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  1. No mention of Hank and Margit Julicher? It’s been a strange decade for a Vale fan.
  2. The problem with the Starve 'Em Out campaign was that it worked but a good number of fans never returned. We can't afford to do that again. I don't agree with the OP that it was the cowards way out but I feel their frustration. 4000 smurf dolls thrown on the pitch after the first goal conceded? Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  3. Definitely Naylor vs Sunderland at Vale Park. I remember Matthews scoring from close to the half way line at Hull in 2005, was a bit of a fluke though!
  4. Remember ClubCall? It was £1 or £2 per minute even back in the early 90s! That ad on teletext to snare you in!
  5. Alvarado Prince De Beauchen Walkon £10 on each to win
  6. Cheers pal. So it sounds like Smurf doesn't understand this?
  7. I've just read the Sentinel feed from last night and it seems the potential TV revenue if we were to achieve promotion was debated. Does this work the same as the Premiership? For example Premiership clubs get paid for 10 games (I think) regardless. So if Stoke City only get shown 3 times they still get paid for 10. If Liverpool are show 15 times they get paid for 10 and and additional payments for the other 5. Is this not how it works in the Championship? People seem worried that we wouldn't be selected to be shown so wouldn't receive TV money. My understanding is that's not how it works, but Smurf seemed to think it does? I wasn't there last night and got my info from the feed. So if anyone knows any more then please tell!
  8. So you helped to bring down the global financial system!
  9. I'm an exile and about to move house. Do I even bother to give the club my new address for this shirt? Are they posting them?
  10. It's the last weekend before pay day for a lot of people. I know I for one can't afford it but if it had been next weekend I would have probably gone.
  11. This policy seems to have worked for the England cricket team.
  12. York away last season when a York player with a receeding hairline went to take a corner: "We can see you're going bald, we can see you're going bald..." "Come on Rooney, Come on Rooney" Player could barely kick it for laughing.
  13. Brilliant article...... like any other fan used to dream about Rudgey saying "get your boots on son" scoring the winner and celebrating infront of the paddock.
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