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  1. Agree on that evidence, but Burgess is under contract 😬
  2. Visser has looked good in some games, poor in others (Sunderland). It’s impossible to make a proper judgement from the Pizza Cup but I really think we need a keeper to at least challenge for the #1 spot. Not sure Visser is that man.
  3. Ey up Stu, keep up the good work! I’m not a big fan of McKirdy but he’s clearly a talented lad who gives us something different. I also think everyone else in the squad has had a chance to prove themselves so good to see he’ll get the same opportunity. I think DC sees him as a “project” and he would be an asset if Clarke can get a tune out of him. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see McKirdy earn a contract for next season. The best news here is we probably won’t have to suffer your best mate Mills again!! 😉
  4. Not sure why there’s any question of her competency. She’s reffed at the women’s World Cup and the FA Cup Final. She’ll be miles better than the usual tripe.
  5. Keep Brown - 1 year Gibbons Joyce - 1 year Legge - 1 year Smith Worrall Oyeleke - 1 year with an option Pope - 1 year Conlon Montano Robinson - I’d get rid but think DC will keep him Taylor Burgess - loan move McKirdy - as Robinson, I think he’ll get 6 months Campbell-Gordon Release Crookes Cullen Guthrie Mills Brisley Whitehead (termination) Amoo Fitzpatrick Trickett-Smith Hurst Visser Scott
  6. Agree with this, though I’d be happy giving Monty 12 months and Manny 12 months/a pay as you play deal.
  7. Same again please! Brown Mills Legge Smith Montano Oyeleke Joyce Conlon Worrall Robinson Rodney Not at all convinced by Robinson but as others have mentioned here, let’s hope he can bag against his old club.
  8. Jonny’s player ratings pretty much spot on tonight, just thought Wozza MOTM myself.
  9. If Monty is fit... Brown Mills Legge Smith Monty Amoo Joyce Conlon Worrall Cullen Rodney If not... Brown Olagunju Legge Smith Worrall Oyeleke Joyce Conlon Amoo Rodney Cullen It’s a poor lot really.
  10. Brown Mills Legge Smith Crookes Rodney Burgess Conlon Hurst Cullen Swan
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