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  1. Agree but Joyce does is bit, a great team effort and we will get even better,Want Need Expect, up the Vale, keep believing
  2. I have watched all games ok, a few minor issues, I'm not very tech savvy, so as you say they could have a better information set up, I've go e for the direct cable to tv route and found it to be the easiest for me, keep the faith and up the Vale
  3. I had the circle of doom scenario, but I started trying about 30mins before start, restarted laptop a couple of times, at 6-59 I was ready to throw computer at TV and lo&behold it came on, no sound for first 5mins, looking forward to Exeter game now,
  4. Not a Vale supporter then
  5. The funny thing is a thought a good few rubbish players the year before, and look what happened this season, on the door step to Promotion until this virus intervened, its surprising what a good bit of self belief and confidence can do, let's keep believing keep positive and all pulling together we will succeed, up the Vale, THE SHANAHAN WAY.
  6. Could Adam Crookes step up and take his chance!! He his 18 months younger slightly taller / heavier than Nathan, just a thought. He never really got a chance at c/back, then seemed to lose his way after his injury, up the Vale, what I want my Saturdays back
  7. Yes my thoughts exactly, they all put in a good shift playing some good confident football.
  8. Spot on, only all together will we achieve the success we all crave
  9. Yes renewed my season ticket last night on line, want to give our club every chance to succeed, we all need to sacrifice and write off any loses we possible can afford, waiting for the new shirt to be available, keep believing keep positive up the Vale
  10. Don't think much will happen until some date of when we can get back to some sort of normality, the talk is possibly September, any thoughts, a lot of unknowns, can't see season starting in our league until fans and hospitality can attend games.
  11. The only way league 1/2 clubs to survive is possibly moth ball/close down for the duration of this pandemic, or will fans still purchase a season ticket knowing that not many games will be played just to help the wellbeing of their club, a lot of players will have more uncertainty in their career than normal, hopefully Vale can survive and come out the other side with a nucleus of staff and players in place, keeping the faith and keep believing, up the Vale
  12. Sorry about that, 19/20 20/21 😕🍻😊⚽
  13. Just a thought, part of my home football day is a couple of pints before before the game in tomies, can't see anything like this being possible till n/year, if we finish this season behind closed doors, and the 21/22 season being modified as a one off, say a round Robin type knock composition between Div. 1/2 teams, starting of keeping the traveling to a minimum, and then may be a cup ko with all efl teams involved, and would majority of teams supporter's still buy there season ticket at present price to support and protect the wellbeing of their clubs, just want to get life back to normal li
  14. thanks Rob, ,enjoyed that, really missing my Saturday afternoon fix, keep safe & well, lets keep believing up the Vale
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