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  1. 5 minutes ago, Jgpvfc said:

    They do this when they don’t expect a full sell out. They will just release a block at a time and that way they know what they are dealing with staff wise and with where they will need to serve food and drink. Everyone who wants a ticket will get one. 

    i have been told we have sold 12k.

  2. 5 hours ago, saintvaliant said:

    Just walked through the front door. 

    That was an emotional absolute rollercoaster that just leaves two words - thank you.

    Thank you Carol and Kevin for saving our club.

    Thank you Darrell for rebuilding our team and being our leader through thick and thin. 

    Thank you Andy Crosby for doing such an incredible job in Darrell’s absence and playing such a pivotal role in getting us to Wembley.

    Thank you to my fellow Valiants for one of the best footballing nights of my life. The atmosphere in the Hamil throughout the game and the scenes at the end will live long in the memory. 

    One more round to go. Get yourselves, your kids, your dog, your cat, your granny and grandad, your neighbour and the milkman down to Wembley next Saturday and make that same noise on the big stage.


  3. Just now, wotsyobeef said:

    It may be worth noting that the ticket system is a different account to the one you use on the official site for ifollow etc. You can reset your password, you don't have to contact the ticket office like it says.


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  4. 37 minutes ago, ethan and archies dad said:

    i am online but despite having an account (and having it for some years) it is telling me it doesn't recognise me. Anyone else having the same issue? 

    im now locked out!!! so using my phone and stuck on 0 minutes. 

  5. Not read the thread as went to the pub to unwind . But here are my thoughts

    1. We choked on the day today via a combination of tired legs and bucking under the pressure.
    2. I fully expect Exeter to beat Northampton: if so then it back in our hands to win against Newport

    3. Question is can we then respond ? I think we can

    Benning for hussy is my one change

  6. Again I know the below means nothing as all quite a few of the teams in the promotion picture have to play each other. But putting every team on 37 games and giving them all wins (i know this is impossible) makes the table look like this.  Very tight, massive games against Exeter x 2, Newport, Bristol and Sutton

      Team Played Won Draw Lost  GD Points
    1 FGR 37 20 12 5 33 72
    2 Exeter 37 16 13 6 17 67
    3 Mansfield 37 19 8 10 7 65
    4 Northampton 37 18 9 10 13 63
    5 Port Vale 37 17 11 9 18 62
    6 Newport 37 17 11 9 14 62
    7 Tranmere 37 18 8 11 11 62
    8 Swindon 37 17 10 10 16 61
    9 Sutton 37 17 9 11 12 60
    10 Bristol Rovers 37 18 9 11 10 60

    Sutton have to play us, Tranmere, Mansfield, Newport

    Mansfield have to play Northampton,  FGR x 2, Sutton

    Exeter play us x2 , Newport, Tranmere, Northampton

    Swindon play FGR, Newport

    Northampton play Mansfield, Bristol Rovers, Exeter

    Newport play us, Exeter, Swindon, Sutton,

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