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  1. 5 minutes ago, Quebec_Valiant said:

    It's ok to disagree, it's about opinions.  My initial reaction, without replays, was that he may well walk.   

    I'm not convinced that it was a tackle that he needed to make.  From my perspective he gave the ref  a decision to make unnecessarily. 

    Yes its fine, no issue.

    The player is coming through the middle. Joyce is there to stop him but fairly. He was slow in the challenge. Player reactions didnt help but the ref was certainly ready with the red card

  2. 1 minute ago, TheSage said:

    The referee was poor - for both teams.

    But I still think if we'd kept 11 men on the pitch we would have won that and we should have been able to have defended our lead - twice - even with ten men.

    It's a bitterly disappointing result but if you concede 4 in one half you aint going to win anything, referee or not.

    Joyce was to blame. There was no need to risk a tackle like that, in the middle of the park, when we're 2 up.


    Certainly not blaming Askey. Rodney for Pope i understand but even though he scored i dont think Rodney offers enough certainly when we need to hold the ball and defend.

    Cant understand Manny up front though. Leave Rodney and his pace there. If Amoo has to come off then Montano on.

    Overall we were just unlucky i guess, even with a rubbish ref, for both teams. Poor Clarke clearance for one. Smith not getting up to head clear. Crookes coming in to the ball and leaving his man free behind. Mistakes from players who gave there all and had decent games. They all must have been shattered

    Tranmere are a good team. Not sure where he is from but Blackley Taylor is a player. He is what we are missing. On todays performance anyway.

    Need 3 points Tuesday and then we will be looking good. Joyce out so will we change formation or who will come in as his replacement. Is Manny ready for 90 mins. That is the question

  3. 4 minutes ago, Quebec_Valiant said:

    For me it was late and high, not sure that intent comes into it.  As mentioned elsewhere probably borderline but I don't think that it was an obvious error but could have gone either way.

    From my view i didnt see it as too high. Certain yellow no more. Joyce may have been slow but he has to make the tackle

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  4. 1 hour ago, CambridgeDon said:

    I'm not an advocate of 442 with this squad because we simply don't have the players to make it work. Having said that, we played more like 424 against Carlisle leaving our midfield woefully exposed. The really big problem we have is that we can't score and it looks as if we have very few goals in the side. And it also looks as if the word has got around that if you defend deep, Vale have no answer, so set up to defend and, if you get one goal, you stand a good chance of winning.

    This is our biggest problem by far with only, I think, 8 teams that have scored fewer goals. So if Askey continues to play 433, that's fine, but he has to find a way to set up clear chances and finish them. It's going to help on the chances side if we can get Manny back playing regularly but then we still have to put it in the net!

    There's a long way to go - let's hope we don't see any more games like today.

    442   or   433     Formations mean absolutely nothing. Its the players to fit those formations. If they are not balanced then its no good.   433 is fine if wide right comes in when ball is out wide left and vice versa. They wide men have to score goals. If they do not then the 1 up front needs 25+ for promotion.

    Our wide men cannot score those goals. Worall's shots are mainly like back passes. Rodney is never composed to score goals. Amoo just never gets in the positions to get the goals. Our wide men cannot create enough good chances on a regular basis. You need to beat the man and cross not wait and wait before crossing.


    Its not the opposition that we fail to beat. Its our own performance that gives us the end result, good or bad. We can beat anyone but the next week, the same players, can lose to anyone.

    Not enough goals in the team, whichever system. Not enough creativity from the middle. Very few goals there at all. We lose a man having to play Joyce as a holding player in front of the back four. Not enough danger down the wings to create or score.

    The problem is that the players i say are failing us : Worall Pope Amoo Conlon Joyce Legge deserve to have those positions each week. They are the best we have. Will they be good enough over a season for the play offs ? My thoughts are maybe not but they are the best we have and we will continue to see good performances followed by poor ones from the same players.

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  5. 1 hour ago, TheSage said:

    Oh, blimey. Sorry. Maybe someone else has a solution. It's half time now. We've had the odd opportunity (as far as I can tell) but they look composed and a threat from balls into the box.

    I'm quite pleased it's 0-0 still. Not much in it.

    Camo on 7 mins to go. Rewind to watch full match. Buffering all first half but looks ok second half

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  6. 7 minutes ago, TheSage said:

    Try clicking again on i-follow - next match. It then takes you to the game itself (I hope).

    I agree - a lower quality seems to give me access too. Thanks.

    Just gone for it. Subscribed for Southend game with tonights passcode and i now have access to that game also. Still no live game tonight

  7. 1 minute ago, TheSage said:

    Have you logged in with your card details and pasted your code in? Sorry, if you know all that already but it needs a card and the code before it takes you to the right page.

    Thanks for reply. Yes done that and all accepted. Had email to confirm purchase successful.   Have tried to access again and it goes straight to you already have access to this match

  8. 2 minutes ago, ClntonBoulton said:

    I've watched tonight and then sat back and taken a breath but I could have put my mortgage on what some of the comments on here would be. Perhaps I've got rose tinted specs but I never expected us to waltz this league or win every game or even boss every game.....I actually thought we played well tonight...tin hat on! How he's given a penalty against Conlon I'm not 100% sure but we've clawed our way back in and played some nice football. We equalise with that penalty and, for me, are bossing the game. They score a very good goal to go 2-1 up but we then play better than them and have them worried. Chasing the game we get done with that late goal.....Askey out, we are crap....get a sense of perspective on it for Christ's sake.

    We were as good, if not better than them, but got beat....it happens. It is a long old season and I hated the stuff on here pre-season about how we'll walk it, play off yada yada.....You have to win games of football and we've lost tonight....I don't think we're a million miles off but Jeezus, Vale fans...........get real!

    And before you mention the little old Vale complex and he's happy with anything, I'm as frustrated and pi££ed off as everybody else.

    We need to look at all games so far, our own views on the players we have and their performances. It doesnt scream out to me that we are play offs. We struggle to create and score goals in most games so far. Tonight at half time yes we got through their ten minute  spell after the goal, yhey could have had a second but we then held them and looked as good. Equalised and all ok at half time.

    Second half was poor. Not enough will to win. Poor quality in final third. The usual mistake that is punished and poor decision from the bench to try and get a point. Askey out is stupid but hes got a job to do now and must earn his money.

    Do i have confidence we can turn it around at Oldham. For me no. I know we will win games this season and play some good games. Will we do it enough for the play offs. For me no.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Jacko51 said:

    With regard to some of the comments about Worrall on here.  Remember form is temporary, class is permanent.


    Five goals max for a year from a class player. Wish we had a few more. Class is overstated for Worrall.

    The scariest part is we have no one better and so i would still play Worrall but not in our 433 or 451 set up

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Biddulph_PV said:

    I don’t think you can pinpoint one area, the whole team is not set up right IMO.

    Legge, great centre back, but last couple of times I’ve seen him he wants to play Hollywood passes. Why?? I’m guessing because no midfielder is showing for it. So inevitably the ball gets belted upfield but guess what, we don’t have any significant presence up there so the ball is basically handed back to the opposition. 

    The midfield looks really weak, no energy or creativity just sideways and backwards passing. All those awaiting for Manny’s return, forget it, your kidding yourselves. We’ll be lucky to get 15 appearances out of him.

    I genuinely believe 532 or even 343 needs to be tried, we just cannot go on expecting things to change by doing the same things when it clearly isn’t working. We will be lucky to score 40 goals at this rate and that rarely ends well for teams.

    40 goals is all we have.

    We dont have a midfield TWO. Not sure about 352 but i do know we have to have two strikers up front.

    We have a much better balanced squad but tney are not the right players to achieve a team for the play offs

  11. 1 minute ago, Powerline said:

    No I just recognise that’s football, sometimes you have poor runs of form. It’s still early days and we have lost Gibbons, Amoo, McKirdy, Mills and Oyeleke to injury. That’s 5 of our match day squad players. Get some perspective.
    People are overreacting. Sacking Askey would be like having a headache so chopping your head off.

    Manny yes he would have played tonight. The other 4 NO. You can have a squad of 22 first team players but you pick 11. The skill is picking the right 11 and hoping they play their best game.

    Gibbons or Mills before Clarke ? Amoo for Worrall ? McKirdy for Montano ? If you knew who was going to be on their game then selection would be easy but thats the problem, who knows who will be on song

  12. 7 minutes ago, Boslem's Brazil said:

    The front 3 is the biggest problem. I actually thought Theo did ok tonight, and thankfully is starting to look better than he was in the first couple of games. Worrall needs a rest or moved into the midfield 3 instead of Whitehead. I said before he hasn’t got the pace to play in a front 3 and got slated. I still stand by that. The third midfielder is a worry, and I think Askey’s biggest mistake has not been reinforcing that area. Manny just isn’t going to be fit and Whitehead and Burgess aren’t good enough.

    We aren’t a bad side, but just haven’t got enough goals in us. If we get Amoo, McKirdy (if he finds form or is good enough) and Manny back, then we might have a chance to turn this around.

    I’m not giving up on promotion just yet, but we are unfortunately looking very toothless at the moment. If we do turn it around, it will feel very sweet. That’s what I’m clinging onto. 

    Its hard to believe your statement that the front 3 is the problem. We canot call Worrall a front player and Rodney will never be a regular front player, so that leaves one for 25 goals. Worrall does lack pace and so never gets around the full back but crosses from a deeper position. He can cross a good ball more than often but it is not the ball that strikers would hope for.

    Not sure if he is a battler in a midfield three though and still not enough goals in him. Problem is we have no one better i dont think. Players for every position people said on here. Yes thats true but they are not good enough for play offs. Lets bring in Amoo, McKirdy,Cullen and after two games its wheres Rodney, Worrall,Montano.

    Nit enough creation. Not enough goals

  13. 31 minutes ago, Jacko51 said:

    Finishing is the difference. 

    Finishing is our problem full stop.

    There are not enough goals in our whole squad for the play offs let alone promotion. Its not just who plays up front its also midfield. We waste a player having to play Joyce as a holding player.

    It has to be 442 but we dont have any midfield player good enough for a 2.   433 will remain and we will win games but not enough. We will need 7 plus wins or so at 1 0 to get anywhere near play offs.

    Weve brought in ten wide players since Montano was signed and he will still score more than any of them, with equal games played and yet Montano is not good or consistent enough to gain us play offs. Conlan might score a wonder goal or two but who will score 10 from midfield. Worrall 5 max a season, good season for him. Rodney a defo no as our hero. 

    Whoever plays up front in a one is on a loser i am afriad.

    Askey failed tonight with his changes. 10 mins to go before a change , come on. Thats poor. He must have been hoping for a 2 1 defeat at most or a last minute equaliser.

    Now then a win at little old Oldham. Lets see hey

  14. 17 minutes ago, Biddulph_PV said:

    I have to admit I was in the same camp that thought we did have a great squad, but these last 3 games have been a real eye-opener. Working on scoring say 70 goals over the season for promotion, where will then come from??? Are any of our strikers capable of scoring 10 let alone 20?? Who will score the midfield quota?? Worrall, historically not good for more than 5. Conlon, perhaps 3 screamers. Legge  and Smith might contribute say 6 between them, and Monty and Amoo a couple but that’s it really.

    Done those numbers pre season.  Playing 4 5 1  or 4 3 3  whichever way you look at it i get to 40 goals and the i struggle. Thats why i say we need to play 12 or 13 players from the start to get more goals. After Pope, if he played up front for most of the season, the only player likely to get anywhere near double figures would be Montano. He would need to play almost every game and play wide midfield. Joyce has to play in a midfield 3 as the cover player for the back four. This leaves two wide men and two midfield players, whoever we pick, to come up with 40 plus goals for playoffs. NEVER. Not enough goals.

  15. 4 hours ago, Jacko51 said:

    So we had two chances and only one on target. Does that not suggest that we didn’t create enough?  They had 16 efforts on goal. Does that not suggest that our midfield was giving their’s far too much space??

    Forget the actual numbers but their total interceptions  were far greater than ours. Does that show their need for the ball was far greater than ours. That said i am not one for statistics. I can clearly see the better team on the day. Carlilse won with ease. Decent team too. For the games ive seen this season i would put us outside the top ten. Not good enough but the best that this ' amazing squad' can do for us. I laughed at the numerous comments pre season about what a great bzlanced squzd we have, players covering every position, strength in depth. Problem is to fit them in and win a play off spot we need to play 12 /13 every game. We dont have a great , balanced 11 let alone squad players to come in and as replacements.

  16. 2 minutes ago, Jacko51 said:

    Cullen is not effective with his back to goal which is how he spent most of yesterday. 

    Totally agree but to supply him we need wingers who can push up the field, take a man on and beat them, deliver a ball into the box.  Then they have to get back and help the full backs and midfield.                                                     We are a league two. We have players who can do some of the above, some of the time.    Thats why i say Worrall had an off day. He is our main supplier of a ball into the box.                                                                                         You have to agree though that Cullen has to offer more than he did yesterday. He has to be able to hold the ball up, especially when he receives it to feet just inside the opponents half. Otherwise we will struggle to build our play and remain under pressure.

  17. 5 minutes ago, TheSage said:

    I think the comment about a lack of quality is spot on.

    We haven't got a big, physical team and have sometimes found it difficult in recent seasons when other sides play like this. We don't win many high balls in the final third and with a blustery wind, probably a lot worse than it looked on TV, the ball was hard to get down and pass with accuracy.

    You simply have to take your chance when it comes against these teams. Then the game gets stretched and you can often get another one. 

    They were indeed very well drilled and professional and probably deserved a point, playing in a manner that suited the players they've got.

    It's no good us moaning. We need to be stronger and to show more quality on the ball. 

    Distribution from the back is poor. Lumping it up to Cullen was never going to work in a month of Sundays. 

    I doubt the likes of Robinson. McKirdy, Pope and Amoo are anywhere near fully fit. Monty is perhaps next in line for a start as he's probably a week or two ahead of the others.

    There were a few pluses. Oyeleke's 90 minutes and he was good after half time. We kept a clean sheet. Brisley got some game time and was ok. 

    Just let's take the 0-0 and move on. Not a game that will live long in the memory but I've seen dozens like that over the years and we've lost a few similar ones.


    It was poor quality today. Conditiond did not help. We had an off day. 

    Poor distribution from Brown most of game. Legge and Smith excellent again. Conlan had an off day although marked closely and this upset him i think. Manny gives us that physical presence we need, i think, but his quality first half was poor and with Conlan not at his best we suffered going forward. Too much long ball then.

    Worrall had a stinker, after two excellent performances and this proves he is not a goalscorer. He is excellent at delivering a ball and does not have pace to beat a man down the outside but this does not make him a poor player. He just had an off day. Cullen is the weak link for me. Yes he needs service but i dont see he offers anything until in the six yard box. Did not hold a ball up yesterday, admittedly always close to half way line but we need this from the front man. Rodney i thought played better than previous games. Maybe more confident but he looked useful.

    Yes three more players available from next week but remember we can only play 11, have 7 subs and use 3. Askey has to get it right. He wont every game but hopefully enough. There is a danger in picking your team to play the opposition. Sometimes it may be better to pick to your strengths and let them worry over you.

    Decent start but i still dont see enough goals scored unless one is a game is enough and clean sheets a plenty. Just wish i was there 


  18. 1 minute ago, Doha said:

    A name sponsored facility at the ground. A charitable arm of the club foundation. A massive B&G 'Old Sage' flag on away days. T shirts on the opening day like with Pete. Just let me know pal and I'm there. 

    I've just been going through the B&G emails. He really, really hated Norman didn't he? Brilliant. 


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