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  1. It's the hope that kills Call me naive or a dreamer but it's the thought of discovering the next jimmy greaves that kept me going all this time. If the hugill money is not going to improve the product ie: team, then my hope will go. Transfer fees not improving the team, no future investment in the team. Could have guardiola in the dugout, and it wouldn't make a difference Never felt so low about the club
  2. Have to say, Gibbons performance today had class written all over it
  3. just got back from the Ricoh, My lad said something to me today that kind of sums it up for me Port Vale FC are a League 1 club, with championship fans playing in league 2 with a non league team , manager and owner
  4. Tell you what gets me, To have money is one thing, but Norman also had something than only a select few will ever have. This club binds us all together, young and old from all walks of life, and to actaully have the power to affect people positively in this great city is beyond price. There was a chance for Norman to go down in folklore / legend as the catalyst for change. Norman said that he had the funds to progress this great club, but has clearly decided that keeping money in his pocket is more important than his legacy. When I look at Norman I don't feel anger, just pity
  5. Agreed in may respects, What i would say, is that the players need 100% encouragement now, and not people picking faults on an online forum It's not about blind loyalty, it's about giving a group of young lads belief and confidence, As a fan base, if we're not prepared to do that, then i'll look forward to seeing the L2 fixtures in the summer
  6. There's the whole summer for picking the bones out of this, At the moment it doesn't matter who's fault this is or isn't. Now is not the time Why dont you start acting like supporters and focus on what's important, and maybe, just maybe you might have a L1 team to support next year. You can talk for ever about what the players can and cannot do, but like it or not , the current squad will determine our league status for next year, and perhaps the following seasons as well. One thing I do know, is that your individual support might, just might make the difference. Is that what a football supporter is about ? thick and thin ? If you're not up for the job, get yourself up the d-road and watch premier league mediocrity with the rest, Time to show your true colours ........
  7. The fact that the manager or the coach are not prepared to front up after the game, says everything about their leadership or lack of. Hardly surprising there isn't any in the team then.. Embarrassing and cowardly...
  8. finally this generation has a team !! This club has been a big part of my kids childhood. I know that in years to come we will be talking about Glover, Gannon, the protests, the marches, Mickey Adams (twice ), Page, Smurf, all those away games and now finally we have Bruno,...Don't say it too loudly, but get the feeling we could be at the start of a new journey, a new chapter,...bring it on, new memories to be made . UTV
  9. interesting that smurf said his first candidate would instill discipline, but who has been out of the game for a while...............hhmmmm I know where my money's going , and it's not Little or Dickov, He's a bit of a Psycho though ...
  10. just got back, - time for cool heads For me I'd keep Page, - for now, Smurf would not appoint a replacement for the remaining games, - We'd be stuck with Glover and Grew. Smurf wont get a replacement man in until it's clear what league we're in next season. Now's the time to pull together.Recriminations can wait for another few weeks,..... Admittedly there have been some strange decisions , - none more than Campion. Give the lad a few minutes here, and a few minutes there, with an eye on next season, For now , the important thing is everybody pulls together, fans, management, players, and chairman. Not into boycotting the club because it's "difficult to watch". If you want easy, - go and watch premiership mediocrity up the D - Road
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