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  1. I’m surprised he is still in post to be honest.
  2. On a slightly more serious note I would go: Brown Mills Legge Smith Clark Joyce Oyeleke Burgess (if Conlon still out) Rodney Pope Worrall If Pope is still isolating I’d try Rodney through the middle and Amoo/Monty on the wing (but Monty on the left!!) Subs: Visser, Brisley, Fitz, Hurst, McKirdy, Cullen, Robinson. Unless there’s someone else (Monty if not in the XI, Amoo or Conlon if half-fit) who could take Robinson’s place.
  3. I’ve seen these sort of things before when a manager is under pressure, and I stand by my previous comment that he’s lost the plot. Examples: Winning 3-2 vs Tranmere, on comes Oyeleke - great I think, he’ll marshal the midfield and put his foot on the ball - he goes up front... Scunthorpe game, switching to the untried 4-2-3-1 system. Bit different - some players looked a bit awkward but McKirdy did well. Newport just before the sending off - on comes Robinson for Rodney who had been playing wide - great I think, we were on top and going to have a proper go with 2 strikers. Oh,
  4. Askey reaction: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08zjkgg
  5. He’s got to go. Before Saturday preferably. He’s completely lost the plot.
  6. I’d like to see this team on Tuesday: Brown Clark Brisley Smith Fitzpatrick Oyeleke Burgess Worrall McKirdy Rodney Montano Can’t really see that we can do much else without changing the system and we’ll only train Monday before the the game. Not sure we’ll even be able to put out 7 subs? Visser, Crookes, Hurst, Robinson, Cullen + whoever is half-fit?
  7. Cullen 🤯 Hope he proves me wrong, but I’d much rather see Rodney through the middle now and McKirdy wide.
  8. Brown Clark Legge Smith Fitzpatrick Oyeleke Burgess Conlon Amoo Pope Worrall Subs: Visser, Brisley, Montano, Whitehead, Rodney, McKirdy, Robinson I’m not sure there will be a change of system, or widespread personnel changes... Wouldn’t be too surprised or disappointed if Monty and Rodney get the nod ahead of Fitz and Pope.
  9. That 4231 you propose worked really well last night.
  10. I thought it was only the Papa John’s cards that are separate.
  11. Is Legge suspended as well on Tuesday? 5 yellow cards?
  12. Brown Clark Brisley Smith Monty/Fitz Oyeleke Burgess Conlon Amoo Pope Worrall Subs: Visser, Legge, Monty/Fitz, Whitehead, Cullen, Rodney, McKirdy
  13. OMFG Sproson.. Crookes gets wrong side, goal disallowed for handball, “he must have had hold of Crookes”
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