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  1. The problem is Bennett does not work as hard of the ball as Pope, I like Bennett he as all the attributes of a c/f, just feel he needs to work harder off the ball,
  2. The quality of this years hi-light videos (UK) have been poor, is this just me or have others had same problems
  3. Yes a grant or griff kind of player, I like Manny when he is on the ball, but is work off the ball needs working on
  4. Just a thought, mannys not much of a ball winner maybe is half hearted attempt to win the ball is the reason for is injurys, he never got into game Saturday, we need a ball winning mid - fielder, just an opinion
  5. Same for both sides, work hard and hoppully the ball will bounce in our favour, keep believing keep cheering, let's help our players confidence bloom.
  6. Agree how many ticket terminals are there,!!!???
  7. Any news on how many the cobblers will bring, they have apparently been allocated 700 tickets, hoppfully they will sell all and create a great atmosphere and monies in the Vale bank account.
  8. My thoughts as well, a better happier working environment, will Help boost confidence and hoppfully help express themselves individually and as a team on the pitch, we should have a better picture of how our season will pan out after our first 10 games
  9. Good luck Richie on your chosen career path with the Vale is a successful one, ignore the doom and gloom merchants on here, a positive confident player will get positive results, keep believing
  10. Yes anything that keeps the buz going as every penny will be going back into our club [emoji4]
  11. And as I keep harping on the players need the support of all the fans regardless, confident player preform better and then hoppfully get results we all crave, what are the right players to bring in to score the goal to win games that's open to differing opinions, we need a group of player that work hard together to become a successful unit not a team of individuals. That's what Askey is trying to achieve bringing in players he feels he can work with and blend them with players with the experience to push our dreams team onwards and upwards. There is no guarantees in football regardless of the anticipated expectation of any individual player what ever level they play at. He needs possibly the 3 years of his contract to achieve this slowly blending a group of players to proudly represent our club. We all need to stick together in this aim, be patient, small steps progress on and off the pitch, a new beginnings if we all keep believing and keep thinking positive, we as a club will see success.
  12. Some positivity great, give the players some support from the start their confidence will grow and hopefully blend into a better team and a successful season for us all, keep the faith and keep believing up the Vale
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