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  1. Normally slating Joyce on here but I thought he was brilliant in the first half. Seemed to be everywhere and proved he could play in a centre mid 2.
  2. I see it’s “The Incompetent Mr Salisbury” reffing again!
  3. Brown Gibbo/Manny Olagunju Smith Monty Worrall Taylor Conlon Hurst Swan Rodney Subs: Scott, Legge, Gibbo/Manny, Joyce, Burgess, Guthrie, Robinson.
  4. Why did Brown kick that back into a dangerous area? Looked like we had the situation under control after the save. Have we touched the ball since half time?
  5. Yeah fair point, I was thinking Taylor would come on 2nd half and give us some energy:)
  6. Brown Gibbons Smith Crookes Monty Joyce Oyeleke Conlon Worrall Guthrie Rodney Subs: Scott, Olagunju, Mills, Taylor, Burgess, Hurst, Swan
  7. Re. Olagunju, my Terrier mate says: “Looked okay ish in pre season - only played once since against Plymouth in the cup when we played our kids. Majority of them did well but he stuck out as being significantly poor, should have been sent off after 5 minutes too. Hardly plays so hopefully some game time will improve him, but he was nowhere near the level against Plymouth“.
  8. “Looking ahead to the next game against bottom of the table Southend United, Pugh provided an incite on what will turn around back-to-back defeats against Walsall and the Iron.” If only!! 😂
  9. Well, where do we go from here? I’d like an experienced manager (Micky) in situ by the weekend but don’t think that’s going to happen. We’ll wait, and hope Pugh’s return from self-isolation will spur us on. We have to try something different, and surely we have to shake up the defence. I was amazed the same 5 started last night. Scott Gibbo Legge New CB Crookes Monty Oyeleke Conlon Worrall Amoo Guthrie Subs: Brown, Smith/Brisley, Fitz, Joyce, Taylor, Burgess, Hurst. Amoo is only there as it sounds as though Guthrie is the only fit striker; we need Rodney
  10. These players have got off lightly with us not being at the ground!
  11. Brown Gibbons New CB Crookes Monty Amoo Taylor Conlon Worrall Guthrie Rodney/Cullen Subs: Collinge, Smith, Fitzpatrick, Joyce/Oyeleke, Burgess, Hurst, Cullen (if Rodney available).
  12. Posted on the match thread about this but thought it deserved its own. Did anyone else see Sinclair smirking up at the director’s box when walking off the pitch today? Who was he smirking at? And what the bloody hell has he got to smirk about?! Guessing from his post-match interview it’s because he thought we played magnificently. Experienced manager ASAP please!!
  13. What/who was Sinclair smirking at when walking off the pitch? Did anyone else see this? And what the bloody hell has he got to smirk about?!
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