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  1. 2 hours ago, dazzerjames said:

    We were always going to concede again if the team wasn’t changed half time . An experienced manager would have changed it . Pugh wouldn’t have the confidence to be that bold . Needs the new manager in soon

    Askey was an experienced manager. He would not have changed it. For Askey read Pugh.

    I find it very difficult to praise or criticise a manager and not include his team also.

    Big difference being Pugh now has the final say in all matters but it is still the same decisions as if Askey was in charge ???

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  2. 2 hours ago, The man in the pub said:

    Seriously hope he scores a hatful for us. However seen a lot of strikers down the Vale some good many poor. Gutherie doesnt look like a goal scorer,  hasnt got that desire. Maybe its too early some will say but chuck someone into a swimming pool and you soon see if they are a swimmer. Rodney looked like he had something from day one, dont see that in Gutherie.

    Just my opinion of course and happy to come on here and eat Humble pie if I am wrong.

    Confidence plays a massive part for a goalscorer. Guthrie does have effort and he does not hide. He wants to be involved. Rodney looked poor today. They both need service to look better.

    Pope still looks the best number 9 we have and he is very close to being past it i am afraid.

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  3. 2 hours ago, ClntonBoulton said:

    Turning it off now.....I'll go and watch the rugby. This is depressing,,,,AGAIN. Defending is woeful....may as well just send a shirt out!

    Will have to calm down a bit before commenting on the rest....awful.

    Think Mills was thinking of rugby. Did you see his attempt at an up n under chase

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  4. 2 hours ago, wotsyobeef said:

    Mills has had a lot of criticism and whilst he hasn't been great other than the bad pass before their second I don't think he has been the worst on the pitch for us. He certainly has in other games.

    I think this may be the last we see of crookes just let their lad run through for the first and sold himself for the second. If it isn't it should be.

    Until his goal all Taylor had done was kill attacks with short/hospital passes.

    I'm not sure what Guthrie offers other than a presence up top. I don't see much difference between him and Reggie.

    I would have never thought Otis Khan would make a full back but has probably been the best right back I have seen against Rodney this season. He used to be our tormentorfrom midfield but hadn't been great the last few times we have played Mansfield.

    Despite being so poor we are somehow still in this. Come on Vale

    Agree with all this :

    Crookes is very poor. Smith not much better. We need two center halfs.

    Taylor scored again but he offers very little else in midfield and needs to be carried by the others. Joyce has to be replaced for us to do this and get the best from Taylor.

    Guthrie not showing enough so far. Tells me that the best number 9 we have is still Pope. We need a goalscorer up front.

    Rodney showed nothing today and yes against Khan who had a good day at full back. Defended well and good going forward. Their left back also had a good defensive game, got stuck in and was good going forward. Clark is a proper center half and they could even carry a donkey in Monte.

    Spearing is a player who protects the back four and also plays his part in forward play.

    Vaughan up front. Goals goals goals. add Lloyd and Lewis and the have a top team

    Oh and for everyone that states Worral is the best. Take a look at Woolery today. He is a top player who can : work hard for his team, play wide and create chances.

    Very good team Tranmere. When we played them earlier i said they would be 15+ points above us. Now need to say it will be 25+. We have a long way to go before we are a top team.

  5. 2 hours ago, CambridgeDon said:

    Well done, Jake Taylor - back in scoring mode

    Thats what Taylor is in the team for.

    Unfortunately we need a midfield player too and as long as Joyce plays in a three with Conlon and Taylor we will remain a poor team. 

    Not convinced about Taylor at all. Yes he will score goals , i think , but at what cost. He has not been in the game so far and we are being overran in midfield. First priority is get rid of Joyce.

  6. 2 hours ago, TRFC1992 said:

    Your attacking is really good, constantly look dangerous.

    Your defence is quite bad, looks like we'll score each time we attack.

    Centre backs need a rollicking for you lot.

    Should have added i would sooner leave out Smith and Crookes and play just Clark on his own


  7. 2 hours ago, Powerline said:

    Why are people complaining about Sinclair. Pugh is the manager. And I’m not having a go at Pugh. He shouldn’t be manager, whenever we’ve played a team that’s not non league standard we’ve played <ovf censored>. Get someone in please.

    We lost. Surely Pugh was at home ? Nothing to do with it. We never lose when he is on touchline !!

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  8. 2 hours ago, CambridgeDon said:

    All that came from Mills needlessly giving the ball away. Where did Askey get these useless players from? Two chances and they're two up. With this defence, we are going to leak goals like a colander.

    Poor defending again from Crookes in the middle. Mills awful, Crookes as bad

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  9. 2 minutes ago, philmpv said:
    17 minutes ago, Sandyford_Lion said:
    Hope he is sat in the stands on Saturday.
    Give the players something to play for.

    Apart from their wages you mean?

    Thats the problem they picked up their wages after last nights performance

  10. 6 minutes ago, PVFC_4_EVA said:

    I said before. I don’t think Taylor suits a 2 man centre midfield. He thrived under Asksy when playing in a 3 but I probably shouldn’t say anything positive about Askey in case I get abused.

    He played in a three on Sat. Well i say played, dont think he did really.

    Scunthorpe  ommentators said could not see where Taylor could play for them. They were happy tonight to see him in a two and they were right. He was awful.

    Criticise Joyce all we want but he did more than Taylor

  11. 9 minutes ago, Powerline said:

    Embarrassing that tweet from Legge, been a great captain for us and a good player. Very unprofessional and not something you’d expect from a seasoned player like him.

    I dont believe Pugh when he says Legge is still part of the squad.

    Legge is going, wont play for us again. After tonight we do need him

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  12. 9 minutes ago, pete vale said:


    Has Monty been self isolating?  Rodney all we've got up front, has a 'minor' injury? Full backs shocking.

    I feel awful for Carol and Kevin and for us all tbh. We have backed the club, they have backed the club. We have everything in place except perhaps the most important thing - A FOOTBALL TEAM

    I can only imagine how the Shanahan's feel, I think even a temporary manager like Horton or Adams to kick some arse and keep it tight until season end is the least to be done.

    What a piss take it would be for us to lose league status now after all the sh*t we put up with the Fat Controller. For Notts County read PVFC.

    My worry are the owners. Hope they dont give in.

    They have started and not they must continue. That is a must for a new manager now.

    As for the players WOW massive job to sort them out

  13. 7 minutes ago, PV1973 said:

    First half defensively cost us. First goal is something you’d be gutted by at a Sunday morning game let alone at a pro level. Second again we allowed a striker to turn and get a pass off. Could Brown have done better? 

    Second half our tempo and intensity was better (how could it not be) but i put that in large part down to the introduction of Gibbo, I think his tenacity and urgency lifts us. it also stopped their left hand side from playing too, they were nowhere near as dangerous down there. I see Joyce is getting a lot of stick but I thought we had more options with him and we were managing to switch it right to left much better. Am I alone I’m thinking that we should have done better from that in swinging Conlon free kick? It was begging to be attacked. We huffed and puffed without really creating too much or getting that bit of luck we needed when it was dropping in the box. The story of it is that we were undone by ourselves again with those 2 goals, they’re preventable, it’s not like they were moments of brilliance. 

    Smith awful. Brown poor too.

    Second half Scunthorpe didnt push on at all. More to do with that i think. Yes we had the ball but created nothing really.

    Joyce may have failed in 10 passes but at least he tried. Where was Taylor. Saw mire of him second half than first.

    Yes we gave ghe goals away but once again no goals in us.

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  14. 10 minutes ago, MBE said:

    I can only describe that one way.... a relegation performance.

    Piss poor defending yet again. its a joke.

    Huff and puff looked very disjointed with no desire to get on the end of balls in the box. Conlon put some fantastic free-kicks and crosses but we just trot to the ball. Not one player trying to attack the ball.

    Conceding for fun and don't look like we will score. Sorry only going one way now.

    Now looking for the results of Barrow, Harrogate,Southen and Grimsby...let that sink.

    Carol please please please get a leader of men in that dressing room as manager to drill this defence and get these players to show some grit and determination before we end up in the National League.

    I have read this. HOPE CAROL DOES

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  15. 9 minutes ago, pete vale said:

    Legge and Joyce start v Southend for me. Gibbo for sure. is Rodney going to be fit?

    We are in the <ovf censored>.


    Legge has been poor and deserved to be dropped.

    Has to be Gibbo Legge Smith , with gritted teeth, and where is Monty.

    Taylor doesnt deserve to play Sat

    Where is Rodney

  16. 11 minutes ago, Aguar61 said:

    Don't shout at the owners, they're still learning,save your anger for the wage poachers who are taking the piss out of all us! Helpless situation as it stands, could take it under an evil owner but it hurts more under owners who we know care, really heartbreaking,hurts like hell.

    You are right.

    The owners did their pzrt for this season. Askey has failed us and the players are taking the money for nothing

  17. 19 minutes ago, PVFC764 said:

    Makes me laugh that the Scunny commentators say will this be a dangerous cross from Vale.  They have seen us play for 70 minutes so should know this is not a word Vale players are capable of doing - putting dangerous crosses into the box.

    Our wide players are,again,rubbish. Crosses into the box are not crosses they are balls pumped into the air

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