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  1. 14 hours ago, Jacko51 said:

    I showed this to Eddie and the first thing he said was, “Keith Walker referee - horrible bald headed guy - useless”!!!  He has also taken a dislike to Conrad for saying he can’t remember Johnny Green, one of the greatest midfielders to wear a Vale shirt!

    Johnny Green was tremendous. What a player.

    Ball Boulton Wilson King Sproson Green - Dont think that line up ever changed. Forwards did but not those lads. Brilliant

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  2. 13 hours ago, bycars rob said:

    Vale 3 Chester 0 ,my spectator debut 1969 I think. John Green nearly bost the net.

    Two years after me Rob. I think Phil may have started before you too.

    Remember going training at the Vale with Phil when we were sixteen i think. God that pitch was big , too big for me. Before we started playing we had to run around the pitch a few, several times and that was not for me. Great for Phil and he did well.



    My first memory, stuck with me forever and i view i will treasure forever. First game was 1967 i think and we played Southport. Drew 1 - 1 i think, first game of season. 

    Before that we went up to the Vale a couple of weeks before start of season. The gates were open on the Hamil end. I was only 9 and my mate Steve Robinson about 12. We walked from Bradwell, he knew where we were going. So through the Hamil gates and up towards the ground. Then you saw this view of Vale Park. The pitch was huge, the ground looked massive to me. WOW i must have thought what is this. Its a bit bigger than the pitch on the crem at Bradwell. Even then we walked higher up on the gravel bank at the top of the Hamil. Am sure there were a couple of barriers on top of the bank.

    Absolutely amazing view. I was hooked. 54 years later and still am.

    To think it was Steve Robinson who set me up for this. My Vale life. Do i thank him or swear at him.


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  3. 8 minutes ago, SuperHuman said:

    Interesting to see a completely different view point from the older generation. 

    I can’t understand how Chester, Wrexham and Shrewsbury could ever be more of a rival to us than Stoke?


    All the teams listed by Fred, we played every year.

    We took thousands away to them every year.

    As for stoke we may have gone  30 years and were lucjy to get two friendlies i think against them.

    Could also add to Fred,s list Bury and Stockport, almost every year we played these teams.

    Walsall were the most hated of all teams

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  4. 26 minutes ago, 1 said:

    Monty a candidate for MOTM after weeks out with a hamstring injury. Full 90 mins of grit, well done son.

    Different team with Monty. He helps drive the team forward and is capable of passing the ball.

    Mills did his bit too going forward. He had a decent game.

    Legge and Smith won their battles.

    Joyce never seen, so again he had a good game. Dont need to see him but he is always there.

    Conlon great first half. Thought he took a breather second half for 20 mins but he is a ' footballer '

    Sorry but Robinson looks poor. Always a yard off the pace, as if he doesnt want to be involved. He has to play him again on Saturday to try and build team confidence but not for me.

    Rodney got the lucky scrappy goal. Yes about time. Not the best game from him though.

    Excellent performance overall. Newport a decent team but some horrible players. Glad they lost.

    Another win now a.s.a.p. would be brill

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  5. 1 hour ago, blackdog said:

    I don't think we are bigger than those clubs or Notts County.

    Wrexham,Stockport,Chesterfield,Notts County....

    My 50 years have seen us compete with all the above and have regular battles almost yearly. We are all in the same bracket for clubs,support,teams etc and they are all our level competition

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  6. 5 hours ago, Jacko51 said:

    What we think on here and what actually happens are two totally different things.  Everyone thought we would get hammered when we went to Bolton but look what happened.  What I find annoying is when folk on here predict we will lose - like they did against Bolton yesterday - yet go barmy when it happens and can't understand why we did exactly what they expected us to do.

    I think we'll beat Newport.  They struggled to beat us down there even when we went down to 10 men.  They won at Morecambe yesterday but only after the home team had gone down to 10 men after half an hour.  We are due a flukey goal and an away sending off.  You heard it here first!

    Lets hope we have lots of luck.

    We are due some.

  7. 5 hours ago, Jacko51 said:

    But that's my point, we didn't expect to beat Bolton - who on here predicted we would?  You didn't for a start.

    We lost. Prediction was correct.

    There were many that predicted a win against Oldham. We lost prediction waswrong.

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  8. 7 hours ago, Jacko51 said:

    The four we have lost were against 3 of the top six and Salford. We lost by one goal in each case. We’re not getting walloped  like we were against an out of form Mansfield. In their 7 games Barrow have played one of the top six - Bolton - which they lost.

    And our next game is against another top six team.

    How many people on here predicted anything but a loss yesterday?  How many thought we would stop Doyle having a kick?  How many thought they would win with a fluke - one of only two shots they had on target?

    We need a win without any shadow of a doubt but we also need a little good fortune - a miss kick going in like their goal yesterday would be a nice start!

    Do agree to some extent but as you quote their manager previously i will add that the pitch and the weather had more to do with stopping Bolton than we did.

    Wish Conlon had sliced his shot, it may have gone in. We lost to a fluke goal and we are desperate for some luck.

    You do agree that luck does play a big part in the final position a team finishes in

  9. 22 hours ago, Jacko51 said:

    No, he said it was their best win of the season. 

    Best win of the season because .....

    Terrible pitch, terrible weather, scrappy opposition that fights.

    Wish we were more than that and dont rely on the pitch and weather to help us get a point.

    We need to be a lot more than that to save us

  10. 59 minutes ago, valefan79 said:

    Sorry but I think we are miles off being an upper half of the table side.  Regardless of what league we are in, this squad needs completely ripping up and starting again.  I won't be sorry to see any of these go.  of that team that that started today, we have a keeper whose better days are behind him, 2 full back who aren't good enough, the other 2 full back are injury prone, Legge again past it, Smith has had an awful season.  Midfield of Joyce, again this needs to be his last season (past it), Conlon, awful recently but probably keep, Hurst, sorry but I don't see anything in him, Worrall decent enough and then up front whoever we pick none of whom are good enough.

    Have to agree with this post. We will end up keeping players that are not really up to it but hopefully, with far better players around them, will perform better than this season.

  11. 2 hours ago, Houston Valiant said:

    As Phil Bowers said during the match, something happened in October. The team was playing very well under Askey , and then all of a sudden it’s not? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out. Player revolt is what it was . It’s all coming back to bite them now. I don’t buy the bad recruitment line. All water under the bridge now , but if we go down, and it looks likely , it’s down to a group of players who are lazy , greedy and self- important . Disgraceful. 

    I agree with you BUT we need those lazy,greedy,self-important players to save us.

    Then we can call them a disgrace and kick them out.

    Dont think the two go together.

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  12. 2 hours ago, darren1810 said:

    Feels strange saying this but.... Cambridge and Bolton actually aren't very good are they or both had real off days. Not sure what that makes us . 

    Dont go off one game. Look at league positions.

    Even playing badly they beat us. Thats why we are bottom. I couldnt care less who good other teams are or are not. We cannot beat them and we are not as good as them

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  13. 2 hours ago, Wrex said:

    Bit harsh. Back in November people were talking about how the club have to try and hold off any six figure offers for him in January, talk of getting millions for him in the future.

    I thought they were on cloud cuckoo land personally but he did show raw ability at the start of the season

    They were on cloud cuckoo land. You were right

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  14. 2 hours ago, PVFC764 said:

    Most of the Vale players must realise they will be gone come next season. 

    So you would think they would try to show what they can do to get new contracts at the next club that want to take a risk on them but I guess they aren't bothered to do that either.


    Not clever enough to think that but you are right they know they will be gone.

  15. 2 hours ago, 1 said:

    I would seriously stick Amoo and Worrall up front. I can’t see anyone else even shooting at goal and all the out and out strikers have shown time and again they are not up to it.

    You must be joking.

    Did you see Amoo shoot today ? 

    If we depend on Amoo for goals, we are doomed.

  16. 2 hours ago, TylerB said:


    Rodney should change career and become a sprinter. If he's a footballer then I'm Gandhi reborn.

    Dont worry if you get stick for this comment.

    I agree with you if no one else does.

    Dont even think he would make a good sprinter. You have to put effort into that.

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  17. 2 hours ago, mikey said:

    The only positive is we didnt get battered as some forecast. We have to stop giving soft goals away. Thats another weekend ruined.

    Bolton were nothing special, but didnt have to do much to grab the points - so frustrating.

    Bolton had an off day but even then their subs were able to change the game for them. What do our subs do for us.

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