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  1. Just had a look at the goals(conceded again) some real comic cuts defending there.  Their 2nd is basically caused by the first header which goes back into our box instead of out and we still have a couple more chances to clear it before it ends up in the net. 

    Really not sure what Martin is trying to achieve for the winner, it looks a committed effort and perhaps rotten bad luck, but would it have caused as big a problem had he not thrown himself at it and it went past him, I'm not sure?  Obviously easy to be wise after it's happened it just doesn't look very good or professional for either goal.

    We need to learn and fast from games like this.

  2. 2014 1-0 at VP Myrie-Williams scored the year after we'd gone up.  Can't say I remember it tbh?

    I remember beating them a couple of times mid 2000s, Lee Matthews scored in one and Chris Cornes may have got the winner in the other(3-2 after being 2-1 down)?  Our record against them is hardly one to write home about generally considering I wouldn't class Walsall as a particularly big club, 44 wins to our 24 is a bit of a sorry one.  They really have been our bogie side in period of our history!

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  3. I liked Cullen unfortunately fitness was his biggest hinderance but he proved a decent finisher in some games was just anonymous in most away games he played.

    Great cup tie as well, Quigley is a strange one just doesn't look like a footballer sometimes yet when he puts his mind to it is clearly a half decent striker for National League/League Two level.

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  4. I see you've got a couple of team local to me in that league in Ellesmere & St Martins.  St. Martins really are a village club in every sense done well to get as high as they have it's a tiny place, and they have to play at one of the pitches at TNS ground in Oswestry as their own "ground" was barely better than Shropshire league standard. 

    Ellesmere are a decent little outfit been to their ground 2 or 3 times but seem to underachieve a little in recent years, I think they've moved from the defunct west mids league pretty recently to NWCs?

  5. 13 minutes ago, glenpvfc said:

    Can anyone else remember our GK hitting the crossbar from a goal kick away to crewe about 20ish years ago? I was only young when my Dad took me to that game and he can't remember it happening so I'm starting to wonder if I dreamt it. 

    I'm thinking it would have been Brain or Martin, maybe Goodlad?

    That would be my top almost a goal 🙂


    Could have been Delaney? I vaguely remember it too, think it was the same game Neil Brisco scored for us with the long range header?

  6. Excellent result Saturday, I'm not normally one who goes in for the saying "we'd have lost that game last season(or under previous managers)" but it was a game you could potentially attribute that to.  I worried we'd wilt or huff and puff at 1-0 down but well done to the Clarke for the subs and the team for battling back with 3 good goals.  I've seen far worse teams than Barrow as well so hopefully it bodes well.

  7. Telford are a decent size club for National North level at least, tbf their fanbase is on a par with a few clubs who we've played in the league in recent years, so potential is definately there to be at least a league higher.  I think since the old club folded in the early 2000s after they splashed out on Mills and Naylor(at the end of their careers) amongst others they've not really pushed the boat out too much in their new guise which is understandable but they were a steady Alliance/Conference side for 20 years before that.  Hope Askey gets a chance there.

  8. I'm sure at one time there was talk of a Radio Cheshire being set up and buggering Crewe off to that which would have been brilliant.  The problem is Cheshire as a county falls in the middle of about 2 or 3 different BBC stations(namely Manc and Stoke) and I suspect Merseyside covers Chester City(could be wrong?). So their clubs will always play 2nd fiddle to the bigger supported clubs in those areas.

  9. I think we've had a relatively tough start as well, the majority of the sides we've played you'd expect to be top half come the business end of the season(FGR, Tranmere, Carlisle)/or were in League One last season(Northampton, Rochdale, Swindon). Perhaps with the exception of Stevenage although they are much improved on the side who got out of the jail in the covid curtailed season and we've never had a brilliant record against them home or away.  Throw in Harrogate and Orient who've both started well in the next 3 games and it's a hard opening 10 games.  Scunny looks about the only one I'd wager will be bottom 6 or 8 come May yet we have a poor record against them as well.

    If we can get the home form going we'll be there or thereabouts I hope

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  10. 14 hours ago, Joe B said:

    Joyce. Tier 6.

    Brown. Coaching.

    Monty. Not playing.

    Trickett-Smith. Leek.

    Fitzpatrick. Barely playing for Altrincham.

    Guthrie. India.

    Robinson. Bench.

    Visser. No club.

    Scott. No club.

    RCG. Hanley Town.

    Manny. Conference.

    Squad was absolutely dire. Flitcroft and Clarke will be proven right to tear it up. Not one player is contributing in any substantial way at the level we currently operate, and want to be at the top end of.

    Good post had no idea Guthrie had gone to India.  The name of his club made me laugh though, FC RoundGlass Punjab😁, managed by our ex defender Ashley Westwood!

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  11. 13 hours ago, Doha said:

    Utterly terrifying to load the OVF home page, knowing we could sign a forward at any time this week, and recognising Colin Daniel in the feature photo before reading the title. 

    Fair play to Daniel in one way for one of the more limited footballers I've seen he's gone on to have a decent League One career.  Peterboro, Blackpool and Burton and now a decent side in our league in Exeter I'm beginning to think he must have the same agent as Choupo Moting(on a smaller scale).😁

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  12. There's no question covid deaths have been exaggerated on the figures. To what extent who knows but the govt have clearly employed the fear tactic via the media from day 1.  I believe every death where covid can be the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc reason on the death certificate are included in the UK figures.  I don't know if it's still the case but some other countries in Europe(perhaps all) don't report the same, just those where covid was the first cause. 

    I know of at least 2 locally to me(even in a rural area like Shropshire which has low numbers compared to city areas).  One was a lady who was basically a raging alcoholic, liver shot to pieces and had been in and out of hospital the last 3 months of her life.  She tested positive on the last occasion she went in(with no covid symptoms) and passed away.  Her family were initially questionning the fact she was included as covid death when it clearly wasn't and were told Doctors have been told to put it on if a positive test or even symptoms are present and no positive. 

    Magnify that nationally and who knows to what extent as I said above, I guess we will never know?

    Obviously covid can exacerbate people's underlying conditions and hasten death in some cases I don't think anyone can deny that, but there has undoubtedly been some "cooking of the books" going on for want of a better phrase.


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  13. 8 hours ago, leedsvaliant said:

    It doesn't surprise me when you look at the official figures for most areas there's always(in a lot of cases a fairly big) discrepancy between people in hospital with covid and those on a ventilator.  Where i live for example the 2 hospitals in Shropshire have 12 people currently with covid with 1 on a ventilator(according to gov.uk website).  I'm not saying the other 11 aren't poorly to some extent with it as I've heard stories from a few people around where I live(1 came from a nurse) and I think it was even muted in the local rag that "numerous" people were in Telford hospital gasping for breath over the last 2 weeks. But keeping an eye on the 'official figures' just doesn't bare this out as it's fluctuated from 5-12 in total with 2 on a ventilator the most at one point.  A hell a lot of scaremongering goes on which unfortunately spreads to the public.

  14. 7 minutes ago, Doha said:

    No he doesn't.

    What Toyah said.

    I can't believe I'm reading this tbh. 

    I've lost a family member very soon after taking the vaccine, admittedly elderly but she was on medication to control seizures. The seizures came back closely followed by a stroke from which she didn't recover. I appreciate the vaccine may have saved lives and covid is dangerous to some but you'll perhaps forgive me for being sceptical of how it reacts with other medications people might be on. 

    I won't say anymore on the matter as we'll probably have to agree to disagree, but everyone should have a choice when it comes to issues like this. 

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  15. 3 hours ago, Doha said:

    Not daft at all, he makes a fair point, scientists have hardly covered themselves in glory throughout any of this.

    It also says in the splurge a fever can heighten the risk of a seizure. It may be a small risk but if generally he is fit and well, why would you potentially bring that upon yourself when like most people his age he's extremely low risk to Covid?

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  16. 25 minutes ago, Doha said:

    Based on his past comments, we know who it'll be. Legge's daft. 


    Why is he daft if he has a medical condition and doesn't know how it might react with medication he's already on? Plenty of other people in his shoes I'd imagine, I don't blame him.

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  17. 59 minutes ago, valiant_593 said:

    I just think they generally aren’t very good. Hence why we keep struggling and no league side would pick them up. Not sure why any side in this league would want players like whitehead

    Agree re Whitehead national league standard at best.  My only hope was big spending Stockport or maybe Wrexham with their investment might take him off our hands but I'm guessing he was on a silly amount(for league two) at Salford and Vale took a sizeable chunk of that on!?

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  18. I notice Tshimanga(linked with us at the start of the close season and several others since) turned out for Boreham Wood in their friendly at the weekend.  Really surprised that lad hasn't secured a league club yet with his goals in the NL last couple of seasons.  I don't expect it to be us btw with Bolton and Plymouth linked in league one.

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  19. I think the only way many will stop is once people realise wearing a mask in tescos and/or a pub for such trivial amounts of time makes very little difference and has no bearing on cases going up or down, but on that the majority won't link it with the daily figures they see on BBC/ITV/Sky even if cases suddenly went down in the next few weeks! 

    I can possibly understand their effectiveness for workers in care and health settings but beyond that the evidence is sketchy at best. Each to their own though.

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  20. Neat and tidy for the most part in midfield and there is some quality there but we definitely need more upfront if we are to challenge at the right end of the table consistently.  Forest were good and very hot day so not easy but plenty to work on.  Guess that just shows the gulf between the top 2 divisions (and even their academy graduates) and the lower leagues these days.

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  21. Dave Hibbert had an immediate impact didn't he(2 goals in that Luton game), which earned him the Preston move. Was he still on YTS when that happened or was he first year pro?  We didn't really get to see much of him in a Vale shirt in the end. Think he ended up at Shrews and then Telford before calling it a day due to injuries.

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  22. 13 hours ago, philmpv said:
    14 hours ago, Playa Amodores said:
    Just a load of old tosh, only club who’d have him. Didn’t Quigley mk2 Richie Bennett say the same when moving to Stockport and he’s now at Sutton

    I really think Quigley, like many others before and since him, has been subject to the instant judgment typical of some Vale fans. He was given a grand total of minutes equivalent to around 5 games for us, all in what most will agree was one of the worst Vale sides ever. Fact is that when given an actual chance he has performed well, scoring 35 goals in 73 appearances, including 15 last season.

    We've had a few in recent times.  Harness was another during that season, looked nothing more than an average League Two player yet has gone on to be decent League One player(at least) who scores goals from midfield.  Admitedlly loan spells some players react differently to others but it could also suggest something about the coaching at VP wasn't right in the past?

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