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  1. Agreed with all that, but the fact that where we were at the end of January and to be safe now with three matches to spare is something I find quite remarkable>
  2. As a great scientist once said: If you always do as you always did you always get what you always got.
  3. We have had some diabolical officials this season. The club must be doing something wrong. I wonder if we don't welcome them with a cuppa and a biscuit or something.
  4. That was my second match after the mid week win against Shrewsbury, 4-1 I think. Happy days.
  5. Does anybody actually research these players before signing them?
  6. Dunna worry. Always the same, Radio Stoke have their own premiership agenda - forget them, just post your own comments on ovf.
  7. Yes plenty of effort, but the usual shortcomings comeback to haunt us - mistakes at the back and a real lack of cutting edge up front. Also,why did Michael Brown persist in moaning at the fourth official throughout the match? I know some of the officials are useless but best he focuses on encouraging and organising the team from the touchline.
  8. Without a doubt it was wangled to be called off - don't know how but all things are possible.
  9. Looks like it's back to the future then!
  10. Maybe Glover can throw some light on that tactic
  11. Does anyone know if season ticket holders can claim their usual seat when purchasing a ticket?
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