go round has to stop. Since bratt etc we have hounded out numerous managers. Adams , dinosaur football, many wanted page out before the events in the summer, Bruno was next ( myself included) next brown and all thrown within that Smurf is the most hated man in Stoke on trent. The question is when is it going to stop?
  6. I’ve seen that you post on here on a regular basis. And I guess that you are a port vale supporter? So why don’t you attend?
  7. No it’s not the fans fault. However Port Vale supporters do have a tendency of causing a drama. What I’m saying is that we cannot think that supporters can try and dictate what’s happening within the club. I pay each year for a season ticket, because I love football, however just because I’ve payed my money does not men I own the club. I am the same as everyone on here, I love football and my club is Port Vale FC i don’t really want to go anywhere else to watch my football however the actions, from all four corners may dictate otherwise.
  8. Why is it happy clapping? This is my football club that is being dragged down by all four corners! We dragged the last owners out 7 years ago, and yet we are in the same position. The only thing that I’m interested in is the football being played and believe me I’m the first to vent my disappointment. I don’t however sing glad over when we score whilst playing ****! I don’t have the cash, or know anyone who has the cash that can drive the club forward and even when we do when the progression stops some supporters will be calling for them to leave. All I can say if you don’t enjoy going Vale don’t go however just because someone thinks differently than you does not make me a happy clapper!
  9. Port vale F.C. As a supporter/ season ticket holder for over 30 year the whole club saddens me. We have players that are just going through the motions, no leader in the sidelines for 3 seasons. A owner and supporters arguing between one another it’s a pathetic state of affairs. Every manager suggested is automatically brushed aside as being not good enough its perthetic. Lets boycott the next game. The only thing that you are damaging is Port Vale F.C. This great football club is being run down from all four corners. A Owner who doesn’t engage is mind before his mouth, supporters who try and run the football club from there armchairs. A new manager that will not be wanted defore he has even taken post, and players that clearly can’t be bothered. So instead of doycotting the games lets try and drive the team forward, lets get behind the new manager no mater who it is, and unless you have the money or know someone who has lets let the owner run the club. And lets all row in the same direction and get this club moving forward again.
  10. Surely that's the problem with the club. Supporters who haven't bought a season ticket. Your no supporter just someone who wants to grind the club down.
  11. No I'm realistic, what do you think Port Vale should be achieving?
  12. Who does anyone think will invest in our club? I'm just a Port Vale supporter who loves football, however looking at the whole picture who do we think seriously will take us forward? We are not going to attract a multi billionaire with money to throw at the club. We don't have historical support etc etc. Do we look locally, however this will still involve the yoyo promo / releg for lg1 to lg2. Or a maverick like Smurf. Changes will create interest, like smurf tried in the summer, but unless our owner has a lot of money to spend Vale we always be handcuffed by the quantity of supporters coming through the turnstiles. Football teams always find their level through support. Stevenage had a great couple of years but will return to their given position. Burton will fall and return to their natural position. The list is endless. A change at the top of Port Vale will not mean Port Vale will gain promo to the championship. I have been fortunate to see Vale in the champs, and compete, I would love to see this again however I don't think it will happen. Will I still be buying a season ticket, yes, because I love football and Port Vale.
  13. Totally agree. why not stop trying to interfere with the running of the club and just support the team.
  14. My point exactly. So in that case, in your opinion, who is the most important person at the football club?
  15. Let's put it another way. I love football and support Port Vale. I have in total put into the club approx £20,000 over a 35 year period. I can remember speaking to smurf, the first and only time, at a midweek fixture where he openly told me it had cost him £20,000 to put the game on. Now yes I'm still here, and will be No matter who is in charge, how ever the person paying the bills are the most important person in any company /club. Unless a viable option / buyer can be found then I'm sorry but Smurf will remain th3 most important person at Vale Park. Unless supporters want administration again. I also think that if a new owner was to come in, and lets face it it will not be a extremely rich man, then let's face it after the honeymoon period we will still be in the same position as we are now. Port Vale is a club who attracts 4,000 season ticket holders. You do the maths!
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