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  1. 2 minutes ago, osprey said:

    Clarke’s starting to mirror Gannon and Sinnott

    Clarke has had 5 games and probably seen every player on the pitch.

    He now has to pick HIS strongest team. If Whitehead, Robinson, Cullen still get picked then i have no faith in him.

    He now has to pick a team and stick with it for the next 3 games.

    As for Manny, Monty, Gibbo, send them away till after Easter and forget anout them.

    Tell Pope put his arm in a sling and get his boots on.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, TylerB said:

    Nothing controversial about it. He's bang average. But still better than the likes of Burgess, Whitehead, Joyce etc.

    Thats the problem

    I have said i think Conlon is the best footballer we have. He has nothing to beat though. Dont think he would get in any team of the top 7

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  3. 35 minutes ago, Vale1995 said:

    Rodneys first touch is genuinely shocking never seen a ball bounce off a player as much as it does with him. He seriously needs to improve in that area because its not good enough so be only affective when given the time to take 2-3 touches to get control of the ball

    Rodney is 22 years old

    He had ten years at an academy... man city n sheff wed

    If he cannot do what a footballer has to do by now, he never will.

    Its great when he thunders one in, brilliant,  but then five games where he offers nothing is not much good to us.

    Keep hearing he will learn and become a player worth lots of money to us. Sorry i just dont see it. Exciting at times yes but a footballer no.

    If this doesnt make me eat my words then nothing will. Go and score a worldy yo shut me up.


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  4. 5 minutes ago, TylerB said:


    Why are our forwards so, so poor. Robinson, Guthrie, Cullen. All of them are absolute donkeys for different reasons. Cullen is actually the best out of them by a distance but just being a decent finisher doesn't cut it in League Two. Remember when we had McPhee and Brooker? And then Constantine and Sodje? Christ. Even Michael Husbands would be a step up than what we have now.

    You missed off Rodney from your list of poir forwards

  5. 1 hour ago, SuperHuman said:

    And why are we suddenly crying for Pope as if he will be a saviour? He’s no better than what we have and that’s the issue. I’m sick of us swapping the strikers every week just to realise that they’re all as bad as each other (bar Rodney). It’s as if we go around in circles. We play crap without Pope so everyone cries out for Pope and then when he plays we are still rubbish and everyone says he’s past it. There’s no service or creativity and that’s what Pope needs. We need to move on in the summer and just pay money for a decent striker.

    Service. Thats what Guthrie and Rodney need too. Thats why they too look poor.

    We started with too many strikers for a ' one up top ' team and yes we keep changing them all too often but not one of them has scored goals inside the box consistently. Are they all at fault or as you say the service from three midfield men, two wide men and two full backs is and has been awful all season.

    By the way we dont keep swapping Rodney and he is not scoring goals either. Pope is no worse than any of them. He will miss chances but he will also score and play with far more passion than the others.

    Pope and Rodney will be the pairing to save us. Just hope Worrall, Montano, Conlon and whoever else improve the service.

  6. 1 hour ago, Warren said:

    They lost to Tranmere. My Tranmere friends are hopeful of sneaking up on auto promotion after a slow start to the season. Note Cambridge have Tranmere's ex striker scoring for them and Tranmere let him go because of Vaughan. Much travelled but mainly at higher levels.

    They dont have to sneak.

    They are a good team and will finish in the top three.

  7. 1 hour ago, Warren said:

    i was looking at the lost games stats. And I think we lost 10 to finish 3rd and get promoted. They have lost 9 already in season to date and are top. So they aren't great, they really aren't. 

    Again i have to ask, if they arent great, neither are FGR to many, then what does that make us.

    They are going to finish 30 + points above us and possible achieve promotion. we will be happy to stave off relegation. This season they are miles better than us. Cannot just look at 90 minutes.

  8. 1 hour ago, Nofinikea said:

    We won't go down.

    Clarke has had a good look at most of the players now.  He has swapped things around a bit and they will have learnt alot about them.  I would expect another couple of poor ish games whilst he trys a few things and then we will go on a decent run with a relatively settled side.   We will finish well clear.

    Stop having a go then  -  2 points from 9

    You appear not to know what you are on about or are you trying to cover yourself and keep people happy.

  9. 1 hour ago, darren1810 said:

    What is frustrating me is this league Is pants .

    I've just looked at the table.

    Bolton are in the play offs and Bradford are only 4 points off with 2 in hand. 

    Neither of those are particularly good and neither are Cambridge .

    To be where we are is an absolute shameful disgrace by the players 


    Our whole squad lacks enough creativity and goals to secure a top half finish. This season has shown up problems / issues which leave us fighting survival.

    We have a poor squad

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  10. 1 hour ago, Jacko51 said:

    Missing today, Gibbons, Worrall, Oyeleke, Amoo, Joyce and Pope. All of this would be in most fans first 11 when fit. None played today. We didn’t deserve to lose that and probably wouldn’t have done with those six available. 

    We lost , again. We know we have players missing. Manny, Amoo question why we even consider them as being fit anyway. Joyce has played almost all season.  Gibbons, hope we are not rushing him back too soon. Thought Mills did not let us down today. Worral yes, major loss, even though i criticise him for his lack of goals. Pope, you have to admit that most fans have not been calling for him much this season.

    I said earlier, our best hope of survival is to have Gibbons, Montano fully fit, Joyce and Worrall back to fitness and a half fit Pope is best we can hope for. All playing regularly and thenn i believe we will secure enough points for survival.. We need creativity and goals. Lest hope we can limp through this season and then start again.

  11. 1 hour ago, WV said:

    Disappointed to lose that one. We didn't create much but neither did the league leaders and it took a wonder goal to win the game. Guthrie missed a sitter but he put himself about well and won us some free kicks in dangerous areas. Rodney put in a lot of effort but needs to learn when to pass and when to shoot. 


    One thing that can't help is the pitch. It looks horrific, one of the worst in the football league. It doesnt inspire great football to be played on it. Come on Speedy sort it out it is a joke. 

    Agree with most of above.

    Wether its a wonder goal, penalty or own goal it doesnt matter. Top teams score these late quality goals. Bottom teams miss sitters. It happens every year.

    Guthrie is still the best we have to lead the frontline. Maybe not good enough but the best we have.

    Rodney better learn fast. Sick and tired of hearing what a world beater he may become. At the moment he doesnt even look a footballer. Still the best we have at the moment.

    Yes the pitch is awful and it is a leveller. Hard work comes first but you still have to try and create and we dont have players that can do that.


  12. 1 hour ago, Santa said:

    Workmanlike, disciplined but missing quality. Particularly in the final third. Ultimately, far too many of our key players are out injured at the moment.

    I thought Cambridge paid us a bit of respect, got men behind the ball at times during the game but it felt ominous that a sucker punch was coming. At least to a pessimist like me anyway.

    Neither Guthrie nor Robinson look like players who are capable of putting the ball in the net.

    I wouldnt be surprised to see this from Cambridge most games, certainly away. First thing you do is keep the home team quiet. When you do get on top then your midfield players will always get up to support the front man. Once they get in front then maybe the goals follow. You are top after 30 games for a reason

  13. 1 hour ago, Diego Maradona said:

    With the adrenaline still flowing, IMO very little between the two teams today.

    Would have being ‘reasonably’ satisfied with a point AND a solid performance.

    Much better than Tuesday.

    Radio Stoke commentary was absolutely painful today.

    We were poor. Yes better than Tuesday and had the ball but there was no creativity. How can you score goals without.

    Conlon decent

    Monty, still the best wide player we have, when he wants to do it. He can hold the ball and wait for someone to move for him. He can attack a defence. He can create some chances.

    Burgess - Poor       Taylor not much better. 3 yr contract maybe but he will not be in the starting 11 soon

  14. 1 hour ago, 1 said:

    No Gibbo, Worrall or Joyce. They’re big misses and when they’re back we’ll hopefully start putting some wins together.

    MUST ADD Montano and even Pope. Would also like to add Manny but whats the point !

    Without these players being involved for ten games or more we will struggle to survive.

    Have said for two years - No creativity and No goals in our whole squad. Not enough for play offs any way and possibly not enough for survival.

  15. 1 hour ago, darren1810 said:

    Point was fair but we can't 0-0 our way to safety.

    I'm very very worried. Maybe a point at best next 2 games and then Oldham who are one of if not the best away teams in the division. 

    Positive substitutions was good to see.

    Ultimately Guthrie miss has cost us the game, never even for a millisecond did he look like he'd score 

    Positive substitutions ????

    Robinson and Cullen WOW  Might as well leave it as it was.

    Guthrie and Rodney dont look like scoring but they look more like footballers than the subs

  16. 1 hour ago, Iron Curtain said:

    By “people” I think @1 means the posters on here who continually said how incredibly poor Southend were when Pugh’s record as Caretaker manager was being discussed.

    It was made VERY clear that he should be given no credit whatsoever for that result as Southend were so bad.

    A few posters insisted that Portly Vale would beat them. And I’m sure one said he could do it all on their own. 

    You did watch the game. Southend were shocking AND it was a game where the ball dropped for us far more than in any game recently.

    We had the run of the ball and took our chances. In games when we have struggled the ball never seems to drop for us. We need our fair share of luck.

    Another bearing on safety or not is in our own hands. We have to keep our players fit and on the pitch. How do you do that with Manny. Joyce andd Worrall could both be a doubt. Monty and Gibbo just have to stay fit. Cullen has played 25 mins so he is due another injury i suppose.

    Not sure how we address the fitness issue. We seem to have struggled all season in the second half. Perhaps we need to use the five subs rule more.

    With injuries,fitness,systems,lack of goals oh and poor players we have a battle on our hands. We need fighters on the pitch now who want to do it for the Vale


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  17. 18 minutes ago, LancyTony said:

    Taylor and Conlon...Burgess...Hurst...are all young lads having far too much responsibility lumped on them, because of the poor performances of much-more experienced players...like Monty. That's most of our midfield not playing to their potential, so the forwards are getting nothing, either! I'm afraid we will have to suffer this until we reach safety and the pressure is off? An emotional cry to get rid of players - outside of a transfer window - is just a bit daft - we're all suffering!

    GET RID when he can. End of season. We have some poor players and i am convinced the majority will go. Not too many showing positives signs to D C at the moment

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