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  1. We had a shootout at Rovrum in the pizza cup
  2. No, Sebastian Stocksbridge for the 2nd Leg, according to EFL website.
  3. GOT ‘EM! 🙌🏻 Super Vale away.. see you on Sunday Valiants! (For anyone wondering, there are 100 or so left)
  4. Leaving work early and heading down to Burslem in about an hour, praying they have 2 left for Sunday! Just haven’t been able to get down before now.
  5. How long are they holding seats for season ticket holders?
  6. What was the initial allocation?
  7. Covolan Smith Martin Hall Worrall Garrity Pett Gibbons Wilson Proctor Edmondson
  8. Just read on Twitter Norm is sponsoring the game, any truth in this?
  9. Holy Smith Hall Jones Worrall Garrity Walker Pett Hussey Wilson Amoo Subs: Stone, Benning, Martin, Charsley, Cooper, Harratt, Edmondson
  10. Clarke said earlier in the season the youth team keepers are a million miles off, and we’d be better with “Big Az” Martin in goal
  11. Covolan Cass Smith Hall Gibbons Pett Conlon Hussey Worrall Wilson Politic Otherwise stick with 352 and bring in Garrity and Harratt for Politic and Gibbo/Woz/Hussey. Decisions, decisions!
  12. V interesting to see how DC will accommodate Gibbo, Hussey and Woz in the same team.. exciting though! Especially if Woz is pushed higher up
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