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  1. Clarke said earlier in the season the youth team keepers are a million miles off, and we’d be better with “Big Az” Martin in goal
  2. Covolan Cass Smith Hall Gibbons Pett Conlon Hussey Worrall Wilson Politic Otherwise stick with 352 and bring in Garrity and Harratt for Politic and Gibbo/Woz/Hussey. Decisions, decisions!
  3. V interesting to see how DC will accommodate Gibbo, Hussey and Woz in the same team.. exciting though! Especially if Woz is pushed higher up
  4. Stone Cass Martin Smith Worrall Garrity Pett Conlon Gibbons Wilson Amoo
  5. Agree, absolute farce. I was also waiting til the last minute to see if the game would be on, and thought then I could pay on the day via the Harrogate shop. Likewise can’t really be bothered driving 2.5 hours to sit in the home end. FYI just rang Vale ticket office to confirm and they were taken off sale yesterday. I guess Harrogate don’t want to sell any tickets? Are they alright for cash…??
  6. Covolan Cass Smith Johnson Worrall Pett Garrity Conlon Gibbons Rodney Wilson Heres hoping!
  7. Suspect back 5 will be: Cass - Smith - Legge - Jones - Gibbo
  8. Can’t see us dropping Gibbo at the moment!! Stone Cass Smith Jones Gibbons Pett Conlon Benning Worrall Garrity Politic
  9. Covolan Cass Martin Johnson Worrall Garrity Walker Pett Gibbons Amoo Rodney
  10. Covolan Cass Smith Jones Worrall Garrity Pett Conlon Gibbons Amoo Politic Subs: Stone, Walker, Legge, Benning, Proctor, Martin, Rodney
  11. But he’s such a nasty man, and I can’t see where the goals are coming from.. Well done Dazzler, top man
  12. Same ref that sent Monty off at Grimsby in our penultimate game last season
  13. This referee has form, he’s the one who lost control of the game and sent Wozza off after the full time last time he reffed us (Scunny away 19/20).
  14. He could barely walk for the last 20 mins or so against Rochdale but we’d used all our subs
  15. Covolan Gibbons Martin Smith Jones Amoo Pett Conlon Politic Proctor Wilson Assuming Woz injured, otherwise I’d keep him in and play Amoo over Wilson up front
  16. Talented player, but we don’t want troublemakers:)
  17. It’s either that or 343 Covolan Smith Legge Johnson Cass Pett Walker Jones Worrall Wilson Rodney
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