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  1. get in what a win, no one fear in this league just some consistency and we can dream well done lads and our fans who sounded immense
  2. is there a mac ds nearby perhaps he got the wrong party
  3. listening on radio sounded manic/epic , had to get me lad tell me,,lol
  4. sounds a great game end to end and anyi ones cmon vale yessssss get the fk innnnn
  5. Pretty accurate that, although aspin kept us up after brown went and god knows what the man had to put up with from the owner so would say bottom 5/6 with the stability off field and he has brought all his own guys in would be a failure and worse than aspin. To other posts also who are these posters who have been saying get rid of askey ,not sure I have read 1 on this thread.
  6. I agree, its a case of mixing it up and the frustrating thing is these players are capable and this should be the next step in addressing...with regards to askey he is doing ok nothing to get high about nor down in the dumps, but we have players who can come in to cover injuries not as others have said first time pro's or chancers- think he has done good work with much room for improvement and hopefully he will grow and mature with the team by keeping whats good changing whats not where possible..think we will/have become a more stable attractive environment to attract players under C & K (inc JA)so expect the stock again to rise next year. This year expected mid to lower table but don't see anyone to be afraid of , on our day we can beat anyone,,just gotta believe in ourselves more .
  7. think you are continuing to discuss with yourself, you keep making the point in reply to my post yet no one is dis-agreeing with you!
  8. Agree booing is bad don't do it myself and yes the ball not going forward isn't bad but time and again isn't good either when a simple ball forward is on..our default against these lowly teams is to go backwards n sideways and this needs changing when we do play them fair enough against teams that are going to hurt you but not continually v opposition that are there to be hurt
  9. Valearmy don't think any/many are either getting carried away or sticking the knife in as its there are massive positives on/off pitch and is much more settled..giving constructive criticism - the squad I think we missed a trick yesterday ( same as stevenage) as these teams came with low expectations yet we let them off the hook,, think we are capable of playing more forward defence splitting passes and if needed mixing it with long balls and being more on the front foot pegging these teams back...when we end up in our own half having not got a cross in or passing back when we have a chance to turn their defence and then get the ball between keeper and defence line via a smart ball think that leads to understandable frustration especially against the more lowly teams- we have the personnel here now to do this just needs working on the same as corners and throw ins which are basic & wasteful. We are a mid table-ish team but can be more even when missing Worrall and many.
  10. gerrards slip isn't why they didn't win the league - palace(3 up) n wba away (1 up) were the main reason
  11. agree fans shoudnt boo but also frustration can take hold i'm sure for some,,joyce in one instance tried to turn back but the path was blocked by an oppo player yet if the first touch had been forward we were straight onto their back line..its kinda a default and makes us predictable and allows the oppositions time to reset get organised then harder to breakdown its about getting the balance right and making the most of the opportunities to get behind the other teams defence before they get re-organised
  12. Footballers do and the further down the pyramid the more inconsistent it should become along with quality, but my thoughts they were there for the taking yet we gave them far too much time to reset as we passed all the way back to the half way line from good positions to get crosses in, our first thought from midfield was to go sideways into into a packed area or backwards especially 2nd half...browne was clear on one occasion but rather than a defence splitting pass we went back to our ctr halves , coupled with the times we did get forward we just hit it against them for a corner which most weren't even delivered into the box...We had no plan or maybe just the only one and the players had no idea once this plan wasn't on..missed Worrall and some adventure/movement overall we gave they them the point and bit more positive play would have won
  13. Great reply after early setback,agree with others time to plan without manny , who would of thought begining of season it shows we are progressing/evolving
  14. Agree with that aspin must have been worn down with off field crap like players signed let go without knowledge so wont judge him ..Askey has a chance to clear the garden and replant in his own style but will take more than this year to flourish.
  15. spoke with a Plymouth fan (comes from manchester but his parents originate from Plymouth (glory hunter instead of those other hard to support manx teams ),,said he could see it coming our goal and that their forwards were snuffed out and didn't get clear of our defenders enough apart from the first half, 2nd half he says they didn't get in the game although with us making 3 subs he expected an onslaught from them but never materialised and we deserved the win,,also said they had 4 players out.he says their probs are also putting the ball in the net (think they had 15 attempts today). credit to askey didn't sit back when we went 1 nil up and thought every player gave everything, motm difficult poss monte for me carried the ball fwd or any of the back 4 gibbo goal line clearance, legge covered everywhere across the back , smith for his goal and again faultless display,crookes looked as though he was shattered. very pleasing win, gritty ,organised &100% performance with some young lads whom will only get better and more consistent also credit to Plymouth who looked to get forward,overall a very good game where at half time I would have been happy with a point so 3 shows how far we have come this season already
  16. Pretty even although they have looked very composed on ball we have created slightly more,, dont know how the freekick on bennett wasnt given then secs later their forward gets a soft free kick for much less. Gritty performance could go eitherway
  17. Said same mate,when they facing you not a lot of difference but sis think it was me n me variofocals
  18. That's bang on, My thoughts are originally Brexit and negotiation should have been dealt with by a task force that would have been aimed at getting the best deal whilst the government actually focus on governing...Possibly a cross party union with the aim of getting a best deal then the then prime minister would have to sign it off maybe improve it , if the deal was insufficient then they have had their chance and the prime minister and governing party then take up the baton if then this fails then no deal would be the only outcome. Would I be right in saying any deal bJ negotiated would have to be agreed with parliament, so if he negotiates a no deal this still doesnt mean it would happen..if this is the case its a lot of bedwetting and panicking over an if but and maybes. BJ as prime minister not ideal much better options within his party, but for negotiating a deal he would do great as he will put wind up the euro hierarchy where Tmay wouldn't.,,Corbyn is useless but only wants power and cause as much disruption to the Tories as possible with Brexit further down on the list they will keep voting any deal down,,no other party really to win an election The UK is split in many ways , big divide between the haves and have nots, Scotland keeps striving for independence , London has its own economy leaving the north behind, HS2 billions wasted to save half hour to London. We need a leader which can pull all this together and don't care which party although Brexit has to happen and we must leave otherwise the country will split even more, The Uk should believe in itself more and not undervalue the talent,workforce and innovation it has
  19. wonder if he will blame paul wildes again, EFL, Fa just as bad as these so called business men that want to make a quick buck and ransack businesses,, gotta be something in it wonder how many houses you can build on their ground.--too far for Coventry to use though--he is scum of the highest grade
  20. A very satisfying half ,,great football movement gibbo picked himself up after a mistake hitting bar and tireless running. Not sure how long we can keep this pressing n pace up for but best football fir a long time..joyce having a cracker too switching play...to be fair 2 footballing teams just might need another incase we fade.. Cmon lads see this one out
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