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  1. Same ref that sent Monty off at Grimsby in our penultimate game last season
  2. This referee has form, he’s the one who lost control of the game and sent Wozza off after the full time last time he reffed us (Scunny away 19/20).
  3. So what about the blatant right hook on Smithy a few games back? (Can’t remember which one).
  4. He could barely walk for the last 20 mins or so against Rochdale but we’d used all our subs
  5. Covolan Gibbons Martin Smith Jones Amoo Pett Conlon Politic Proctor Wilson Assuming Woz injured, otherwise I’d keep him in and play Amoo over Wilson up front
  6. Talented player, but we don’t want troublemakers:)
  7. It’s either that or 343 Covolan Smith Legge Johnson Cass Pett Walker Jones Worrall Wilson Rodney
  8. Suspect we’ll start 352 again and adjust as/when needed. Stone Smith Legge Jones Worrall Pett Walker Conlon Benning Proctor Wilson/Rodney Cass/Amoo as impact subs with change to system
  9. How much mischief can Mr Kettle get up to as 4th official??
  10. Where’s everyone planning on drinking before the match? (My first Northampton away day!)
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