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  1. Be great to get Jake but agree wouldn't want to go overboard on cost, he isn't our player so the loan scenario shouldn't change as we need him and if he stays until end of season it ticks all boxes... We are at the start of a revival so lots of building blocks to be put in whilst dealing with the constant change of the squad (either by choice or not) so Jakes signing wont make or break us but would be good to be put to bed so the powers can then focus on other needy areas... Don't think we are strong enough for promotion which I feel might come to soon for this squad should it happen , so keep the money dry and do our best this season whilst starting to plan for next (how long is it since a manager of ours could plan this far ahead) then try to kick on .
  2. Jacko did the same went on blue moon on match thread, moaning about Liverpool moaning about pope, moaning about pretty much most things. tbh used to like them as they had great support in lower leagues and always in the shadow of utd, but it seems they have gone from where they have and forgotten the journey they have made to now expecting it, arrogance has set in although im sure some of the older support are still living the dream. the prem clubs get the money , are allowed to take our youngster for a pittance ,,probably pay teenagers much more than our highest earners meaning we would struggle to sign even if let go...they have everything handed to them ,, Due to their 1.3 billion investment over a 12 yr period we shouldn't even rattle their cage as they are serial winners over the last few years whereby we have nearly gone out the league due to a dodgy owner and at our lowest ebb whilst they enjoy their highest cycle. Well done vale and our fans I would love to one day watch us in the premier lge like Bournemouth,wigan etc but I wouldn't want us to forget our roots and who we are as that just kinda makes u false/plastic.
  3. going be a good day, score could be anything great occasion to have 8k + with those in home ends( I know of 6) in addition to the great work by c& k since buying us, this game can help cement us as one & put to bed the times gone by of a split fanbase// bad owners etc ....we cant lose no matter what the score (-: looks like some were at Manchester at 9am going be a long day for some ()-: https://www.facebook.com/awaydaysatthefootball
  4. be interesting if a good rendition of yaya toure 2011 rings around all sides today (-:
  5. A link If this helps anyone , when game is starting click on link, click on the arrow in game list delete the second page that pops up (usually game of thrones) and then maximise- might need to refresh if it stalls and repeat,,have watched a couple and even enjoyed Robbie earle in the studio (does tend to work if bt ,amazon are showing game but not sky) http://livesoccers.tv/soccer-streams/manchester-city-vs-port-vale/
  6. Would be best to ease him in in addition to missing a few didn't he have an hip problem too, so may bring on 60 mins maybe I would imagine
  7. Be nice at man city whatever the score or how good bad the game a prolonged chant "thank you very much carol n kevin thank you very much etc" They are great,caring honest,resilient but also driven hard working people that can seemingly make decisions for the cause,, I assume anyone that doesn't match their effort ,commitment and drive best get out of the way or move on-- fantastic and perfect for us , in time hope they get their stake money/outlay back as well as continue to push us forward. Carols words are the ultimate, alternative queens speech ,,,,,Long live the queen
  8. There is an interesting thread on the oatcake (think I have managed to paste correct link) where by stoke are 22 in the top 25 for the biggest net spend since 2010 his includes all euro and worldwide teams) --Liverpool are 12th .. As a football fan makes interesting reading as Bournemouth n Leicester are in there too. Surely apart from the top teams who naturally produce their wealth (man city and Chelsea a side) this can't carry on and be good for football. https://www.givemesport.com/1531453-the-25-clubs-with-the-biggest-transfer-net-spent-this-decade?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=website-link&utm_campaign=organic-social Just a thought - As stoke fans bemoan the lack of football knowledge off field ,,,would I be right in saying a certain John Rudge who helped us achieve our last footballing high was also employed at stoke when they began/started and maintained their prem stay and footballing high. Interestingly if so, he left them at a peak the same as us then a decline followed, more interestingly he is back on board at vale as we are on an upward curve....maybe me, as obviously there are lots of other outside influences but certainly more than a co-incidence if I have my facts right.
  9. An excellent draw financially an ouch draw from a playing side,,think we will take around 6k . need take the game for what it is and hope we can frustrate as long as possible and take it on the chin as this will be a springboard for next season and maybe beyond....great to see rudgie there kinda proud moment seeing such a great legend as our ambassador nice touch from C & K . looked on their website some nice posts about us needing the money and even a post with video of a past match. some talk form them about it could be a Friday game due to schedules of other games ,,hope not but i'm sure we will be there regardless https://forums.bluemoon-mcfc.co.uk/threads/fa-cup-draw-3rd-round-port-vale-h.343431/page-16
  10. get in what a win, no one fear in this league just some consistency and we can dream well done lads and our fans who sounded immense
  11. is there a mac ds nearby perhaps he got the wrong party
  12. listening on radio sounded manic/epic , had to get me lad tell me,,lol
  13. sounds a great game end to end and anyi ones cmon vale yessssss get the fk innnnn
  14. Pretty accurate that, although aspin kept us up after brown went and god knows what the man had to put up with from the owner so would say bottom 5/6 with the stability off field and he has brought all his own guys in would be a failure and worse than aspin. To other posts also who are these posters who have been saying get rid of askey ,not sure I have read 1 on this thread.
  15. I agree, its a case of mixing it up and the frustrating thing is these players are capable and this should be the next step in addressing...with regards to askey he is doing ok nothing to get high about nor down in the dumps, but we have players who can come in to cover injuries not as others have said first time pro's or chancers- think he has done good work with much room for improvement and hopefully he will grow and mature with the team by keeping whats good changing whats not where possible..think we will/have become a more stable attractive environment to attract players under C & K (inc JA)so expect the stock again to rise next year. This year expected mid to lower table but don't see anyone to be afraid of , on our day we can beat anyone,,just gotta believe in ourselves more .
  16. think you are continuing to discuss with yourself, you keep making the point in reply to my post yet no one is dis-agreeing with you!
  17. Agree booing is bad don't do it myself and yes the ball not going forward isn't bad but time and again isn't good either when a simple ball forward is on..our default against these lowly teams is to go backwards n sideways and this needs changing when we do play them fair enough against teams that are going to hurt you but not continually v opposition that are there to be hurt
  18. Valearmy don't think any/many are either getting carried away or sticking the knife in as its there are massive positives on/off pitch and is much more settled..giving constructive criticism - the squad I think we missed a trick yesterday ( same as stevenage) as these teams came with low expectations yet we let them off the hook,, think we are capable of playing more forward defence splitting passes and if needed mixing it with long balls and being more on the front foot pegging these teams back...when we end up in our own half having not got a cross in or passing back when we have a chance to turn their defence and then get the ball between keeper and defence line via a smart ball think that leads to understandable frustration especially against the more lowly teams- we have the personnel here now to do this just needs working on the same as corners and throw ins which are basic & wasteful. We are a mid table-ish team but can be more even when missing Worrall and many.
  19. gerrards slip isn't why they didn't win the league - palace(3 up) n wba away (1 up) were the main reason
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