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  1. Appears to be to many cook with a finger in the pie. It is damned if you do and damned if you don't, good luck with this one Carol Kevin and family, we all want long-term success on and off the pitch up the Vale.
  2. 6 points from next 4 games and I think that will give us same points tally as last season after 22 games, anything is possible, keep believing the goals Will come,up the Vale.
  3. Give time improving with game time, started passing better now bringing others in to play but just not converting the chances we are making and unfortunately that's what wins games, we will win games and take the chances if we play like we did today, up the Vale keep believing
  4. Your right, to many fingures in the pie,unity gets results, super Vale together
  5. Agree but Joyce does is bit, a great team effort and we will get even better,Want Need Expect, up the Vale, keep believing
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