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  1. Sweeney would be a quality addition, looking at his Wikipedia he's played over 120 league games, approx a third of which were in League One for DC's Bristol Rovers, 6'4 and still only 24.
  2. Did you not see his performance against Grimsby??? Pope definitely has a role to play and plenty to offer.
  3. Just because he may of applied, doesn't mean that we can afford his wages or contract demands
  4. We can clearly take that information to the bank then, I didn't realise you'd text your mate Steve.
  5. Frank might be excellent, whoever knows when it comes to managers... He's certainly got the pedigree and if he's taken the job as Head of Port Vale Youth Development, he's clearly got the desire.....
  6. If that's correct, Pope would of isolated for two weeks?.....
  7. All things considered, how do you think the manager is performing so far this season?
  8. McKirdy was played out of position and effectively hung out to dry.....
  9. Now lost 8 league matches this season, only Southend have a worse record for losing.
  10. IF Askey was sacked, I imagine Fank Sinclair would be the next manager....
  11. Name a player who has done himself any favours this evening...
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