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  1. I’m sure I read/ heard that he had been spotted in Spain with a ‘companion’ when he was telling anyone who would listen that he was going to Hong Kong. [emoji52]
  2. All of these points ( IMO) need to be presented to the EFL. If that’s a fit and proper person the EFL need to be taken to task. They are selling us short.
  3. And are we really sure he won’t be there? Colin Garlick suggested that NS wasn’t well enough to make the trip to Hong Kong ? NSvsaid that Ill health had caused him to spend the last 2 home games behind glass ( I’ve seen the texts confirming this). He never suggested Ill health to the member of B&G who happened to meet him in the toilet. I’m beginning to think that NS might not always tell the truth and perhaps Mrs NS should be mindful of this [emoji6]
  4. However the press will be. Both NS and his long suffering wife will be very aware of what happens tomorrow.
  5. I’m not convinced that any man who works for NS ( at this level) could be considered as a man of integrity.
  6. I’m surprised NS made it as high as the AOB part of the meeting.
  7. Bob on! However NS wants us to think he is listening to the fans. I smell a rat.
  8. Too little too late. I’m starting to think he’s running scared [emoji6]
  9. All of a sudden NS is trying to appease the fan base.......... Mmmmm something smells fishy.
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