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  1. Football= hypocrisy no more so than at the top whom govern it, they are concerned about losing power and money& wouldn't kick clubs out as their power n main income stream would be gone .. Football needs a new hierarchy the FA, the old gentlemans club is past its sell by date , this may not be the right route but if it affects change this could be an opening for the fans to have a voice especially as this bridges many tribal/rivalry colours-, maybe just maybe a positive out of this negativity - but the powers need to listen and then act otherwise just shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic
  2. Many mixed thoughts on this do i agree with it -no ,,firstly not sure how it affects the lower league perenial cyclical clubs sure the odd one has its day in the sunshine but overall history shows the big clubs have it their way the majority of the time.. Firstly where is football currently heading- the current set up has failed the likes of Bury,Macclesfield even the likes of some non league clubs whom have lost their grounds sold for housing,the little/small/medium clubs dont matter to the hierarchy and neither do the fans of all clubs.Coventry is another example sure its localised dispute but aren't we supposed to be a footballing family (same for Blackpool the oystons who at the top cared)--nah thats just something thats getting promoted by those running footy as they scramble to keep the power and their noses in the trough now their backs are against the wall. No one minded when years ago they they stopped splitting the gat emoney evenly home and away (fair enough ) , no one bothered when the prem lge was introduced creating a bigger gap with most clubs in the championship going in debt to chase the dream especially as wages spiralled, no one bothered when top clubs can nick lower league young starlets, no one at the top bothers whether grass roots or anything unless it affects them . Look at the problems of the game today and you can't put them right because the fa,uefa,fifa all have paramount control and are answerable to no-one and make the rules to suit them yet we are in it together! -nah football lost its heart and is here because of the fans not because of the governing bodies so its nice that they are being challlenged at the top --like i say do i agree with it , not at all but the hypocrites of the fa and other bodies need to wake up and listen to the fans of all clubs they have badly let down then we might become a true footballing family. you reap what you sow,,rant over ps the world is a much smaller place one day there will be a euro league then no doubt a world lge
  3. Well darren seems you have upset the applecart ,, also seems people can also have a go at you (dont care who is right n wrong) and its their right for opinion yet call you down for having yours.. radio stoke does get a lot of criticism over the years from many fans same with managers like page,aspin (remember defending aspin whilst in the away at oldham as he mocked his voice)...opinions makes the game go around some cross the line some right some wrong eitherway you are entitled to what you think shame others dont allow this... you stated your reason n thoughts and im sure if you 2 guys get a room it will be fun listening at the door (-: you are right though their is an elitism with regards to some posters, perhaps you got the attention they crave --who know stay safe everyone and lets enjoy the game day and make it as normal as poss
  4. There is an interesting thread on the oatcake (think I have managed to paste correct link) where by stoke are 22 in the top 25 for the biggest net spend since 2010 his includes all euro and worldwide teams) --Liverpool are 12th .. As a football fan makes interesting reading as Bournemouth n Leicester are in there too. Surely apart from the top teams who naturally produce their wealth (man city and Chelsea a side) this can't carry on and be good for football. https://www.givemesport.com/1531453-the-25-clubs-with-the-biggest-transfer-net-spent-this-decade?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=website-link&utm_campaign=organic-social Just a thought - As stoke fans bemoan the lack of football knowledge off field ,,,would I be right in saying a certain John Rudge who helped us achieve our last footballing high was also employed at stoke when they began/started and maintained their prem stay and footballing high. Interestingly if so, he left them at a peak the same as us then a decline followed, more interestingly he is back on board at vale as we are on an upward curve....maybe me, as obviously there are lots of other outside influences but certainly more than a co-incidence if I have my facts right.
  5. Ay up mate. Didn't know if was doing right thing. His post on other site was worrying. He has had a meltdown on there before.

    Having experience of suicide , I only went audley cemetery the other day to visit his grave the last thing I was expecting see was someone suggesting they were going to kill themselves.

    He clearly in a bad place let's hope he gets through it

    Happy new year by the way and things are rosier under Aspin, new belief .

  6. problem with Egypt it has More Sand than More sea get my coat whilst your at it:laugh:
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