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  1. Miss your sanity and your humour and your knowledge too. Your replacement isnt too bad though !!
  2. My point being that i believe we have few goals in the current squad of players. Midfield, wide, strikers we struggle everywhere. The same last season for me. Taylor proved to be an excellent signing and he did offer us goals from forward runs and getting into the box. Yes only a part but a big part out of the total number of goals scored. When i say we were lucky with him i dont think that Askey expected such a number of goals. We certainly have not replaced his goals from midfiels. We need a striker to consistently score goals and so far we are struggling to find him. The wide players
  3. Forgot to add that only ' most ' of his signings are poor not all of them.
  4. Sorry Jacko. I do not believe that when we took a young lad on loan from Forest that we seriously expected to play him so many games and the hat full of goals we got from him.
  5. Then the Bruno era was a prime time for some posts then Jeff. Where were you
  6. This season we do not have Taylor. How lucky was that signing ?
  7. Ok thanks that a bit of relief. Still hope he isnt needed until the New Year. Brisley m.o.m for next few games
  8. Its a different player each game though. They are professional players who have played for many years and are coached all week
  9. Unfortunately they dont. If only teams gave us two goals start
  10. Have to agree entirely. Can i also add : You have to score goals to win games and achieve play offs / promotion. We do not have a squad which can score goals. Askey built this squad and he has failed yet again with the players he has chosen. Some of our players are playing aswell as i would expect. Very good infact in some games but it is not enough for what we need. Other players we just did not need and are a waste of a shirt. Rodney - is poor. Will never make a decent footballer. Today i saw again how he lets his man get away from him instead of fighting to stop him. He has n
  11. Scott Brown wastes a lot of time. Saw the ref tell him but after that some refs will let it happen and add time on
  12. Thank you. Pope has to be number one. Hes not the answer and we will not be promoted with him but he is head and shoulders better than Cullen, Robinson, Rodney. They are the problem and Askey signed them so Askey has failed us there. Cullen looks a sunday morning player Robinson looks a tidy player but has to have everything done for him. Rodney will never be a decent level footballer. All three are letting us down this season
  13. Tranmere wil score 20 goals more than us. Guaranteed
  14. Give him a rocket and tell him to play his heart out. Askey did and so did Legge Unfortunately Legge is slow to react to a tackle and off he goes
  15. In Askey i hope ? Yes we are being let down by some of our more professional and elder players. Askey has let us down with some poor signings, who i believe are playing aswell as they can but they are not good enough. Robinson, Rodney, Burgess
  16. Perhaps that was his good spell in his career. He wont be leading scorer here. Waste of a signing for me.
  17. He needed to tackle but not like that. he is too slow, full stop
  18. Askey was criticised last week for not bringing on Brisley at the end. just to waste time and help the back four. I think it was right but take Robinson off and leave Monty up front. Tired or not he has more heart and commitment
  19. Saw that too. Thats where you help to defend from the front. We needed that break and Robinson failed us. Not the only time he let us down either.
  20. Correct. You cannot take Legge off because he has had a booking. Between bookings he has had a good game. Strong and dominant but once faced by a player with the ball at his feet he is not the best. Hes now on 4 yellows so do we not play him again so as to stop a further suspension. His second yellow showed how slow he is to react to the ball being on the floor and also showed why he must be replaced this season. No more talk of another contract, not as the main center back anyway. Brisley now has his chance. Good performance on Tuesday and lets leave Legge off until the new year, ho
  21. Who would you leave out ? I have always thought that,with the players we have, if we could only play 12 in the team we would be better suited.
  22. Not sure of your age TB but you either : never watched during the Rudge years accepted him because we were successful, in the end were totally wrong then as you probably are here with Askey. There are and will always be managers with totally different characters. There is no point attacking him because you dislike his character. I am certain Askey is here to stay for at least another 12 months, without something disastrous happening, so you need to accept him or leave the Vale alone until we are successful if it really gets to you the way you are coming over on here. Just
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