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  1. the supporters club are talking with the club about sorting bucket collections at the games so it will happen but not at all the matches. last year at about this time our ex owner came out and stated if a buyer wasn't found he would put the club into administration and we would have probably got a points deduction and relegated out of the league, carol and kevin shanahan and their family came along and paid way over the amount the club was worth to save our wonderful football club from oblivion. since then the turn around in the atmosphere at the club has been unbelievable on and off the pitch. this fundraising is to help the shanahans out and for all the port vale supporters to say a massive massive THANK YOU for what they did last year, however small or big you can donate between now and august is much appreciated and it will be fantastic to see the stand finally completed and a fantasic family area to be used for many many years to come.
  2. i'm sure before august we can raise way over 100k a just giving page and bucket collections at home games we have a superb fan base and carol and kevin did a wonderful thing 12 months ago they deserve something in return.
  3. we've just beaten Bradford crewe and mk dons away we should fear nobody especially away at the moment lets win this another 54k in the bank for carol and kevin to put towards whats needed to be done around the stadium and get into the 3rd round
  4. at least we are now getting into the position of winning more games I'm sure in time we will turn these games into wins and start seeing games out instead of conceding late on.
  5. someone said these last 3 games we winnable well won 1 drew 1 lost 1 with 1 good 45 minutes out of the lot against 10 men sums us up at the moment, I don't lknow whats going on but I don't think askey knows his best 11 or the best system to use for some reason, we keep swapping and changing the midfield and strikers plus our full backs aren't playing the best either out the next 3 games weve got the top 2 away
  6. we cant just rely on the strikers we need other players to score as well players like Worrall conlon joyce need to take a pot shot from now and then, our set pieces need working on players like legge ad bennett should get chances from them. gibbo makes some great runs and it would be good if he had a go at goal now and then.
  7. not making any excuses for 5 terrible goals conceded but the way we play high press and chasing everything will 3 games in a week drain certain players and we won't see the best of them like amoo Worrall bennett a few others as well, Grimsby looked a yard quicker than us in the second half, doesn't he trust the signings hes made to come in and do a job for him ?
  8. had a whole week to digest the Grimsby game and move on so lets hope we come out like we did against forest green, says a lot when people are hoping monty is back, the new signings should be pushing more to be in the starting 11 for me
  9. the problem is business men can talk the talk look at all the garbage our owner spouted about getting us to the championship but then all they do is stop funding the club split the club in half and take money out of the club until its on its knees, they then leave and someone has to pick up the pieces of a broken club and its the fans and people who work at the clubs who suffer the most, its disgusting. the football league don't give a monkeys they are only interested in one league now
  10. well after Fridays performance I never expected that, but that's vale all over lol never a penalty in a million years but that's how bad officials are getting in the lower leagues, scott brown was unbelievable and we need to put him on a longer contract, conlons goal was a quality. 2 more games to go before we can put this season behind us and hopefully move on from the mistakes that have been made
  11. got 2 last week. come on its been a long hard season lets go out with a bang we haven't had much to celebrate but we are safe thanks to john askey dave kevan and the players and 100% the fans
  12. has to be scott brown but mitch clark in his first full season has done brilliant and david Worrall since askey came in has been outstanding plus pope for all the critism hes had has still scored goals when not fully fit.
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