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  1. Everyone needs to calm down about Martin. I was at Oldham, he wasn't great, however he will need time to settle in and get match sharp. Can everyone remember Brisley coming back into the team, he was initially dire and derived, but after a couple of matches was up and running, kept Smith out of the team and everyone was gutted when he got injured. Martin is not a bad player, just needs time... I wish everyone would just calm down and trust Dazzler.
  2. I'm bored with your constant attention seeking...
  3. Do us all a favour an de-activate you're account. You wouldn't be missed
  4. This is spot on.... Tom is clearly hurting, its a shame his pain has turned to bitterness.
  5. Even though several people have explained this to you, you're still clearly struggling to understand the situation.
  6. When I arrived, only the two turnstiles adjacent to the ticket office were open. The 3 gates I normally use near to the Synectics carpark were closed.
  7. Did you not go to the game or haven't you read this thread....? This has nothing to do with people turning up late with 15 minutes to spare and then complaining because they had to queue. Myself included the majority stuck in a queue arrived in plenty of time (I was there 40 minutes before kick-off) to find only 2 turnstiles open for the Paddock. Ironically the stragglers who did turn up with 10minutes to spare found no queues becuase the main gates had been opened and anyone with a season ticket, 10 game plan or any plastic card they waved were allowed to stream through.
  8. You couldn't be more wrong. There were less gates open today than I have ever known, for one of the largest crowds for recent seasons Its no suprise that the queues were enormous. This has nothing to do with getting there 10 minutes earlier. There was no organisation outside and none of the stewards had a clue what was going on. The congestion only eased when a side door was opened and season ticket holders were ushered through while a bloke marked off the numbers entering on pad.
  9. What's COVID (post or not) got to do with today? There were no restrictions in place for social distancing that have influenced this situation that I could see.
  10. I arrived at 2.30 and the queue was horrendous, no organisation, only 2 turnstiles open, a complete shambles. I dread to think of the 'used to attend' fans who have made the effort to attend today, I can't image they will be in a rush to come back!!! I feel so sorry for Carol, she really cares and give 100%, but unfortunately she has been let down by one, if not more, of the many managers she now employs to ensure things run smoothly. I would of hoped that lessons would of been learnt from similar issues on Tuesday.
  11. Shame he was wrong.... [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  12. I have no idea, I only read about it half an hour ago....
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