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  1. 3 minutes ago, boleyuk said:

    Sadly, after my first foray into making comments on a forum - this won't be repeated. Seems that despite having rational, thought-out, common sense opinions, equally as entitled to do so as anyone else paying for a season ticket, one is deemed to be a Doom-Monger, if you dare to question players ambitions, skill level and managers team choice and decision-making. Other forum users choosing to decide for themselves how to interpret your comment, is demeaning. Enjoy your 'banter'.

    Dont give up.

    Speak your mind. They are your opinions. What does everyone else know anyway.

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  2. 6 hours ago, Paul6754 said:

    I had that view from November last year after seeing him play from the beginning of the season and my opinion hasn't changed after watching every game last season and this.

    Take away Garrity's goals and his all round game last season was barely Lge 2 standard IMO, he had 1 assist last year having started 42 games and played 3608 mins. In the stretch of "AC's games" when both Conlon and Taylor were out there was no creativity or pattern of play and only brilliance from Wilson and/or good fortune kept Vale picking up points, Garrity was anonymous unless he scored.

    Vale were virtually playing 3-4-3 last season as Garrity played so far forward, most of his goals came from within the 6yd box, none from outside the 18 yd box from what I recall. When he didn't score in games he contributed little apart from vigor.

    Because he played so far forward,  when Vale were attacking and the ball was turned over it left Vale very open to the counter, in Lge 2 most teams didn't have the players to exploit it but it may be different in Lge 1. This was illustrated by the last 3 goals conceded vs Brentford, hopefully very few Lge 1 teams will have players like Mbeuno who punished us on the counter.

    Unless Garrity scores goals in Lge 1 I think he will struggle in midfield as his overalll game may not be technically good enough, only time will tell. Hence I was surprised when Taylor was allowed to leave as he can do everything Garrity does and is much better technically.  

    However from Youtube videos etc Ben Garrity gets a 12/10 for enthusiasm, hard work, devotion to the cause and he comes over as a great guy. If 600k is on the table from Peterborough I would snap their hands off, if it was 100k I would tell them to go away as Garrity can make himself useful in a number of positions.  I would like nothing more than Ben Garrity to prove me wrong.

    I'll get me tin hat.

    Agree with you on this one Paul.. JohnJeffers needs to calm down a little, yours is a balanced opinion of a players performances of 40 + games.

    I would add that a fee would need to be a  decent one for the Vale and yes we would need to replace him immediately and that would cost us. We have too few goals from our midfield players and need more.

    Garrity was the key to our promotion last year. He scored goals first half of season and won us points. His effort is 100% in most games but i too feel that he does not offer enough skill, clever football etc for a midfield player in league 1. If his goals do dry up, playing against better defenders he could struggle and the Vale would struggle. We need goals from midfield

    Coming from nothing, were Garrity, goals a fluke ? Really hope he proves me and you wrong. Hope he scores today and his man of the match. Another 10  + goals and he is worth £ million. He gets my support EVERY game, as they all do but i can have an opinion.

    What is wrong is when other posters wont accept this sort of opinion. Its not an attack on Garrity. Its a balanced opinion. 

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Old fort said:

    But AJ, didn't you know that DC/DF are always checking the forum for expert opinion and laser guided comments. Without some of the contributers here, I doubt whether promotion would have been achieved.  Also if they'd have bothered to check with us first, rather than swanning of to Espania, they would have got the transfer situation sorted weeks ago. Very unprofessional of them I'd say.

    YOU are right. Very unprofessional. !!!!

  4. 3 hours ago, tisdeano said:

    Exeterhave over 1.5m. Cash at hand in bank

    Credit to them. They are a few years in advance of us and maybe they can handle the money situation and the signing of players very well indeed.

    Maybe i was right with my assumption. They dont waste money but offered a little more than us.

  5. 16 hours ago, valiant_593 said:

    It’s simple. Everyone on here who’s been lambasted for saying we’re short, we’re desperate for signings was right: I mean we’re playing a bloke up to who couldn’t play 45 mins at back end of last season and a 17 year old midfielder up top, what do we seriously expect? We are way short. That isn’t moaning that’s plain to see. I get that signings will come, but when? We’ve blatantly missed out on our targets and now will be feeding off the scraps. We’re two games in and we saw today just how far off a side we beat what 3 games ago we are. We’re miles off. Robinson? Couldn’t get a look in last season now starting in league 1??? What is going on? What ever way you wish to sugar coat it we should be able to pick a strike force at this stage that Dosent include a 17 year old midfielder. 

    Dreadful today, didn’t go but watched it on ifollow, didn’t think there was one to come out with any credit and Proctor was appalling. Signings needed and fast. A side that finished 5th in league two needs to strengthen and I really don’t think we have.  We have gone backwards. Should have kept gibbons no question, instead now we’re playing someone who couldn’t get a look in in league 2. 4-0 away to Exeter is a disgusting result, we need to move on and fast and more importantly get some bodies into this club that are FIT and ready to play Now, not a month down the line. 

    And for the numpty that keeps saying Gibbo wanted to leave. No he didn’t. He was desperate to stay but vale offered him an insulting deal, due to his injury record but then go out and sign players who have bad injury records themselves. Good performance from him today…. I know who I’d prefer at RWB!!!!

    Terrific post.


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  6. 17 hours ago, LancyTony said:

    Back in January we didn't know that Covolan would be farmed off to Chesterfield! 

    As for Lge 2 plan / Lge 1 plan - there was a direct reference by DF to ,tearing up the L2 plan...clearly, better players for L1 are more difficult to find - and more expensive - than for L2, as we proved last season bringing in more than a dozen L2 players who got us promotion - not very long ago! You think it would have been sensible bringing in L1 standard players - who would, presumably, have wanted better salaries - than L2 ones?  Sunderland averaged over 25k gates last season; Forest over 27k...Forest have paid multiple millions for their recruits - are you being serious in your comparisons? 

    Thats what lots of people are saying.

    There was a plan for league 1 but we seem to have lost our way with it. These league 1 players are no more expensive now than when the plan was drawn up surely.

    I agrèe we dont pay silly money that we dont have but we also have to be realistic and have cash available for new players needed to help us stay in league 1. Hope the cash is available. If not DC certainly has a job on his hqnds this season

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  7. 18 hours ago, fred binneys head said:

    I won’t say much as I’m sure a detailed analysis will be about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit, but I thought we thoroughly deserved the win, pressed you into mistakes and were clinical when we needed to be. The penalty was softer than a pillow made of clouds but we’re grateful for that, we’ve all got examples where the decisions have gone against us unfairly. I don’t think the penalty would have made any difference anyway, we were the better side and the side with more desire.

    Anyway, good luck for the rest of the season, I’m looking forward to our visit to Vale Park.

    Top quote. Pressed you into mistakes.

    Some of our best performances came with the same attitude. 

    You have to give it all as a team to deserve to compete in any league.

    This is one thing i am sure DC will put right

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  8. 18 hours ago, Exeter Red said:

    Not really. He hasn't played enough games for a keeper of his age so wanted to sign for a club (in this case Exeter) who would play him for 40+ games then he is ready to make the step back up to the Championship the following season. Therefore, he didnt want a 2 yr deal with any club that wont be in the Championship next season. He clearly saw how we progressed Cam Dawson last season (keeper on loan from Sheff Wed) and thought Exeter offered him the best option for this season. 

    See there is more to a deal and negotiations than money.

    We know this is only an assumption but it does seem very probable.

    Exeter are an excellent club it seems and one i hope we compete with over the next few years

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  9. 18 hours ago, mr.hobblesworth said:

    And Sunderland are currently looking at the Prem, if you want to play that game.

    Honestly, do you think we should and could have done better with our pre-season (and present) preparations?

    I said this last week and got laughing emojis 'cause we'd won but if Stoke had gone in to their season with a partially complete squad (1 fit striker and 1 keeper) and a lack of match sharpness, and interviewing players via zoom from Spain, we'd have been laughing our heads off at them.

    All true.

    No more so than Sunderland being a top top team

  10. 18 hours ago, LancyTony said:

    I'm guessing Howjy04 was suggesting that Derby signing experienced players, on big fat wages is no guarantee of success - so maybe it's not a model we should be following?

    Hang on. Only two games in. Same applies for all teams surely. Patience will be there word too

  11. 18 hours ago, andy jones said:

    Sandyford you trusted the process along with everyone else last week and were happy to sign up to it, then we lose a match.

    All this panic when all you have to do is let the Management team get on with what they are paid to do.

    They are professionals we are fans 

    Just chill.

    Another point. Professionals can make mistakes you know.

    I have faith. We have to have faith with the management team.

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  12. 18 hours ago, andy jones said:

    Sandyford you trusted the process along with everyone else last week and were happy to sign up to it, then we lose a match.

    All this panic when all you have to do is let the Management team get on with what they are paid to do.

    They are professionals we are fans 

    Just chill.

    There is no panic from me.

    I asked the question what if thats all.

    To me that is a massive what if and i hope it doesnt come to that.


    Using Flitcroft analogy of the guy asking for 6k per week with no one interested. Then drops to 5k and then 4k before our price range of 3k and we are then interested. What if others become interested at 4k. We will miss out.

    Jacko comments about the Exeter signing of the keeper and how his price was silly money for us to pay and Exeter must have money to burn. Everthought that Exeter negotiated the deal and didnt pay silly money but maybe a little more than us.

    We will woin some and lose some. On and off the pitch. One thing for sure we need strikers before the window closes for sure. Other positions too.

  13. 2 minutes ago, andy jones said:

    To panic buy now Treacle V is the worst thing we vould do.

    We lost today, melt down is not pretty requisite of a defeat.

    Look at the 3 midfield subs who all were coming back from injury - you can't flick a switch and make them match fit. But with matches they will get fit and their effectiveness will be far more successful.

    Our injured players will get fit, our management team will bring in strikers who will take the club forward.

    Panic buy now and all it will give us is dross that will make survival that much harder.

    What do we do end August if our top pics do not sign...

  14. 11 minutes ago, Alsager Whites said:

    £4 off per match (providing you buy before matchday), if you pay the upfront £15 membership fee.

    £4 saving is great.

    The way i read this is that this is now the ONLY way to obtain a saving by purchasing before match day. You have to have this membership.

  15. 15 minutes ago, robf said:

    I didn't assume, I said "if"... :wink:

    I do agree ROBF

    I just think sometimes its OK to not speculate on something but to just admit not actually knowing. It is a fans forum after all. Ifs and buts, speculations assumptions we all have them and we all sometimes disagree with others but thats why OVF is great to be on.  😉

  16. 2 hours ago, robf said:

    It does seem a bit rubbish. I know Carol mentioned how the kit process would be improved under her. I think what happens now is the Vale approve the next season's design months in advance, so it looks like the club is doing their part and not doing it last minute - it's the manufacturers being unable to supply it in the required numbers quickly enough which seems to be the problem.

    I appreciate that there are supply issues right now which aren't any individual company's fault, but if the above is true then Errea did have loads of time to plan for this and it's a bit galling when other kit manufacturers are able to supply other teams in plenty of time for things like Fathers Day.


    We can assume all we like but unless we know all the above is true and Errea are at fault we may aswell say we dont know and not comment !

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  17. 4 hours ago, Iron Curtain said:

    I would have liked Taylor to stay … but I can see the rational of letting him go if we were offered cash.

    His season at Scunthorpe and since his return he's not been first choice.

    He played well for an hour against Swindon when the team were dominating.

    And played very well against 10 men playing the wrong formation at Wembley.

    He was woeful against Bristol Rovers. When we needed him to dig in and work hard off the ball he didn’t impress. Wrong position or not, he didn’t adapt and do what we needed. Our system does t allow that… you can hate on the system, but it’s delivered us what we have all wanted in promotion.

    Hes a great player to have if we are dominating and it’s all going well. In Aussie cricketing terms, is he a flat track bully?

    We aren't going to be ontop much next season so the deal makes sense to me.

    Maybe Adams at Morcambe is happy to have one player fluke that around his super super ridged defensive structure.

    He wouldn’t have been a first choice for us… so it works for all parties IF we got the money we wanted. I back Flickers to have done that.

    Totally agree about Taylor. Great when all is good and we are attacking. Disappears when the going gets tough

    All the players we have lost so far, i can honestly say that they were all justified in being released or let go.

    We now have to replace them with better players for league 1 and ideally 4 plus ready to start in the first 11

    First choice keeper, Stone not a consistant number 1 for me 

    Centre back to push Smith and take over in the center if needed.

    Worrall to be pushed all the way and again replaced if needed.

    Really hope that Garrity has the goals in him again

    Need strength in depth to push Wilson and Proctor this season, injuries will come.

    The above players will do well for us or become squad players which in turn makes us a far stronger team for this coming season and replaces the players who have gone.

    Its all down to our new signings we are waiting for.

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  18. 4 hours ago, bobbymanc said:

    Don't patronise me. I'm a season ticket holder, been watching Vale for 33 years and class myself as a student of the game. I often study individual players during matches, especially when things aren't quite going to plan. Pett is slow, susceptible to a high press, and too often was a passenger when things weren't going to plan. Things "won't go to plan" more often in league 1. Will he step up? Pett was most effective in those last 2 matches because Gibbo was playing in the back 3. He had more freedom through Gibbos ball carrying. Unfortunately we wouldn't pay him a man's wages so the chemistry to get the most out of Pett has been demolished. I'm looking forward to seeing which ball carrying, hard tackling, maximum commitment centreback we get in to replace him for less than 2k a week...

    Agree entirely. Have said many times that our midfield looked a far better set when we had Cass and Jones pushing from the back and ensuring our midfield three / five pushed up. Without this drive our midfield did not look to create enough for the forwards. 

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  19. 4 hours ago, Bycarsbill said:

    Well put Rob! I never cease to be amazed at just how many on here have an 'insight' into everything that goes on at PV--I must be msising out somewhere!!!

    Its fairly safe to say, or assume, that Gibbons, being a home grown player and receiving his last deal a couple of years ago, when still fairly young, was not on a wage anywhere near what Cass would have been offered. Bit unfair but true.

    Gibbons pay day was due now but unfortunately for him his last two years has seen him suffer with injuries. Maybe too big a gamble to offer a great wage and a two / three year contract. If Vale only offered a one year say then maybe they were right to do so.

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