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  1. Not losing my head but a poor start so far, performance that is.
  2. Settle for Benning to start with for Jones. We need a goal. Maybe Proctor for Rodney last 10 mins of Benning can get forward
  3. If as reported on here it was an insurance issur that forced him to drop down the pyramid then be honest Tom and tell us. Its hard to believe he chose Congleton, unless no one else was interested in his potential.
  4. What a cracking career he has had. Some ups and some downs but he has done us proud. HE IS A VALE LAD who has given his all for the Vale. If Rodney, Wilson etc give us half the commitment Tom gave us i will be happy. If they score half the goals i will be happy but that remains to be seen and i have my doubts. It was time to go for Tom. We cant do anything about that Good luck Popey lad. Go on playing as long as you possibly can, so long as you still enjoy the buzz of the game. You started as a young kid in a mans game, hope you now finish as an owd man in a mans game. Move in to management if thats your wish and whatever level you are at, ENJOY Thanks for everything Tom
  5. Good luck Popey lad. True star and wish him all the best for his future.Just enjoy yourself and hope you play on for another 10 years if thats what you want. Thanks for everything you have done for the Vale. Our team.
  6. Agree but i do see top competition for places in that midfiel three, including Worrall fighting for a place. Nothing erong with that. Taylor has to push Worrall for a place in the team, if he gets it then we will benefit. If Worrall holds his place and performs well then again we benefit. Second wing back to really push Gibbons may be a top signing too. Smith has shown he can fill in there if needed but real pace and atacking options are needed there aswell as defensive duties. As i said earlier another strikef to push Wilson and Rodney too. Really excited for this coming season, cant wait
  7. We need a striker who WILL challenge Wilson and Rodney. Cannot just rely on a young loan player and another chancer for our two striking options.
  8. Andy Crosby appears to be a top top signing. Every manager , good or bad, needs a great number two
  9. Do you have a place for Worrall in the first 11
  10. Many many options here. Only slight doubt for me is the two up front. So far only Wilson and Rodney and there are doubts about both for the ' goalscorer '. Hope Rodney develops further. Hope Wilson really wants to be a vale player. Still time for another striker to join us though ?
  11. If you are right and we play a 3 it has to be 4 4 2 otherwise where is Worral If it is 4 4 2 then we play 2 center backs ? I believe we will look at 3 5 2 in the main so it will be interesting team selections and maybe we dont need anymore wide players.
  12. Lot of truth there Phil Smith. Matrix is all well and good if we are successful. We can all say how well it has gone so far but until we see the results we dont have a clue. Yes we needed to replace all the players released, in my opinion, but only with better players. We are still a few first team players missing for me and we certainly dont seem to have spent as much on wages as previously. D. C. has yet to win me over but time and results will tell. Words really are cheap, its results that matter. I find him arrogant, no one is bigger than him and he is no. 1. Again give us the results and i will be over the moon with him. Really did expect better in the players signed so far. Wonder how many players we put in for but failed to get, if any. Massive gamble by Carol and i hope she is successful with the choice of management team. She above anyone deserves it.
  13. You are right about the budget and the money possibly spent so far. Still plenty of players to come in !!
  14. Lets have faith in our set up but we still have to wait and see. Everyone was expecting a ' number one ' goalkeeper. We may have one but will just have to wait and see. In D.C. we trust !!
  15. League Two and the National league ade not so different now. Most are professional and there is more cash down there. Watched the N L play offs and there is NO difference in those games / players and the majority of league 2. Having seen many games on I Follow this time, there really didnt seem anything different at all. We could have been playing any of those teams and any result would have been possible.
  16. Forget the goals. When watching brief highlights every week he did seem to impress in his play. His goal record is ok too. What we dont know, as with almost every player, does he want it enough. He is local but the Vale might be the last club he wants to come to. He must have made decent money so far in his career but if he has lived up to his wage and spent it then he will go for the highest offer probably. If he comes and has had better offers elsewhere then we might be onto something. He is skillful and he is a 'footballer '. Tom Conlon is a ' footballer '
  17. Has anyone been up so far today. Is it busy
  18. At Christmas i thought he was playing. 🤣🤣
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