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  1. Yes agree, not on our game tonight, giving away a lot of possession, Which seems to have crept in to our game more, the condition did not help for playing good football wet and very gusty, same for both sides I know, but maybe we should give them some credit,showing signs of there potential, Great away support, we move on, roll on Saturday, let's beat the 6k barrier, keep believing our golden year.
  2. I was one to think Stone can't be far of getting a call up to starting 11 in the hype after game hysteria. Watched full replay this morning,a great addition from ifollow, being at the game viewing position not great and sun in eyes for most of game, don't think Covolan was at fault alone for any of the goals, think they we're a good side with a bit of depth according to their commentary,a big side played to that strength, played some good football and pressed us well, I'm sorry we lost but not overly disappointed, sometimes these little setbacks help to regroup ready for Saturday, forward gether, keep believing,up the Vale
  3. Yes sorry to say this but I agree, Stone put in a good performance on Tuesday,made a couple of good saves, deserves shot in at first choice.
  4. Don't mention the Tannoy, it's on the list of to do things hopefully ⚠️🤔, keep believing our golden year 👍💯% 🥇🏆
  5. They announced it over the Tannoy 😄🔊🔉🔈, not hundred % 1205 rings a bell,
  6. Probably the weight of the dreadlocks 🤗, he definitely had an agenda to get someone set of but Mr Retrospect turning the blind eye 👁️🧐
  7. Keep the faith, our Golden Year,up the Vale
  8. Just watched the extended hi-lights, Forrest green were ok, Wow but SUPER VALE AWAY, keep believing our golden year, up the Vale 👍⚽⚽💯%
  9. I'm looking forward to moaning about the sound system the drain system and cheering and supporting the team that Mr Clarke is going to turn into a winning system, keep believing together, our golden year ☀️🌞💯% up the Vale.
  10. Great to get a positive prospective from someone who went to game, thanks, keep believing it could be our golden year
  11. What's the name of training camp they are going to next week in Leicester
  12. Brown served us well, was a good stick to your line goal stopper, his ball distribution and dominance of penalty area was poor at times so thought it was the right time for him to go. as I said no disrespect he served us well we move on, football is all about opinions, keep believing a golden season ahead. Up the Vale
  13. I wear a black long sleeve t\shirt under In the colder months, so black white and gold, super Vale, a golden season is due, keep believing.
  14. So assume they will offer 6 club's from championship to replace, and those that take the bait shut the door, no way back.We need strong management at the top and go it alone, long live real football.
  15. If he does come on with socks up, we will know that Clarke is winning the battle 🧦 😃
  16. Think doctor who would be a better choice, Carol needs some help looking into the future 🤭
  17. Personally I think the expectations bar was set to high and a lot of fans have jumped on this. We are are all living in a very abnormal life situation, this goes for all teams and clubs and us fans, I don't know what happened behind the seen which prompted the powers at be to release John Askey with no back up plan, we have lots of rumours. I know we all crave instant success but I personally would be happy with small steps slow sustainable steps after the last 20years,l don't think we would have gone down a possible mid table,now we're back to square 1 with possible new manager new ideas and still no guarantee of success, the roundabout begins again.
  18. Askeys methods worked last season and start of this, good few injuries, and covic cases, may be the luck running out, confidence levels down, and a possible internal interference in Askeys methods turn some players heads, Carol is obviously listen to someone and lots of mixed messages have been thrown around l personally don't believe many of the players go on the pitch with the intention of having a bad game, but if they are not fully committed to the way Askeys management team sets them up, that in my mind is where the trouble lies.
  19. Thought John Askey, was that choice,3year contract, so evertime we take a dip in form, let's take a chance with someone else, as you say no guarantees, would Askey have won sat.with a near full squad, we will never know, there is no reason why not as all the info coming out of the club is everything was hunky dory within !!??, if we had stuck with Askey and take that choice or do what we have and look for the manager which choice is right, it divides opinions, anyway I wish Danny all the best because like all fans I want success for the Vale.
  20. Don't think we played much better, but the luck element favoured us today, that improved the confidence,hence the goal and a good win with nearly a full squad to choose from,onwards and upwards, good luck Danny.
  21. My thoughts exactly,now the power struggle is over all the players will pull in the same direction 🤔🤞. Hopefully, up the Vale.
  22. Any chance the owner's family have already made a decision !!??, and Pugh is just a front, someone mentioned Frank Sinclair was taking training and Askey mumbling something about level playing field in last match interview, (internal stab in the back maybe and Leon's prepared statement ??!!) we all have our different thoughts\opinions and all want the same, that long awaited successful period again. up the vale.
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