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  1. Id really love Mitch Clarke back, but doubt we can afford his wages.... My guess is Fitzpatrick will cover RB until Smith is available again....
  2. We certainly have the players for 3‐5‐2. Worrall and Monty as wing backs?
  3. Highly recommended a listen. Great podcast, love them....
  4. I think Burgess has been quiet so far this season, so I anticipate Whitehead will start.
  5. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Fair point. But don't let a typo detract from the point...
  6. I don't know if its me, but Radio Stoke always seem to allocate us negative co-commentator. First it was Cullerton, then Ray Williams and now Sproston. If ever you listen to Graham McGarry & Pete Morse covering Crewe, win lose or draw, you could be mistaken to think you've tuned into a Barcelona match. I thought Griff was excellent during the week and would love to hear more from him or someone similar.
  7. Think people get influenced by Sproston droning on about Fitzpatrick throughout the commentary. Funnily enough, I can never remember Sproston saying anything negative about Crooks when played leftback [emoji848]
  8. Brown Mills Legge Smith Fitzpatrick Joyce Conlon Whitehead Worrall Cullen Rodney Visser, Brisley, Monty, Burgess, Manny, McKirdy, Robinson.
  9. Fingers crossed.... Listened to Askey on Radio Stoke this evening. When asked about potential signings he said we have 2 in training and have held talks with another, suggesting 3 potentials.
  10. Yes it is in his contract [emoji849]
  11. Joel Grant is a free agent and lives locally I believe after been released from Plymouth?
  12. *sorry, would you be happy if the mystery player signs?
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