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  1. Enjoyed game today, played some neat football,agree on another day Colchester could have scored a couple and super Vale could have had 5, keep believing.
  2. Yes spot on Mansfield pressed us and we could not get any flow to our game but today, what an effort from the lads brilliant from every one of them and MADE Colchester look average and limited them to very few chances, keep believing it's our golden year.
  3. Yes agree, not on our game tonight, giving away a lot of possession, Which seems to have crept in to our game more, the condition did not help for playing good football wet and very gusty, same for both sides I know, but maybe we should give them some credit,showing signs of there potential, Great away support, we move on, roll on Saturday, let's beat the 6k barrier, keep believing our golden year.
  4. I was one to think Stone can't be far of getting a call up to starting 11 in the hype after game hysteria. Watched full replay this morning,a great addition from ifollow, being at the game viewing position not great and sun in eyes for most of game, don't think Covolan was at fault alone for any of the goals, think they we're a good side with a bit of depth according to their commentary,a big side played to that strength, played some good football and pressed us well, I'm sorry we lost but not overly disappointed, sometimes these little setbacks help to regroup ready for Saturday, forward gether, keep believing,up the Vale
  5. Yes sorry to say this but I agree, Stone put in a good performance on Tuesday,made a couple of good saves, deserves shot in at first choice.
  6. Don't mention the Tannoy, it's on the list of to do things hopefully ⚠️🤔, keep believing our golden year 👍💯% 🥇🏆
  7. They announced it over the Tannoy 😄🔊🔉🔈, not hundred % 1205 rings a bell,
  8. Probably the weight of the dreadlocks 🤗, he definitely had an agenda to get someone set of but Mr Retrospect turning the blind eye 👁️🧐
  9. Keep the faith, our Golden Year,up the Vale
  10. Just watched the extended hi-lights, Forrest green were ok, Wow but SUPER VALE AWAY, keep believing our golden year, up the Vale 👍⚽⚽💯%
  11. I'm looking forward to moaning about the sound system the drain system and cheering and supporting the team that Mr Clarke is going to turn into a winning system, keep believing together, our golden year ☀️🌞💯% up the Vale.
  12. Great to get a positive prospective from someone who went to game, thanks, keep believing it could be our golden year
  13. What's the name of training camp they are going to next week in Leicester
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