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  1. Yeah I agree, I’d like to think we’ll bring in a back up goalie, a full back (preferably Mitch Clark on loan), a midfield stopper and a big striker.
  2. Hi everyone, Please see the video Audley Brass Band have just posted on their Facebook page... www.facebook.com/audleybrass They’re performing The Wonder of You “in isolation”, with a few Vale fans in the band!
  3. I’d go.. Brown Gibbons Legge Smith Montano Burgess Joyce Conlon Amoo Pope/Cullen Worrall Subs: Maddison, Brisley, Taylor, Oyeleke, Cullen/Pope, Browne, Bennett/Atkinson
  4. Does anyone know if the 10 match flexi ticket classes me as a season ticket holder?
  5. Can’t get to the game, coming from Sandbach. M6 backed up southbound, A500 flooded, A34 flooded and impassable between Sandbach and Rode Heath, A50 closed between Alsager and Kidsgrove, A34 closed between Alsager and Talke as flooded at Linley Bridge... No trains through Alsager (flooding) and buses cancelled. Turning round and going home!
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