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  1. The upper level hopefully, so we can increase our corporate area by 2/3 hundred, increasing the lorne street revenue
  2. Yes ever a available avenue of ways to donate should be made available, may be even ticket office /shop could except donations
  3. Did they do some work on the drainage a couple of years ago + about 80 tons of sand injected into playing surface, it's definitely a lot dryer on the Lorne street side
  4. ok thanks just that name not on program as 1st team coach so looked on club web site of staff and not there, so if there sat must be oversite
  5. as Danny Pugh left, I see his name as been dropped of all club info, not seen it mentioned anywhere.
  6. The fans sponsor the the bottom family area and Robbie the top, so we can also increase our corporate income, togetherness builds success
  7. Is it possible the same Vale team with the same endeavour to win every game turn up but sometimes the opposition disrupt that plan
  8. The program got the position down as to be announced.
  9. Spot on, they bullied us in the 1st half, they have some big units in their squad playing direct football using the ball over the top and obviously works most of the time hence there league position, but second half we turned the tables and beat them at there own game, up the Vale
  10. Brisley improved as confidence grew, just lacks game time,
  11. Pity he was not a player under contract, could have commanded a good fee., good luck Max. Hope you progress to the highest level.
  12. Situation reversed macc lifted their game, its easy to criticise our efforts but macc played some good ball at times, and on the day deserved the point
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