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  1. Great win. Brilliant supporters. I am sure WE WILL ALL BE HAPPY to follow in their footsteps
  2. We are just not as big a club as most would have you believe. But if it was a Saturday game I'm in no doubt we would of sold out by now Thats the club we are and nothing wrong with it. We are not the biggest, never have been and never will be. We are currently a Div 2 team with... 5000 season tickets 6000 average gate in good season 9000 max home fans for end of season big game. Thats us and thats good. If in div 2 next season then hopefully we build on the above figures but not by much i dont think. Hopefully a 1000 home fans on average gate would be max. Nothing wrong with those figures except the people who dream that we should have double. Anyone for Wembley with the 20000 others on the day. Friends of friends, family members, day out etc etc, but not regular supporters i am afraid.
  3. Thanks I do agree about the football quality in the squad, it is below other teams and we must sign better quality especially wing backs and midfield. I still say that Cass and Jones were the sole reason for our early season success. Their pushing forward from the back drove our midfield and wide players forward, something they lack in my opinion and i believe we are now seeing that.
  4. Sorry Paul 6754 I have to ask. Are you Jake Taylors relation ? All i have seen all season is your admiration and backing of Taylor. He is not the answer. He is not good enough
  5. If you need stats to give a verdict on a football match that youhave just seen, then you are in trouble. Stats will read whatever you want them too. Today we were poor. Half time should have been nil nil and a terrible game. Two awful mistakes by Smith and Gibbons gave the lead to Swindon. Overall Swindon were the team who deserved the win. They have players who know how to move forward, create, score goals. Perhaps they had an off day today otherwise it could have been all over.
  6. Can we stick with a back 3 ??? No, with the players we have !!! Smith cannot play on the right. He is awful with the ball. martin is the poor choice for me in the centre. Too many mistakes and not strong enough. It has to be Smith in the centre. Who can play on the right. Cannot be Gibbons, the obvious choice, because he is a poor defender at crosses. Not tall enough. Cass did it and Cass also far better as a footballer than Gibbons. No one else to play there. So drop the 3 5 2 and go 4 4 2, besides Worrall is finished as a wide player and must be replaced if we are to create and score goals. Has to be Gibbons Smith Hall Benning. Then we need to sort a midfield that can create and done tell me Taylor. Taylor is another to be left out.
  7. Bede,s post spot on. Dont expect too many replies to it though.
  8. Does anyone know the full details of the fanzone for Sunday.
  9. Louis Dodds played about 4 games in a 4 3 1 2 He was almost wide in a 4 4 2 For Garrity, its either him or, for how deep Wilson keeps dropping, Wilson. Its true , as a midfielder Garrity is not the answer. Brilliant goals this season and its his success that has put us where we are in the main, but he is so easily passed by in midfield. His creativity from midfield is next to nothing. Once he is in the box he looks dangerous
  10. A young lad playing with his heart on his sleeve then. Still does now but an awful footballer when has the ball out wide and is expected to help create forward play. Has to be a center back and nowhere else for me.
  11. He is Garbage as right back. A good center back and that is where he should play
  12. Losing Cass was the worst that could have happened to us. It put Smith in his position. Smith or Hall as center back end of. The other as back up.
  13. If Forest Green are two down at half time, Exeter wont care that we beat them !!!!!
  14. If Exeter win tomorrow night they have 83 points !! and are guaranteed second place. Exeter have to lose all three games for us to be guaranteed automatic Far better to hope Exeter do lose all three games. This wont happen. Exeter have to beat Northampton. Lose to Barrow first and FGR win midweek. Then " nothing to play for " against us. Bit like Walsall had nothing to play for. Its what we do that matters not what the opposition may feel.
  15. Dont question my true intent or my support. I give an honest opinion of how i see players, games etc. You are nowhere near a true fan compared to me. Perhaps you are a so called fan, whatever that means. My support is always there no matter what team is but i do have an opinion. This is a fans forum You dont need to SPELL IT OUT. To answer your pathetic comments towards my post.. I said Garrity is good when good but poor when poor. My opinion is i believe we need to find another option in midfield. I believe we have had a great run from him and i dont see this being the norm from him. Our creativity in the team is not the best, in my opinion and Garritys role needs to be better for a season long push for promotion. Martin. I do agree with you. For me he is slow and unless we have high balls knocked into the box i wouls sooner see a better central center back. Ideally Smith, if we could get the balance better on the right hand side Never criticised the two strikers we have. I said we have no one to back them up and that has proven to be true. We also signed two very good strikers who were both prone to injuries in their previous seasons. Ive seen most of those 20 games you mention and as great as it is to see a win i do look a bit deeper than some and they were not always great performances to match the great 3 points. TRY LOOKING BEYOND THE RESULT FOR A CHANGE. Its surprising what you may see, if you know what you are looking for.
  16. Thats why its so boring now. NO PHONE BOX
  17. A draw between Exeter and Northampton would be enough to put it back in our own hands, provided we beat Newport Thats it
  18. Yes but we have to score from one of them one day !! I agree, once the throw arrives in the box it is a bit of a lottery but you never know. His play out from the back was his most effective part of his game i thought. He and Cass pushed us forward more so than the current team is doing.
  19. No different in Australia than Sandyford ????
  20. Will be totally gutted but after a few days or so may well look back on the season and say its not been a bad one ? Then the work starts and the money required to make us stronger for next season because this one will have been a failure
  21. 6 points is promotion. Providing Exeter beat Northampton
  22. Its ok for you to say that, you are in Australia, i presume. I am in Sandyford but then again its only words. You are spot on : My thoughts on this season all hinged on the great run Garrity had. Was it a fluke ? When he has been good he scored goals and looked a breath of fresh air in a poor , none creative midfield. When he has been poor , he has been awful and added to the other two midfielders, have offered us nothing at all in creativity. My assessment on Garitty is that he is average at best and needs to become a squad player. Once the midfield offers very little we then depend on our two wide men. Worrall has been poor in his creative and attacking play, especially last few months, add to that he has had Smith behind him, who struggles to make a decent pass going forward and we offer very little down the right. Our left also struggles to offer threats too. Do we play Hussey who is a ' specialist ' in dead ball situations but is less mobile or Benning who does get forward but has probably had his worst season for a while. Up front we have two decent strikers but only two and when we miss them we have no cover. Amoo is poor, Rodney was poor, two you lads have been a bonus and may have a decent career but so far its been hit and miss for them when asked to step up. The back three have never looked solid even when we have not conceded too many goals. Martin is the main culprit for me. Very slow and does not look sharp enough either. Hall an excellent player. Smith a good center defender and no more. I have to say that we conceded goals when Jones and Cass were in there but they made up for it with their attacking, creative play from the back. This is the reason we scored goals in the first half of the season. They made the midfield push forward more Goalie, you can still choose any one from three for me. We have missed Conlon and Gibbons for sure but if they are not fit you cannot play them. Two games to go and then the play offs. Still in with a chance but a slim one for me. Need to change things around, dont think we will though. We look a very tired team after a tough season. I would go with : Stone Smith Hall Jones Gibbons Garrity Pett Charsley Hussey Proctor Wilson If Gibbons not fit then we will stick with Worral / Edmondson Then we need some start performances from several players
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